The Witches Divination Journal for Wednesday, March 14th (Part 2)

The Witches Divination Journal for Wednesday, March 14th (Part 2)

Tarot Card of the Day

Ten of Cups







The Ten of this suit traditionally signifies family and community, often showing a celebratory scene including many generations, crowned by a rainbow signifying the end of hard times.

See this vision — love and support extending in all directions — a huge emotional safety net for everyone. is a Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018


Daily Love Tarot for the Day

The Emperor









The Emperor card has selected you to let you know that you sow seeds of better things and more fulfilling times ahead. Give yourself permission to reach out for more, especially if you are dissatisfied. You create a solid foundation, built on a sense of higher purpose. If your current relationship suffers from stress, today let tender actions reveal what you may be unable to put into words. Rebuild, from the ground up.


Your Daily Erotic Tarot

The Judgement









The Judgement card indicates that you’ve had some sexual hang-ups in the past, but you’re working toward getting over them. This is a period of transition, and although you’re doing the work, you may not be getting the exact results you desire. Forgive yourself for past missteps in order to take a sexual step forward today. Being afraid to express your true erotic self can even effect other areas of your life, so getting beyond your sexual inhibitions translates into a happier overall existence.


Your Daily Rune for Today


“Hag-all-az” – Literally: “Hail” or “Hailstone” – Esoteric: Crisis or Radical Change

Key Concepts: hailstones, crisis and catastrophe, disruption, radical change, destructive elements of nature, severe weather, the uncontrollable, unavoidable unpleasantness, Jungian shadow, psychoanalysis, regression, acceptance of the unalterable

Psi: disruption, change, personal past

power beyond human ability to harness, perfect pattern, seed formation, objective confrontation, destructive natural forces, chaos

Mundane: bad weather, obstacles, surprises, shelter

Divinations: Change according to ideals, changes for the long-term good, controlled crisis, corrections, completion, inner harmony; or catastrophe, crisis, stagnation, loss of power, loss of property, short-term disappointment, victim-consciousness, obsession with the past, blame.

Completeness and balance of power, integration of unconscious shadow elements
The inevitability of Fate, Wyrd, Orlog
Evolutionary progress and operations of becoming
The outworking of a perfect pattern
Protection through banishing or exorcising disharmonious patterns, protection
Awareness of the unconscious ideas for eventual processing
Causing discomfort in others by awakening their own subconscious ‘garbage’



Your Daily Influences for Wednesday, March 14


Tarot Influence

Six of Coins

Material gain, charity and justice are at the forefront. That which is earned will be given.










Astrological Influence

Gemini Reversed

Gemini reversed denotes vacillation. Decisions are not made, because all side of the issue pull with the same strength.










Element Influence


Air denotes freedom and the ability to transcent the mundane. You may be, or may soon experience a spiritual or secular liberation.









Your Animal Spirit for Today
March 14, 2018


Frog Rivet! Something in your life needs cleansing, and frog is here to help. Frog is traditionally associated with rain—that powerful force of Nature that can flood, nurture, heal, or drown. If Frog appears in your reading, you’re being asked to examine what is stagnating in your life—then ask Frog to help you let it go. Need to cry? Jump in the shower and let Frog Medicine do its work.




The Words of Confucius


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.


A Little Humor for Your Day

You Might be a Redneck Pagan If…

If any part of your invocation of the South Quarter includes any lines from any song by Lynard Skynard….

If chewing tobacco is considered a sacred herb…..

If part of your rite includes throwing shotgun shells on the fire….

If the bell on your alter was ever worn by an animal in a pasture….

If the cakes and wine are done with a bowie-knife, a can of Foster’s, and a Little Debbie…..

If they chose their High Priestess at a wet t-shirt contest….

If when your priestess says “Blessed Be” in circle, you respond with “YEEE-HAW!”…

If you believe a pentagram is a Western Union message to 5 people….

If you bought your chalice at the Piggly Wiggly…..

If you buy your incense and candles at Wal-Mart….

If you call the God and Goddess by hollerin’ “Hey, y’all! Watch me!”….

If you call the North Quarter, but what you call it is an inner court secret…..

If you can play the “Burning Times” on the banjo….

If you carry your ritual sword in your pickup’s gun rack…..

If you found out your familiar is an oppossum — and still ate it……..

If you have combined Maypole Dancing/ Tractor Pull/ Turkey Shoot for Beltane….

If you have cast a love spell on livestock….

If you have ever called the National Enquirer because you raised a potato that resembled the Willendorf Goddess….

If you’ve ever cancelled a coven meeting to watch Pay-Per-View wrestling on TV….

If you’ve ever written a spell on the back of a Denny’s menu…..

If you have ever refilled your chalice from a keg…..

If you invoke the spirits so that your beer lasts longer…..

If you pray nightly to the god of big tires…..

If you sacrifice BBQ and pork rinds on an alter made of old car hoods….

If you shoot guns into the air when the priestess says, “the circle is open but never unbroken”…

If you smoke Salem cigarettes for the historical significance….

If you think a “family tradition” is a dating club….

If you think the Wiccan Rede is good for making twig furniture….

If you worship the gods of cheap beer and Nascar….

If you’ve ever done a candle spell for your local high-school football team….

If you’ve ever harvested ritual herbs with a weed whacker…..

If you’ve ever meditated to “Dueling Banjos”…..

If you’ve reached the 3rd Degree but not the third grade……

If your God statue looks a little too much like Elvis Presley…..

If your Goddess picture says “Miss September” at the bottom……

If your Wand of Power is a cattle prod…..

If your altar cloth is a Confederate flag…..

If your altar cloth is vinyl……

If your altar cloth says “Holiday Inn” or “Howard Johnson’s”….

If your altar has a spit cup…..

If your altar pentacle is a photo of John Wayne’s star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”…..

If your annointing oil smells like Old Spice…..

If your athame is by Bowie…..

If your broom has 4 wheel drive and SC plates…..

If your ceremonial chalice says “Budweiser” on it….

If your ceremonial garb consists of cut-offs and a tube-top…..

If your circle dance contains the words “dosey-do”……

If your circle dance is a two-step….

If your coven chose its High Priest at a belching contest….

If your coven’s secret names for the God and Goddess are “Cooter” and “Sweet Cheeks”….

If your coven-stead is propped up on cinder blocks…..

If your craft name starts with “Bubba”……

If your familiar can point quail….

If your familiar keeps mice out of the granary…..

If your favorite Great Rite partner is your first, second, and third cousin….

If your backyard ritual libation is brewed in an illegal backyard still……

If your favorite painting of the Goddess does her hair like Rheba McEntire….

If your maiden sweeps the circle with a weed whacker….

If your most sacred altar items include a hubcap, a velvet painting, and a half-empty can of chaw…..

If your outdoor circle has defunct washing machines for quarter altars….

If your pantheon includes Yukon Jack, Jim Beam and the St. Pauli Girl…

If your ritual music has ever included Johnny Cash singing “Ring of Fire”….

If your robes are made out of denim with Harley Davidson patches…..

Well, you might just be a redneck pagan!

—-Blue Unicorn

Originally published on Pagan Library



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The Witches Divination Journal for Wednesday, March 14th (Part 1)

The Witches Divination Journal for Wednesday, March 14th

Your Daily Love Horoscopes for Wednesday, March 14th Staff



General Horoscope

Recent setbacks and successes race through our minds today as an anxious half-square between optimistic Jupiter and pessimistic Saturn heightens immediate concerns without offering a clear solution. Meanwhile, the progressive Aquarius Moon enables us to stand back and take a more global approach to our personal problems. Balancing the good news and the bad news can be exhausting, especially if we place ourselves in the middle of every conflict.


Aries Horoscope MAR 21 – APR 19

Reality has picked you up, spun you around several times and set you back down on the ground, leaving you dizzy and disoriented. You thought you knew exactly where you were going, but you’re no longer as certain as you were. You might even feel as if you are emerging from a combat zone. Although everything seems more peaceful now, you still must decide what to do next. Clarity arrives after a heavy dose of contemplation. John Maxwell wrote, “Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”


Taurus Horoscope APR 20 – MAY 20

Although you may be uncertain of your best path forward, you have more answers than questions now. You’re comfortable with starting slowly on your new adventure and building momentum once you can see how well you’re progressing. Fortunately, you already know that your plans will need to be modified as you acquire more information. Your determination, coupled with a methodical start, improves your chances of arriving at your destination in record time. Yard by hard, it’s hard; inch by inch, it’s a cinch.


Gemini Horoscope MAY 21 – JUN 20

It’s all too easy to play the role of a victim if something occurs to thwart your plans. But it’s unlikely that whatever happens now is much of a surprise because you were probably already aware of certain contingencies that could go wrong. Even if today’s hassles are connected to yesterday’s events, you won’t gain anything by crying over previously spilled milk. Look at the situation from a cool and emotionally detached point of view and figure out what you can do in the present moment to minimize the resistance you face. Objectivity is your friend.


Cancer Horoscope JUN 21 – JUL 22

You don’t have to take no for an answer from the cosmos today, especially if you know your efforts will benefit many people in the long run. But your altruistic intentions are only part of the big picture. It’s not going to be an easy route to get others to accept your ideas now. Nevertheless, you can’t give up because you’re on an important mission. Imagine you’re a river flowing downstream; you will surely encounter resistance, but ultimately a few obstructions won’t put an end to your journey. Nothing has the strength to prevent you from finding your way to the sea when you’re determined to fulfill your destiny.


Leo Horoscope JUL 23 – AUG 22

You can keep up the appearance of dedication and hard work, but you could be struggling on the inside. Feelings of resentment or frustration fester because you think you’re not being allowed to contribute what you have to offer. You may believe that your creativity is being stifled now, but you don’t necessarily want to admit defeat and quit your job. Continue to show your best self while quietly developing other ideas. The time will come soon enough when you will be given the chance to stretch your wings. Patience, grasshopper; your life is a glorious work in progress.


Virgo Horoscope AUG 23 – SEP 22

You believe you finally have a viable solution to a work problem that’s been bugging you. However, upon closer analysis, or once you initiate remedial action, you begin to realize that you started with a faulty assumption or jumped to an incorrect solution. Either way, you must pause long enough to reevaluate your chosen course and make any corrections necessary to get back on track. There’s no reason to let your pride stop you from reaching your destination. Bob Marley said, “Forget how much it hurts and try again.”


Libra Horoscope SEP 23 – OCT 22

You’re willing to do whatever it takes to make a unique statement today. Instead of adopting the consensus of the group, you want everyone to see your unconventional side. Nevertheless, it may be more complicated to go against the grain now than you think, especially if others take you to task on your appearance or your actions. But you don’t need to change your dance steps to match anyone else’s music when you can hear your own so clearly. Jennifer J. Freeman wrote, “You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.”


Scorpio Horoscope OCT 23 – NOV 21

You wonder if your method of resolving stressful dynamics at work is the best approach. You might even think your plan is just a clever attempt to avoid the deeper issues lurking in the shadows now. However, your observations are valuable and could influence other people’s actions. Don’t hold back because you’re afraid of the consequences. Delivering your message may create an immediate stir or precipitate outright conflict today, but that’s just part of the healing process. Remember, it’s the darkest just before the dawn.


Sagittarius Horoscope NOV 22 – DEC 21

Yesterday’s plans may run into opposition today, sending you back to the drawing board when you thought you were ready to push ahead. But a current stumbling block isn’t necessarily a long-term delay; you’re simply being informed by the cosmos that your preparation isn’t quite complete now. Don’t waste any time trying to analyze how you arrived at your uncomfortable position. Swing into action and take care of the obvious issues that need to be resolved before you return to creating your masterpiece.


Capricorn Horoscope DEC 22 – JAN 19

You might be showing several signs that your energy is flagging. It’s possible that you’ve been working so hard that everything is catching up with you now. But it would be extremely inconvenient if you fell ill because your immune system is weakened. Fortunately, there are concrete things you can do now to ensure your physical wellbeing. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Simple improvements to your lifestyle will make a significant difference, like exercising regularly, eating well and getting sufficient sleep. Roman poet Virgil wrote, “The greatest wealth is health.”


Aquarius Horoscope JAN 20 – FEB 18

It feels as if it should be all about you today. Although sometimes it seems like you’re a character in someone else’s drama, you want to be the hero of your own story now. But you must let others know what you need if you expect them to play their parts correctly. It’s risky to ask for something because it reveals your vulnerability. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to push through your fears if you want to reach new heights. Aldous Huxley wrote, “If you don’t gamble, you’ll never win.”


Pisces Horoscope FEB 19 – MAR 20

Experiencing a dark night of the soul can be a catalytic event that changes everything. Although the major issues in your life from yesterday are still relevant today, your attitude is evolving. Rather than accepting your current fate, you’re ready to alter it according to your plan. Instead of feeling like your chances for success are fading, you can see a viable path into the future that you wish to pursue. Poet John Mark Green wrote, “Beautiful are those whose brokenness gives birth to transformation and wisdom.” is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2018

Your Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, March 14th




Your humanitarian impulses are active and strong today, dear Aries, and you can feel particularly hopeful about new plans and what’s on the horizon. This is due to a Moon-Uranus connection that encourages you to seek out like-minded people or friends who accept you for who you are. Relationships tend to fare well, particularly with patience. Even so, a Jupiter-Saturn minor challenge reminds you to be realistic, and especially with Jupiter now retrograde, growth should be steady for it to stick. Refining current projects, particularly related to your career or work, makes the most sense now.





The Moon is in your sector of reputation, status, and career all day, dear Taurus, and you quite readily take the lead, preferring to fill your responsibilities first. The Moon connects with Uranus, stimulating new or unique approaches to what you’re doing. With a Jupiter-Saturn aspect that’s been in play since December, however, you may be reconsidering a long-term goal or dealing with something that you overlooked in order to clear the path for moving forward. It’s not the time to give up on a project just because it’s slowing down or taking too long, but to attend to duties that will help clear up delays and set the ball rolling to make progress. Slow and steady wins the race now. Relationships may also be settling in.





Today, you’re likely to be in a philosophical mood, dear Gemini, or inclined to look at the big picture rather than the details. This allows you the chance to envision where you’re headed, and although the smaller steps you need to take towards your goals are important, a reminder of the vision helps keep you motivated. However, a Jupiter-Saturn aspect that first came into our lives in December and is now strong again suggests a need to go slowly with a work or health initiative. This will help you get back on track. Checkpoints such as this one are useful in the long run.





Emotionally today, you’re gravitating towards deep, satisfying conversations and experiences, dear Cancer, with the Moon in your solar eighth house all day. You’re in a good position for connecting with upper-level people today, as well. You’re in good touch with your intuition regarding your direction, path, or career, and you’re in a good place concerning your image or reputation. However, a Jupiter-Saturn aspect active today points to the need to pace yourself in areas where you’ve been going too fast or pushing too far, particularly related to relationships and creative projects. This influence first entered our lives in December and will finish in September.





A Jupiter-Saturn transit that first formed in December comes together exactly again today, dear Leo, and this influence reminds us of the need to pace ourselves. Last week, Jupiter’s retrograde turn nudged us in this direction, and events this week will drive home the point: slow but steady wins the race. Overdoing even a good thing can spoil matters, and this can specifically relate to your home and work. Today, your energy levels might not be up to par, and you could have a tough time making a solid decision. However, you’re quite fine with giving the floor up to someone else for the time being. Activities seem to be better in twos today!





You might benefit from looking to the past for answers to problems in the present, dear Virgo. This is a time for making edits and refinements instead of pushing forward too eagerly. In some ways, this may even be a comforting thought since you’ve been particularly excited about your current projects but perhaps taking on a little too much. Pacing yourself works best now, and it feels right. The Moon transits your work and health sector all day, and you’re likely to feel emotionally satisfied only once you’ve handled your duties. You’re not doing things in rigid or boring ways today, and this helps spruce up your routines.






The Moon is in your playful solar fifth house all day, dear Libra, encouraging you to let go of recent tension and maintain good humor, finding a nice balance between work and play. This is especially useful now with a Jupiter-Saturn influence also active that insists we pace ourselves. For you, this is most appropriate in areas of finances, business, and home life. Last week, Jupiter’s retrograde encouraged a look back before moving forward with business and money matters. Now, events or circumstances seem to remind you that it’s best to edit, refine, and cover all your bases than to push forward too eagerly or take on new projects.





The Moon transits your home and family sector all day, dear Scorpio, favoring familial relationships and domestic activities. Work at home — or on the home — can be satisfying now. You’re bringing new ideas to problem areas. Also today, Jupiter in your sign faces an obstacle, forming a minor challenging aspect with Saturn and reminding you that sometimes you need to slow down and make adjustments to make progress later. This aspect first formed in December and will form again in September. These exact aspects can act as reminders, but certain cautions are active throughout the period — the message is: pace yourself. Now that Jupiter is retrograde, it’s especially important to take things slow and steady. If enthusiasm dampens a little, know that it’s temporary.




It would be appropriate to conserve your energy, observe, and strategize now, dear Sagittarius. Your ruler, Jupiter, forms a minor but challenging aspect to Saturn today, and this can serve as a reminder to slow down. There may be a delay to deal with or an apparent backward step in a pursuit. This aspect first formed exactly in December and will perfect again in September for the last time. Editing and refining are appropriate now, and in fact, will serve you very well! The Moon spends the day in your communications sector, and you’re curious about what’s going on around you, as well as ready to make adjustments or reach out and connect with others. Particularly as the day advances, you’ll be seeing possibilities more than flaws, which lifts your spirits.




The Moon spends another day in your resources sector, dear Capricorn, and you’re in good shape for taking care of business. You have particularly inventive and progressive ideas regarding your home or family life these days, and this is very much the case today, too. Also now, you may experience a dilemma between whether to enlist help or go solo on a matter. Alternatively, it’s a time for recognizing where your extracurricular activities may be getting in the way of your goals. Your best bet will be to find ways to satisfy both your needs for companionship and self-reliance rather than feel you have to choose one or the other. This time period favors a go-slow approach.





The Moon spends another day in your sign, dear Aquarius. Your mood is excellent and your mindset is positive. You’re communicating especially well. People thoroughly enjoy your company these days, even more than usual. A Jupiter-Saturn semi-square exact today reminds you of the limitations of a particular goal or initiative, however. There can be a sense that you have to go back to the drawing board on a decision or plan. Paying attention to details and doing editing work –or simply slowing things down — can be useful strategies now.





The Moon spends another day in your privacy sector, dear Pisces, encouraging you to take things easy and keep a low profile just for now. This is not the only reason to pull back a little from things: a Jupiter-Saturn influence challenges you to keep things real and avoid pushing the limits. This aspect first formed in December and will perfect for the last time in September. As well, we’re only a few days away from the New Moon that will occur in your sign, sparking new plans and new beginnings. Winding down makes sense in preparation for this. Today’s energies feel cautious overall, making it a good time to go slowly and to avoid taking on brand new initiatives.




Astrology Cafe

If You Were Born Today, March 14th

You are multi-talented, strong-minded, and very versatile. At the same time, you give of yourself very freely to the people you care about, and to any cause that you take to heart. Moody and changeable, nevertheless you are determined and responsible. There is always an air of mystery around you that others find intriguing. You are extremely perceptive, seeing things that most others fail to see.Famous people born today: Albert Einstein, Billy Crystal, Michael Caine, Quincy Jones, Hank Ketcham, Prince Albert, Jamie Bell.

Your Birthday Year Forecast:

The year ahead can be an ambitious time and a supportive period for reaching your goals. You might solve a long-standing problem, or capitalize upon a resource that was previously hidden.

This is an excellent year in which to advance projects revolving around communications – writing, speaking, selling, and so forth. Your reputation may be enhanced through word of mouth. Making new contacts through learning and mental pursuits figures strongly as well.

Mercury conjunct Venus in your Solar Return chart adds charm to the way you present your ideas this year, certainly helping to smooth over differences in your personal relationships. This influence also helps you to express yourself more creatively. Even so, their square to Saturn suggests some obstacles to overcome. Getting serious about love and money can be a theme this year. The need to buckle down with your finances or with certain pleasures may be necessary. The responsibilities of partnership, love, or friendship can be magnified this year.

Bursts of creativity and energy emerge at seemingly perfect times and help you to further your goals. Healthy risk-taking is likely again this year, as you are more able to spot an opportunity when you see one. You are progressive, growth-oriented, and ready to take the initiative when the moment feels right.

This is also a fine period for expanding your connections, contacts, creative pursuits, and romantic relationships. Relationships benefit from increased generosity and goodwill. You’re more inclined than usual to indulge, shop, socialize, and enjoy yourself this year. Whether it’s a hobby, person, or pursuit, this is a good time for discovering what makes you happy.

Your energy levels run high this year, but you should watch for hasty or impetuous behavior. Remember that haste makes waste. This year is likely to be especially busy. You could be rather wilful and impassioned, and it would be best to channel excess energy into healthy physical outlets. You feel a great need for action, but if you don’t know where you’re headed, you might take the wrong turn. As long as you channel the excess energy constructively, instead of wasting your time arguing or getting yourself into conflicts with others, you can accomplish much this year.

Jupiter forms a trine to your Sun in October 2018, and you have a stronger than usual desire to improve, grow, and learn. This is a fortunate aspect that helps boost optimism and confidence, and you are able to attract fortunate circumstances into your life as a result. Problems are easier to resolve. Matters related to universities, higher education, religion, publishing, legal affairs, and/or foreign interests can be especially strong. It’s an excellent time to further your education. You are likely to enjoy a larger perspective on matters that keeps you from getting lost in details or overly frustrated by everyday stresses during the course of the month.

The year ahead can be an ambitious time and a supportive period for reaching your goals. This can be an inventive time of your life that’s good for breaking out of old patterns and making powerful changes. You receive plenty of cosmic support for making big improvements or lifestyle changes.


2018 is a Number One year for you. Ruled by the Sun. This is a year of action. The seeds you plant now, you will reap later. Others might find you less sociable, as you are busier than ever and you focus on your activities and your needs. Still, you are outgoing and your initiative is stronger than ever. Advice – Stand alone, take action, start fresh, express independence.

2019 will be a Number Two year for you. Ruled by the Moon. This is a year of potential companionship. It is a quiet, gentle, and mostly harmonious year that is less active than other years. Instead, you are more responsive to the needs of others. If you are patient and open yourself up in a gentle manner, you will attract both things and people. This is an excellent year in which to build and develop for the future. Advice – be patient, be receptive, enjoy the peace, collect.


Cafe Astrology



Get A Jump On Tomorrow….

Your Horoscopes for Thursday, March 15th




It’s time to hit the emotional reset button as the Moon enters your sector of rest, reflection, and privacy today, dear Aries. This is the time of the lunar month, lasting over two days, for taking a break, looking to the past, and reorienting yourself as you prepare for a new beginning. Even though you’re going under the radar for a few days, you’re also quite focused on some of your goals and ambitions. The Moon connects to Saturn in your career sector, and this may very well be a good time to do some catch-up work. It makes sense to keep a low profile and do some reflecting and relaxing now. You seem to function very well behind the scenes right now, perhaps feeling more comfortable this way just for the time being. Certainly, you need a break from the usual. This is a fine time to do some form of emotional inventory as you’re practical about what’s good for you and what may need some pruning or editing.



The Moon’s move into your social sector today suggests a desire to kick back and enjoy yourself, dear Taurus, but with the Moon’s connection to Saturn, you likely won’t be kicking back too far! Friendships, entertaining, enjoying company, or connecting with your happiness goals and dreams can be in sharper focus. Your sense of community and your desire to interact freely with others is strong. The Moon will continue to transit your sector of friendships until Saturday, stimulating your wish to be involved. You’re likely to enjoy a smooth flow of expression, and you find it natural to dream up exciting plans for the future. Productivity increases as the day progresses. Conversations become a little more serious, or you’re drawn to information that serves a practical purpose. Studies and personal interests can thrive now.




You’ve been craving a little more adventure than usual, dear Gemini, but with the Moon’s move into your goal-oriented solar tenth house, you’re ready to get down to business. You are more likely to be in the spotlight, noticed, and perhaps quite in demand with this monthly transit. Today is good for keeping busy, and your broader interests are long-term goals and performance. You’re likely to find that cooperation and support from others flow naturally right now. People tend to recognize your efforts or competence today, which in turn fuels your motivation to do your best. In some cases, however, with Saturn’s transit of your solar eighth house, some lack of support is an issue, but can also motivate you to succeed all on your own. You’re happy to shoulder a little more responsibility today.




You’ve been a little more contemplative in the past couple of days, dear Cancer, but with the Moon’s move into your adventure sector today, you’re more outgoing, sociable, and outwardly active than usual. It can be a perfect time for a one-on-one activity or for learning something new. It’s also a good time for a healthy escape and a forward-looking, positive attitude. The Moon here indicates a stronger ability to focus on the positive and uplifting elements of your life. With its harmony to Saturn, you’re able to keep one foot on the ground as you do, and this is satisfying. While the day is more about connecting with people and ideas that inspire you, good energy is with you for making plans later today as your judgment is especially sound.




The Moon moves into your intimacy sector today, dear Leo, and you’re looking for a little more depth than usual from your projects, activities, and interactions. You are also thinking in particularly productive and practical terms, and you may very well be considering a lifestyle change. The New Moon in just two days can push this desire further. Today, you can make meaningful connections that aid problem solving, and you might discover reasons and motivations for your behavior as well as others. Particularly towards the end of the day, the practical side of life is most appealing. As long as you avoid dissecting a relationship or focusing on flaws rather than the bigger picture, you’re in an excellent position to enjoy yourself — and perhaps a relationship as well. Today can be strong for new insights into your inner workings, as well as for research related to work or health.



The Moon moves out of your work and health sector and into your house of partnerships today, dear Virgo, and there is a distinct shift in mood from self-contained to sociable. It’s a fine time to enjoy good company. Others have a positive influence on you, encouraging you to pursue your goals or handle a practical matter. In just two days, a New Moon will occur in your partnership sector, bringing new-beginning energy to your relationships. Today, taking responsibility for someone or something feels good, and putting in extra effort into your projects or relationships is satisfying now.





The Moon moves into your work and health sector today, dear Libra, and you tend to seek out productive or practical activities. Motivation to improve family or home life propels you forward, and today, it may be about getting organized. This is also a choice time for health and fitness pursuits. You’re striving towards a healthier, more engaged, and happier lifestyle. In just two days, a New Moon will occur in this sector of your solar chart, bringing take-charge energy to your work, services, health, and routines. Right now, you tend to see the details, and you’re willing to put in the effort to handle them. Aspects in force today promote good feelings about being productive, taking care of business, and bringing more order into your home life. Planning related to work and home life is useful now.




You’ve been more retiring than usual these days, dear Scorpio, but today, you’re coming out of your shell with the Moon’s move into your sector or self-expression and joy. You’re impassioned, motivated, and positive, and these things are especially so if you’ve had some rest and centered yourself emotionally. There may be extra sizzle in a love relationship now, primarily through communications. In fact, exchanges can be spicy, exciting, and motivating. You’re in good shape for artistic expression, recreation, and hobbies. You are always a perceptive person with accurate emotional sensors, and this trait is enhanced now.




You’ve been busier than usual, dear Sagittarius, but with the Moon moving into your home and family sector, you crave more downtime. You’re motivated to make your life more comfortable and to enjoy family or domestic life more heartfully. You’re especially connected to your deeper needs, desires, and wants, but you’re also a little more desirous than usual. These themes will increase with Mars about to enter your resources sector (in two days) and a New Moon in your home and family sector on the same day. Family and domestic matters thrive this week. Shopping, financial, and budgeting decisions are especially sound today.




You’ve been more inclined to stay rooted than to vary your routine in the past couple of days, dear Capricorn, but with the Moon’s move into your communications sector — a busy, connected area in your chart — your motivation to get going grows. In two days, Mars will enter your sign, and you’ll find life a little more straightforward. For now, you’re thinking in slightly convoluted ways when it comes to plans to go after what you want, not yet seeing a clear path to your goals. Today is good for getting the word out, making connections, and exploring a new interest or idea. You may be an excellent guide, advisor, mediator, or teacher now.




You’ve been more engaged and reactive with the Moon in your sign the past couple of days, dear Aquarius, but now it’s time to settle down or settle in. You are extraordinarily resourceful today. It’s a time to enjoy tending to your favorite personal possessions, taking care of business, or getting comfortable and enjoying a bit of steadiness or predictability. The Moon’s harmony with Saturn points to sound decisions about money, business, or valuables, and for developing works in progress. Making peace with the past helps you clarify your ambitions, and today, you may be doing some thinking along those lines. There is considerable wisdom in a step-by-step approach to your ventures.




The Moon’s been transiting your privacy sector, dear Pisces, and its move into your sign today is enlivening. You’re getting back in the game! Self-directed activities tend to do best for you with this transit, but you’re also in a good position to gain cooperation from others. While this is usually not the best time of the lunar month for a concerted effort, tonight’s Moon-Saturn harmony can get you in a planning frame of mind. Friends tend to be supportive without being stifling, and this suits you very well. Combining pleasure and business can be successful now.




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The Pagan Study of the Gods & Goddesses for March 14th – Ares



Greek God of War

Ares is the god of war, one of the Twelve OLYMPIAN GODS and the son of ZEUS and HERA. In literature Ares represents the violent and physical untamed aspect of war, which is in contrast to ATHENA who represents military strategy and generalship as the goddess of intelligence.

Although Ares embodied the physical aggression necessary for success in war, the Greeks were ambivalent toward him because he was a dangerous, overwhelming force that was insatiable in battle.

He is well known as the lover of APHRODITE, who was married to HEPHAESTUS, and though Ares plays a limited role in literature, when he does appear in myths it is typically facing humiliation. For example, one famous story of Ares and Aphrodite exposes them to ridicule by the gods when her husband Hephaestus trapped them both naked in a bed using a clever device he made.

The ROMAN COUNTERPART to Ares was MARS, who was known as a FATHER TO THE ROMAN PEOPLE. Because of this, he was a less aggressive and physical form, revealing a more calm and understanding demeanour.

Facts about Ares
Ares was most notably referred to as the God of War; he represented the unpleasant aspects of battle.
He was the son of Zeus and Hera, both of whom hated him (according to Homer).
Ares was most often characterized as a coward in spite of his connection to war; he responded to even the slightest injury with outrage.
According to some sources, Ares was described as Aphrodite’s lover and was held in contempt by her husband, Hephaestus. The affair between them was not a secret among the Olympians.
Ares was never very popular—either with men or the other immortals. As a result, his worship in Greece was not substantial or widespread.
He came from Thrace, home of a fierce people in the northeast of Greece.
His bird was the vulture.
The Amazons, warrior women, were his daughters. Their mother was a peace-loving nymph named Harmony.
Otus and Ephialtes, twin giants, imprisoned Ares for a lunar year by binding him with chains of brass; he was eventually rescued by Hermes.
Ares always took the side of Aphrodite in the Trojan War. He fought for Hector (a Trojan) until a Greek warrior pierced him with a spear that was guided by Athena. He then departed the battlefield in order to complain to Zeus about Athena’s violence.
Harmonia, Goddess of Harmony, was the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite.
Eros (more commonly known as Cupid) was also the child of Ares and Aphrodite.
Tereus, a son of Ares, was known to have inherited his father’s abhorrent qualities.
Ares was the biological father of at least three of Hercules’ enemies: Cycnus, Lycaon, and Diomedes.
Ares had a sister named Eris, who was the Goddess of Discord.
Hebe, another sister of his, was the Goddess of Youth.
Ares rarely figures into mythology stories, but when he does, he usually suffers some form of humiliation.
Ares was associated with two other war deities: Enyalius and Enyo.
Ares had many offspring, which is characteristic of nearly all of the notable Greek gods. He conceived more mortal children than divine children.
In art, Ares is generally depicted wearing a spear and a helmet.

 – Greek Gods & Goddesses, September 19, 2014


Ares was the god of war, and son of Zeus and Hera. He represented the raw violence and untamed acts that occured in wartime, in contrast to Athena, who was a symbol of tactical strategy and military planning.

What side of the Trojan War was Ares on?

He was disliked by both his parents. Whenever Ares appeared in a myth, he was depicted as a violent personality, who faced humiliation through his defeats more than once. In the Iliad, it is mentioned that Zeus hated him more than anyone else; Ares was also on the losing side of the Trojan War, favouring the Trojans.

He was the lover of his sister, Aphrodite, who was married to Hephaestus. When the latter found out about the affair, he devised a plan and managed to humiliate both of them. The union of Ares and Aphrodite resulted in the birth of eight children, including Eros, god of love.

Ares temples

There were few temples attributed to Ares in Ancient Greece. Sacrifices would usually be made to him when an army would march to war; Spartans would make sacrifices to Enyalius, another lesser god and son of Ares and Enyo. However, the name was also used as a byname for Ares.

Who were Ares companions?

When Ares went to war, he was followed by his companions, Deimos (terror) and Phobos (fear), who were the product of his union with Aphrodite. Eris, goddess of discord and sister of Deimos and Phobos, often accompanied them in war.


Greek Mythology



Ares was the Greek god of war and perhaps the most unpopular of all the Olympian gods because of his quick temper, aggressiveness, and unquenchable thirst for conflict. He famously seduced Aphrodite, unsuccessfully fought with Hercules, and enraged Poseidon by killing his son Halirrhothios. One of the more human Olympian gods, he was a popular subject in Greek art and even more so in Roman times when he took on a much more serious aspect as Mars, the Roman god of war.

Son of Zeus and Hera, Ares’ sisters were Hebe and Eileithyia. Despite being a god, the Greeks considered him from Thrace, perhaps in an attempt to associate him with what they thought of as foreign and war-loving peoples, wholly different from themselves. Ares had various children with different partners, several of whom were unfortunate enough to come up against Hercules when he performed his celebrated twelve labours. Ares’ daughter Hippolyta, the Amazon queen, lost her girdle to Hercules; his son Eurytion lost his cattle; and Diomedes had his horses stolen by the Greek hero. The courageous but warlike Amazons were also thought to be descendants of Ares.

Ares was noted for his beauty and courage, qualities which no doubt helped him win the affections of Aphrodite (even though she was married to Hephaistos) with whom he had a daughter, Harmonia, and the god of love and desire Eros. Hephaistos managed to entrap the lovers in an ingenious bed, and the tale is told in some detail in Book 8 of Homer’s Odyssey. Once caught, the punishment for Ares’ indiscretion was temporary banishment from Mount Olympus.

Described by Hesiod in his Theogony as ‘shield-piercing Ares’ and ‘city-sacking Ares,’ the god represented the more brutal and bloody side of battle, which was in contrast to Athena who represented the more strategic elements of warfare. In stories from Greek mythology, Ares was usually to be found in the company of his other children with Aphrodite, Phobos (Fear) and Deimos (Terror), with his sister Eris (Strife), and with his charioteer Ennyo.

The most popular myth involving Ares was his fight with Hercules. Ares’ son Kyknos was infamous for waylaying pilgrims on their way to the oracle at Delphi, and so earned the displeasure of Apollo, who sent Hercules to deal with him. Hercules killed Kyknos, and a furious Ares engaged the hero in a fight. However, Hercules was protected from harm by Athena and even managed to wound Ares. Another myth and ignominious episode for Ares was his capture by the twin Giants Ephialtes and Otus when they stormed Mount Olympus. They imprisoned the god in a bronze jar (or cauldron) for one year and he was only freed through the intervention of Hermes.

In Homer’s version of the Trojan War in the Iliad, Ares supports the Trojans, sometimes even leading them in battle along with Hector. The Iliad shows Ares in a less than positive light, and he is described as ‘hateful Ares,’ ‘the man-killer,’ ‘the war-glutton,’ and the ‘curse of men.’ Homer’s picture of Ares, like the above mythological tales, often demonstrates his weakness in comparison to the other gods. Ares is roundly beaten by Athena who, supporting the Achaeans, knocks him out with a large rock. He also comes off worse against the Achaean hero Diomedes who even manages to injure the god with his spear, albeit with the help of Athena. Homer describes the scream of the wounded Ares as like the shouts of 10,000 men. Fleeing back to Olympus, Zeus ignores the complaints of Ares but instructs Paieon to heal his wound.

Ares again upset the harmony of Olympus when he was accused of killing Poseidon’s son Halirrhothios near a stream below the Athenian acropolis. A special court was convened – the Areopagos – on a hill near the stream, to hear the case. Ares was acquitted as it was disclosed Halirrhothios had raped Ares’ daughter Alcippe. Thereafter in Athens, the Areopagus became the place of trial for cases involving murder and impiety.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering the city’s strong militaristic culture, Ares was greatly esteemed in Sparta. Ares was not commonly worshipped but there were cult sites with temples dedicated to the god on Crete (he is mentioned in Linear B tablets from Knossos) and at Argos, Athens, Erythrae, Geronthrae, Megalopolis, Tegea, Therapne, and Troezon. He also had a cult in Thrace and was popular among the Colchians on the Black Sea.

In ancient Greek Archaic and Classical art, Ares is most often depicted wearing full armour and helmet and carrying a shield and spear. In this respect, he may appear indistinguishable from any other armed warrior. Sometimes he is shown riding his chariot pulled by fire-breathing horses. The myth of Ares’ battle with Hercules was a popular subject for Attic vases in the 6th century BCE.

In later times, the Roman god Mars was given many of the attributes of Ares, although, as was typical of the Roman view of the gods, with less human qualities. In Roman mythology, Mars was also the father of Romulus and Remus (through the rape of the Vestal Virgin Rhea Silvia), the legendary founders of Rome, and, therefore, the city achieved a sacred status. Like Athena for Athens, Mars was also the patron god of the Roman capital and the month martius (March) was named after him.

Mark Cartwright
Mark’s special interests include ancient ceramics, architecture, and mythology. He loves visiting and reading about historic sites and transforming that experience into free articles accessible to all.

Ancient History

The Witches Journal for Wednesday, March 14th

The Witches Journal for Wednesday, March 14th

~*~The Circle~*~

Circle ‘round
We chant and sing!
Our own version of a
Faerie ring!
The night is new,
The moon is full;
The earth is healing
From Winter’s toll.
The Goddess smiles
Upon our dance,
Intoxicating enchantment
Puts us in a trance.
We give our thanks
To the Goddess above
As she fills our hearts
With perfect love.
The wind is warm,
The earth is alive;
The trees look forward
To watch spring arrive.
The beauty of the night
Cannot compare
To the love for the Goddess
That we all share.
Blessed Be!


—By The Light Of The Crystal Moon: A Book of Pagan Poetry and Short Stories
Elizabeth Gardiepy

Today is Wednesday, March 14th

Wednesday is the day of the Teutonic deity known as Wodin or Odin, an aspect of the Allfather, god of knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment and combat, the parallel of Hermes, the planet Mercury.

Deity: Woden

Zodiac Sign: Gemini & Virgo

Planet: Mercury

Tree: Ash

Herb: Cinquefoil

Stone: Emerald & Sardonyx

Animal: Raven & Cat

Element: Air

Color: Red & Blue

Number: 6

Rune: Odal(O)


Celtic Tree Month of Nuin (Ash) (February 18 – March 17)


Runic Half-Month of Beorc (March 14 – March 29)


Goddess of the Month of Moura (February 20 – March 19)



The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick

About the Runic Half-Month Beorc

Stands for: Birch Tree (or Birch Twig)

Color: White (Blue)

Like the birch tree coming to life from a seed planted in the earth, Beorc represents a new beginning and is also a powerful birth, general fertility, both mental and physical and personal growth, liberation. Regenerative power and light of spring, renewal, promise of new beginnings, new growth. Arousal of desire. A love affair or new birth. The prospering of an enterprise or venture.

The Pagan Book of Days for Wednesday, March 14th

Veturius Mamurius/Runic half-month of Beorc commences/Egyptian Day

The festival of Veturius Mamurius celebrates the art of armor making, The half-month of Beorc is ruled by the Goddess of the birch tree, a time of symbolic purification for rebirth and new beginnings.


The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick

The Goddess Book of Days for Wednesday, March 14

In Greece, the day of Diasia, the Ward off Poverty Festival, dedicated to Ua Zit, Egyptian Snake Goddess. (Kwan Yin, Nu Kwa, Atargatis, Coatlique, Mboze, Rainbow Serpent, Shakti, Nina, Inanna, Aida Wedo). The fourteenth day of the Moon/month, the Full Moon, belongs to Ishtar, Selene and Aida Wedo.


The Goddess Book of Days
Diane Stein

Goddesses Associated With Wednesday, The Day of Wodin

Isis, Demeter, Ceres, Spider Woman, Bona Dea, Oya, Devi-Kali, Hella, Rhiannon, Coatlique, Maman Brigette


The Goddess Book of Days
Diane Stein

On Wednesday, March 14th, We Celebrate…..

Ghanaian New Year

Themes: Luck; Harvest; Joy; Cleansing; Death; Cycles

Symbols: Yams; Crescent Moon

About Ala. This West African earth-goddess represents the full cycle of earth’s seasons from birth to death, gently reminding us that spring is transitory–so enjoy it now! Serious crimes are an abhorrence to Ala, and the spirits of the dead go to her womb to find rest. Votive candles are a suitable offering for this godddess figure.

To Do Today: When you get up this morning, light any candle to wecome both Ala and spring. If possible, include yames in your dinner meal to internalize the joy and good fortune Ala brings with the warmer weather. Bless our yams by putting your hands (palms down) over them, focusing on your goals, and saying,

Ala, be welcome. In this your sacred food,
place the energy of happiness, luck, and protection
for the months ahead. So be it.

The people of Ghana believe in celebrating the new year over thirteen days instead of one. During this time they dance to banish evil, honor their dead ancestors, encourage serendipity and petition Ala for a good harvest season. Ala’s shrines and other sacred places are bathed on the last day of the fstivities to wash away the old, along with bad memries. For us this equates to dusting off our altars, bathing any god or goddess images we have and generally cleansing away old energies so Ala can refresh us.


365 Goddess, A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess
Patricia Telesco

Wednesday’s Conjuring

Wednesday – is associated with Mercury

Candle colors – Purple

Magickal Conjuring for the Day: Mastery, Domination Work, Wisdom, Healing, Dealing with Legal problems.

— Old Style Conjure Wisdoms, Workings and Remedies

Starr Casas

Magickal Days of the Week – Wednesday

Wednesday is named for Woden himself, although the Romans called it dies Mercurii. This is a day associated with the color purple, the planet Mercury, and the metal quicksilver – which is also called mercury. See a pattern here?

When it comes to deities… yes, Mercury! However, there are a few other gods associated with Wednesday, including Odin and Hermes, Athena, and Lugh. Gemstones like adventurine and agate come in handy as well, as do plants such as aspen trees, lilies, lavender and even ferns.

Business and job-related issues, communication, loss and debt, traveling, and journeys are all tied in to Wednesday. This is a good day to do a working to open up lines of communication – especially if your own actions are preventing you from being an effective speaker or listener. Go someplace new or return to an old favorite stomping ground, step up your game, and settle up your accounts.


Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
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Wednesday: On the way to the afterlife

The fourth day of the week is named after Odin (Wodan or Woden). In Anglo-Saxon world, Woden is not necessarily the mirror of the Norse Odin. Up to the seventh century, he was worshipped as the main deity. He was the psychopomp which is a word for someone who helps deliver human souls to the afterlife.

In Romance languages, the name of the day comes from Latin Dies Mercurii (miércoles in Spanish, mercoledi in Italian, mercredi in French), associated with Mercury, the Roman god of trade, profit and commerce.

In German, the word for Wednesday is simply Mittwoch, meaning the middle of the week.

Wednesday–The Day of Woden

Woden, or Odin as the Norsemen called him, was the chief of the gods of our ancestors, and corresponds to the Jupiter of the Romans. Also, for reasons which we shall read later, he was similar to Mercury, and his name was given to the Roman Dies Mercurii, day of Mercury, which still survives in the French mercredi.

As in the case of Jupiter and the Titans, Odin led the Northern gods in a gigantic struggle with the giants of ice and frost, and finally overthrew them. With the help of the gods, he then fashioned the world from the body of the chief of the giants. From the flesh he made the earth, known as Midgard (middle garden), and from his blood the sea, while from his bones he made the mountains, from his teeth the cliffs, and from his hair the trees. The giant’s skull was then fixed over the earth to form the vault of the sky, and was held in place at the four corners by four dwarfs, Nordri, Sudri, Austri, and Westri, from whom we have obtained the names North, South, East, and West. Next the gods made the sun and moon, which were placed in golden chariots driven by Sol and Mani, the daughter and son of a giant who had named his children after the newly-created sun and moon. The Northmen thought that they could see on the moon the outline of two children carrying a pail, and the story goes that Mani, while travelling across the sky, one night caught up two children, Hiuki and Bil, who were compelled by their cruel father to carry water all night. Hiuki and Bil are still known to us in the familiar story of Jack and Jill. The sun and moon were said to be pursued continually by two fierce wolves, whose shapes could be seen in the clouds, and who, if they caught them up, would swallow them and plunge the world in darkness. Sometimes they nearly succeeded, and thus caused the eclipses.

Having completed the earth and peopled it with men and women, the gods, led by Odin, built magnificent palaces for themselves in Asgard, their home. The most famous of these was Valhalla, to which the bravest and mightiest of the mortals who fell in battle were summoned at their death. The walls of Valhalla were made of spears, and golden shields formed the roof. In the hall stood long tables, at which the dead heroes feasted.

The Northmen honoured a great fighter above all men, and they even thought it a disgrace for him to die in any other way than sword in hand. The great ambition of every fighting man was to be called to Valhalla after his death, there to spend his time in fighting and feasting. The fortunate ones were chosen from among the slain on the battle-fields by the Valkyries, Odin’s battle-maidens, whose horses carried them through the air and over the sea. They rode among the storm-clouds, and the flash of their spears was seen in the lightning.

Odin was often pictured as sitting on a throne from which he could see the whole world, and wearing a suit of armour, covered with a blue mantle, which represented the sky. In his hand he held a famous spear, Gungnir, which never missed its mark. On his shoulders sat two ravens, Thought and Memory, which he sent out into the world every day to obtain news of all that happened. Like Tiu, the God of War, Odin suffered from a disfigurement, having lost one of his eyes. This loss is explained in the following story.

After the creation of the world, Odin wished to obtain great wisdom which would place him far above the other gods. This he could only procure from Mimir’s spring, in whose clear waters the future was mirrored. Odin, therefore, visited Mimir and begged a draught of the wonderful water, but Mimir would only grant the request in return for one of Odin’s eyes. The god was willing to make even this sacrifice for the great knowledge the water would give him, and accordingly he plucked out one of his eyes and gave it to Mimir, who sank it deep in the spring where it could always be seen shining. Odin then drank deep of the water, and thus gained the wisdom for which he was always famous.

All the life of the world, including even the lives of the gods, was said to depend on an enormous ash tree, Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. This tree was created by Odin, and had three roots, one in the Underworld, another in Midgard, near Mimir’s spring, and the third in Asgard. It grew to such a height that it overtopped the whole world, and in its topmost branches sat an eagle with a falcon between its eyes. The falcon could see all three kingdoms, and reported all that happened in them to the gods. In the Underworld was a dragon, which continually gnawed the roots of Yggdrasil in order to destroy it and so bring about the downfall of the gods. To prevent this disaster, the tree was daily watered from a fountain in Asgard, whose magic waters kept it continually green.

Joining Asgard and the earth was a bridge made of fire, earth, and water, whose colours were those of the rainbow. This bridge was guarded against the giants by a god named Heimdall, whose sight and hearing were so keen that he could see a hundred leagues by night as well as by day, and could hear the grass growing on the earth and the wool on the sheep’s back! He was armed with a flashing sword, and carried a horn with which he was to give warning when the giants should come against Asgard.

Odin was the inventor of Runes, the first alphabet of the Northmen. The letters consisted almost entirely of straight lines placed in different groups and positions, and were thought at first to have a magical meaning. Each god had a special rune or sign, and the use of the sign was supposed to bring help from the god. Thus all fighters carved the rune of Tiu on their swords in order that they might have his aid in battle. Runes were afterwards used in the ordinary way for writing, and very old runes have been found carved on stones in Scandinavia and in England. As the inventor of runes, Odin is like Mercury, who was supposed to have given the Romans their alphabet.

In addition to being the wisest of the gods, the inventor of runes, and the God of Eloquence, Odin was also the God of Poetry. The gift of poetry was guarded very jealously by the gods, and was only granted to mortals in special cases. Odin obtained the gift for himself and the other gods only with great difficulty. Hidden away in a hollow mountain, and carefully watched over by a giantess, were three vessels containing a magic fluid, which gave to anyone who drank of it the gift of poetry and song. Odin, knowing of this magic drink, determined to obtain it. Accordingly he set out for the land of the giants, dressed as a mortal, and wearing a broad-brimmed hat to hide the fact that he had only one eye. He hired himself as a servant to Baugi, the brother of the giant Suttung, to whom the vessels belonged, and asked as payment for his labour one draught of the magic fluid. As soon as his work was finished, Odin demanded payment, but Baugi was afraid to ask his brother for the drink, and suggested they should win it for themselves by trickery. They came to the mountain where the vessels were hidden, and bored a hole right through to the cave inside. Odin then changed himself into a snake and wriggled through the hole, just in time to escape the giant, who tried to kill him as he entered the hole. Having found his way into the cave, Odin again took on the form of a god, and begged the giantess who watched over the vessels to allow him just a sip of the magic drink. The giantess at last consented, but Odin, instead of taking a sip, quickly emptied all the vessels, and then, making his way out of the cave transformed himself into an eagle and flew swiftly towards Asgard. He soon discovered, however, that the giant Suttung was pursuing him, also in the form of an eagle. As he neared Asgard the gods caught sight of him, and, seeing that the giant was gaining on Odin, they gathered together a great quantity of fuel and piled it on the palace walls. Immediately Odin had passed over the wall the gods set fire to the fuel, and the flames rose so high that the wings of the pursuing giant were scorched, and he fell into the fire and was burnt.

Odin seldom used this precious gift of poetry himself, but imparted it to his son Bragi, who became the minstrel of the gods and sang many songs in honour of the gods and the great heroes in Valhalla. All the singers among men, the bards, or scalds, as they were sometimes called, were thought to have received the gift from Odin, and were greatly honoured for that reason.

Wednesday Witchery


Be bold and daring today! Expand your knowledge of the Craft by working with the planetary energies of Mercury on this multifaceted day of the week. Consider the Greco-Roman gods Mercury and Hermes and all of the many lessons they have for you. Embrace change and movement, and work on your communication techniques. Conjure up a little good luck for yourself with that Mercury dime spell. Call on Athena to inspire you to try magickal arts and crafts and to be more creative in your own spellwork and witchery.

Meditate on Odin and see what you can discover about him. I wonder what sort of fabulous and fascinating magickal wisdom you will uncover? Odin is a shaman, after all; he may appear in many guises and faces. I guarantee that he will make you laugh at yourself before he is through with you, but you will learn. It’s up to you what you do with that knowledge. Will you let it shapeshift into wisdom?

Wednesday is the wild and wily day of the week, so try to go with the flow; don’t fight the quirky energies of the day. Most importantly, follow your heart, and always keep a good sense of humor, because of Wednesdays you will really need it.


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

The Witches Almanac for Wednesday, March 14th

Pi Day Moon

Waning Moon

Moon phase: Fourth Quarter

Sign: Aquarius

Incense: Marjoram

Color: Yellow

Moon in Sagittarius


More than anything, Lunar Sagittarians have a need for personal freedom and space. They are extraordinarily happy and easygoing folk, as long as they don’t feel caged in or cooped up.

Lunar Sagittarians have a simultaneous need for activity. Meeting new people, going out in the world, and travel are all important to their sense of well-being. They love open spaces, and, in their homes, a roomy and bright environment.

There’s a bit of a teacher in Moon in Sagittarius, and definitely a helpful spirit. They easily forget appointments and the like, and some are even considered irresponsible. However, it is hard to stay angry at a Lunar Sagittarian! They are extraordinarily cheerful and upbeat, and their optimism is catchy.

Many people with this position are outdoorsy types. At the very least, they have a great love for changes of scenery and some disdain for the regular routine. They also enjoy friendly competition.

When the going gets tough, these people run away. They don’t like to be caught up in routine for too long, and they simply need to escape. They’ll be back when they feel refreshed and when their spirits are renewed!

There’s a blind faith in Lunar Sagittarians that is admirable. They simply believe that everything will work out. Not much for making detailed plans, people with Moon in Sagittarius prefer to wing it. This can, at times, be disconcerting to those who are not as free-spirited and who’d prefer a bit of a head’s up. Moon in Sagittarius people are very adaptable and generally on the go. They are also hungry for knowledge, new experiences, and mind-expanding ideas. They are great lovers of the truth, and they make wonderful, inspiring teachers.


Cafe Astrology

The Witches Correspondences for Wednesday, March 14

Dedicated to the Teutonic god Woden or Odin, an aspect of the “All-Father” god of knowledge wisdom enlightenment and combat, the parallel of Hermes.

Element : Air

Planet: Mercury

Zodiac Sign : Virgo / Gemini

Angel : Raphael

Metal : Mercury

Incense / Perfumes : Jasmine, Lavender, Sweet Pea

Oil: Benzoin, Clary Sage, Eucalytus, Lavender

Color : Red, Orange, Light Blue

Stones : Bloodstone,Garnet, Aventurine, Hematite, Moss Agate and Sodalite

Plants/Herbs : Almond, Anise, Cherry, Clover, Dandelion, Dill, Fern, Hazel, Hyssop, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lilac, Mace, Peppermint, Rosemary, Vervain

Magick to Work: the conscious mind, study, travel, divination, consulting oracles, wisdom, communication ,cleverness, contracts, creativity, information, intellect, memory, erception, science, wisdom, writing

Magickal Applications for Wednesday

To the Romans, this day was called Dies Mercurii, or “Mercury’s day” Mercury was a popular character in the Roman pantheon. A messenger of the gods, he presided over commerce, trade, and anything that required skill or dexterity. The Celts also worshiped Mercury and eventually equated him with the Norse god Odin (some spelling variations on this name include Wotan, Wodin, and Wodan). In Norse mythologies, Odin, like Mercury, is associated with poetry and music. Interestingly enough, both Odin and Mercury were regarded as psychopomps, or the leaders of souls, in their individual mythologies.

Odin, one of the main gods in Norse mythology, was constantly seeking wisdom. He traveled the world in disguise as a one-eyed man with a long gray beard, wearing an old, beat-up hat and carrying a staff or a spear (which brings to my mind images of Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings). In the Old English language, this day of Mercury evolved into Wodnes daeg, “Woden’s day,” or Wednesday.

Wednesday carries all of the planetary and magickal energies and associations of the witty and nimble god Mercury himself. Some of these mercurial traits included good communication skills, cleverness, intelligence, creativity, business sense, writing, artistic talent, trickiness, and thievery. And don’t forget all of those wise and enigmatic qualities associated with the Norse god Odin/Wodin, not to mention the goddess Athena’s contributions of music, the arts, handmade crafts, and writing. Wednesdays afford excellent opportunities for seeking wisdom, changing your circumstances, and improving your skills, be they in trade and commerce, music and art, or in communication and writing.


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

Wednesday & The Perfect Corresponding Spell

Are you ready to dive into the complex and varied moods and attributes of a Wednesday? If so, give the following spell a go.


Quick as a Flash Spell (for Good Luck)

This good luck spell will require you to locate a Mercury dime. A Mercury, or silver, dime was a dime minted in the year 1940. It does not actually portray the god Mercury on the coin. What it shows is Lady Liberty in a winged cap. However, its hard to find them? Check a coin dealer, or, if you have a family member who collects coins, see if they have one. I called a local coin shop and was told I could pick up a Mercury dime for about a dollar.

Occasionally, if you work retail or operate the cash register, you come across silver dimes. If you look at the side of the coin, the color is silver all the way through. Plus, it makes a different type of “clink” as it hits the change drawer. Happy hunting!

Take yourself, a tablespoon of dill (a Mercury herb used for prosperity and luck), and your Mercury dime, and go to the nearest crossroads early on a Wednesday evening. ning. This can be anyplace where two streets intersect. Also bring the spell below, written ten on a piece of paper. Perhaps you’ll want to do this while you’re out walking the dog or taking a walk around the neighborhood with the kids. You can be subtle with this spell, as it is a quick one. It’s not complicated, and it’s fun! Read the spell below softly, repeating it three times:

Wednesday is for Mercury,

that quick and nimble god,

A clever and canny soul,

on winged feet he does trod.

Leave a Mercury dime at the crossroads tonight, Quick as a flash, my good luck spell will now take flight. Slip the paper back into your pocket. Make your wish for good luck, and then chuck the dime out there. (I caution you to stay away from traffic. I also don’t want you to accidentally nail a car with the dime as you toss it out there into the middle of the street.) Sprinkle the dill at the curb. As you turn to walk back home, close the spell with:

By all the power of three times three,

As I will it, then so shall it be

Note: If you perform this spell and you have your kids along, let them gently toss a penny along with your dime. They’ll think it’s fun, and that way they’ll leave your dime alone. Good luck to you and yours!


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

Celebrating Legends, Folklore & Spirituality 365 Days a Year for March 14th – Equirria

March 14th

This is the second Equirria festival held in honor of the Roman God Mars (also 27 February). There was a festival of Mamuralia also recorded for this date, but it is unclear if this was a separate festival for Mamurius Veturius, legendary maker of the sacred shields or just another name for the Equirria.

The 14th of March also celebrates the runic half-month of Beorc, ruled by the Goddess of the birch tree associated with Frigga. This is a time of symbolic purgation in preparation for the new beginnings of Spring and Summer.

The Witches Astronomy Journal for Wednesday, March 14th

The Witches Astronomy Journal for Wednesday, March 14th

Your Daily Sun & Moon Data for Wednesday, March 14th

The Sun
Sun Direction: ↑ 100.37° E
Sun Altitude: 9.56°
Sun Distance: 92.423 million mi
Next Equinox: Mar 20, 2018 11:15 am (Vernal)
Sunrise Today: 7:06 am↑ 92° East
Sunset Today: 7:00 pm↑ 268° West
Length of Daylight: 11 hours, 54 minutes

The Moon
Moon Direction: ↑ 134.04° SE
Moon Altitude: 22.79°
Moon Distance: 248121 mi
Next New Moon: Mar 17, 20188:11 am
Next Full Moon: Mar 31, 20187:36 am
Next Moonset: Today4:23 pm


The Moon is in Aquarius

The Moon is waning and in its Waning Crescent phase.
The Last Quarter Moon occurred on the 9th and the New Moon will occur on March 17th.
Mercury is in its pre-retrograde shadow (Mercury will retrograde from March 22nd to April 15th).

**Times are Eastern Standard Time (EDT).

Moon in Aquarius


The Moon is traveling through Aquarius today. Go against the grain. Fight for a cause. Stand up for the underdog.

Attraction to all that is new and unusual, and an instinctive need for improvement, characterize the Moon in Aquarius. Reactions are more intellectual than emotional, and interactions are more impersonal than personal, under this influence. This is a time that promotes social gatherings, dealing with group ideals and goals for the future, brainstorming, new ideas, and progressive changes. We are open to new methods of doing things and we have our eye on the future. It can be hard to stick to schedules now, as personal freedom is most important to us.

The Moon in Aquarius generally favors the following activities: Unusual or radical undertakings, social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, joining a group.

The sky this week for March 14 to 18

Mars and Saturn flank the Moon, Jupiter shines in Libra, and Mercury reaches peak altitude in the sky this week.
By Richard Talcott

Wednesday, March 14

As midnight approaches, look to the east for the bright star Arcturus. At magnitude 0.0, it is the second-brightest star visible from mid-northern latitudes. If you look about 20° to the left and a little below this luminary, you should see a conspicuous semicircle of stars — the constellation Corona Borealis the Northern Crown. It’s the most prominent group of stars having a shape reminiscent of a circle, and it makes a fitting target for Pi Day. (For you non-geeks, Pi Day is 3/14 because the first three digits of the mathematical constant pi are 3.14. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, so today we celebrate all things circular.)

For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, today marks the peak of the annual Gamma Normid meteor shower. The shower’s radiant — the point from which the meteors appear to originate — lies among the background stars of the southern constellation Norma the Square. This region lies below the horizon for observers north of 40° north latitude, but those farther south should keep their eyes open. The best views will come after midnight, once the radiant climbs higher. Fortunately, the waning crescent Moon sheds little light into the predawn sky. The shower typically produces about 6 meteors per hour at its peak.

Thursday, March 15

Mercury reaches greatest elongation at 11 a.m. EDT, and tonight marks the peak of its best evening apparition of 2018 for Northern Hemisphere observers. The innermost planet lies 18° east of the Sun and stands 12° high in the west a half-hour after sunset. It shines at magnitude –0.4 and shows up well against the darkening sky. But the easiest way to find it is to locate brilliant Venus and then look 4° to the upper right. The two inner planets fit nicely in a single binocular field of view. A view of Mercury through a telescope reveals an 7″-diameter disk that appears slightly less than half-lit. (Venus spans 10″ and is nearly full.)

Use brilliant Venus as a guide to locating Mercury as it reaches its peak altitude for the year in mid-March.

Friday, March 16

One of the sky’s largest asterisms — a recognizable pattern of stars separate from a constellation’s form — occupies center stage after darkness falls on March evenings. To trace the so-called Winter Hexagon, start with southern Orion’s luminary, Rigel. From there, the hexagon makes a clockwise loop. The second stop is brilliant Sirius in Canis Major. Next, pick up Procyon in the faint constellation Canis Minor, then the twins Castor and Pollux in Gemini, followed by Capella in Auriga, Aldebaran in Taurus, and finally back to Rigel.

Saturday, March 17

New Moon occurs at 9:12 a.m. EDT. At its New phase, the Moon crosses the sky with the Sun and so remains hidden in our star’s glare.

Mercury and Venus have their second close conjunction of March this evening. Innermost Mercury passes 4° due north (upper right) of its neighbor at 9 p.m. EDT.

Sunday, March 18

With an age of 4.5 billion years, “young” might not seem an appropriate word to describe our Moon. But tonight, you have an exceptional opportunity to see what astronomers call a “young Moon” — a slender crescent visible in the early evening sky. With New Moon having occurred yesterday morning, only 2 percent of our satellite’s disk appears illuminated after sunset tonight. It forms a spectacular trio with Venus 4° to its right and Mercury 4° farther away. You should notice an ashen light faintly illuminating the Moon’s dark side. This is “earthshine,” sunlight reflected by Earth that reaches the Moon and then reflects back to our waiting eyes.

Overview of the Planets and Stars for Wednesday,March 14th

Jupiter forms a semi-square with Saturn today, and this is the second of three of these longer-term aspects in a series, the first of which was in December 2017. The third and final Jupiter-Saturn semi-square will occur in September. This is a time when we’re reminded of the stop-and-go or ebb and flow nature of long-term projects. This is not the time to take shortcuts. Moves that are too big seem to meet with obstacles now, so it’s a time for taking baby steps or for fixing mistakes and making edits before moving forward. Some re-structuring of our lives and our business goals is now in order.

Still, we’re attracted to new approaches and might find it difficult concentrating on lifeless or ordinary tasks later today with the Moon’s sextile to Uranus. It’s a good time for looking forward (with patience).

March’s StarDates

March 14: Cancer
Cancer, the crab, is well up in the east at nightfall. Although it is part of the zodiac, its stars are dim. The brightest, Beta Cancri, is so faint you may not be able to see it from a suburb, let alone a bright city.

March 15: Arcturus
One of spring’s most prominent stars is Arcturus, in the constellation Bootes, the herdsman. This yellow-orange star rises in the middle of the evening and soars high across the sky during the night.

March 16: New Moon
The Moon will be “new” early tomorrow as it crosses the line between Earth and the Sun. It is lost from sight in the Sun’s glare, but should return to view on Sunday, as a thin crescent quite low in the west at sunset.

March 17: Owl Nebula
The Owl Nebula stares out from the Big Dipper. It is a set of concentric bubbles of gas blown into space by a dying star. It’s round, and seen through a telescope or in photographs, it has two dark patches that look like an owl’s eyes.

March 18: Moon and Companions
The vanishingly thin crescent Moon has a couple of companions after sunset this evening, the planets Venus and Mercury. Venus is the “evening star,” to the right of the Moon. Much-fainter Mercury is about the same distance to the upper right of Venus.

March 19: Vernal Equinox
The Sun will cross the celestial equator tomorrow. The crossing marks the vernal equinox, which is the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. It also marks the starting point for measuring the length of the year.

March 20: Winter Circle
Spring arrives in the northern hemisphere today, but the most prominent stars of winter remain in good view. They form a big loop known as the Winter Circle, which is in the southwestern quadrant of the sky this evening.


Your Cosmic Weather Report for March 12th thru March 28th

Jane Lyle, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room

On Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th March. Some limitations in love, art, fashion, money, and social events are the usual manifestations. Yet this isn’t always such a bad thing, it favours refinement, it says ‘less is more’. It could also be a helpful time to begin a diet, clear out your wardrobe, or experiment with some kind of digital detox.

If this all sounds too bleak, here’s a more charming Venus-and-Saturn thought:

‘Elegance is rare in the modern world, largely because it requires precision, attention to detail, and the careful development of a delicate taste in all forms of manners and style.’

Practising sorting the sheep from the goats with delicacy and precision is helpful preparation for later in March, when things take a more uncompromising, even dramatic turn.

A Bracing time

As the weeks pass, there’s no doubt that we’re in for an eventful, bracing time. It kicks in during the run-up to the end of March, culminating in the Easter weekend of 30th March – 2nd April.

On Wednesday 28th March – Thursday 29th March the Sun, newly vibrant in Aries, argues with Saturn in Capricorn. People in authority and government are tested, or must face up to very serious situations, and a great deal of effort or responsibility. In our own families, and at work, a similar story is told about those in charge, or senior family members. It can be a dynamic turning point.

Alongside this, Mars – ruling action and desire – moves towards meeting Time Lord Saturn in Capricorn – exact at the beginning of April. This is a weighty moment.

Mars and Saturn don’t align in the same sign again until 2020. The basic message of these two is ‘restricted action’. This means hard work, and heavy responsibilities – yet what’s achieved can last for a long time when the young warrior and the old king work together. Sport, finance, military plans, and legal matters are all in high focus this spring.

So, yes, it’s looking quite crunchy in the days leading up to a dynamic, possibly disruptive, Libran full Moon on 31st March on Easter Saturday.

These testing, push-me-pull-you days begin around Saturday, 24th March, when the mighty Sun challenges Mars, highlighting anger, impulsiveness, and confrontational events.

Uncompromising attitudes in our world continue to buffet us over the Easter weekend that follows. Such sobering, chillsome cosmic weather demands extra effort, discipline, and caution from everyone. This is the big astrological theme for March 2018.

If you, or someone close, have planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn at around 7 – 10 degrees of those signs, prepare for a seriously grown-up phase this spring.

Your Current Moon Phase for Wednesday, March 14

Waning Crescent
Illumination: 9%

The Moon today is in a Waning Crescent phase. In this phase the Moon’s illumination is growing smaller each day until the New Moon. During this phase the Moon is getting closer to the Sun as viewed from Earth and the night side of the Moon is facing the Earth with only a small edge of the Moon being illuminated. This phase is best viewed an hour or 2 before the sunrise and can be quite beautiful if you’re willing to get up early. It can also be a great time to see the features of the Moon’s surface. Along the edge where the illuminated portion meets the dark side, the craters and mountains cast long shadows making them easier to observe with a telescope or binoculars.


Phase: Waning Crescent
Illumination: 9%
Moon Age: 26.63 days
Moon Angle: 0.50
Moon Distance: 401,344.34 km
Sun Angle: 0.54
Sun Distance: 148,758,280.85 km