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Livia: Wife of Augustus


Wife of G. Julius Caesar Octavianus

In the year 38 B.C. it suddenly became known at Rome that G. Julius Caesar Octavianus (afterward the Emperor Augustus), one of the triumvirs of the republic, and colleague of Mark Antony and Lepidus in the military dictatorship established after the death of Caesar, had sent up for decision to the pontifical college, the highest religious authority of the state, a curious question.  It was this: Might a divorced woman who was expecting to become a mother contract a marriage with another man before the birth of her child?  The pontifical college replied that if there still was doubt about the fact the new marriage would not be permissible; but if it was certain, there would be no impediment.  A few days later, it was learned that Octavianus had divorced his wife Scribonia and had married Livia, a young woman of nineteen.  Livia’s physical condition was precisely that concerning which the pontiffs had been asked to decide, and in order to enter into this marriage she had obtained a divorce from Tiberius Claudius Nero. Read More….

Elidorus and the Fairies


“Elidorus and the Fairies”.

“A short time before our days, a circumstance worthy of note occurred in these parts, which Elidorus, a priest, most strenuously affirmed had befallen to himself.

When a youth of twelve years, and learning his letters, since, as Solomon says, ‘The root of learning is bitter, although the fruit is sweet,’ in order to avoid the discipline and frequent stripes inflicted on him by his preceptor, he ran away and concealed himself under the hollow bank of the river.  After fasting in that situation for two days, two little men of pigmy stature appeared to him, saying, ‘If you will come with us, we will lead you into a country full of delights and sports.’  Assenting and rising up, he followed his guides through a path, at first subterraneous and dark, into a most beautiful country, adorned with rivers and meadows, woods and plains, but obscure, and not illuminated with the full light of the sun.  All the days were cloudy, and the nights extremely dark, on account of the absence of the moon and stars.  The boy was brought before the King, and introduced to him in the presence of the court; who, having examined him for a long time, delivered him to his son, who was then a boy.  These men were of the smallest stature, but very well proportioned in their make; they were all of a fair complexion, with luxuriant hair falling over their shoulders like that of women.  They had horses and greyhounds adapted to their size.  They neither ate flesh nor fish, but lived on milk diet, made up into messes with saffron.  They never took an oath, for they detested nothing so much as lies.  As often as they returned from our upper hemisphere, they reprobated our ambition, infidelities, and inconstancies; they had no form of public worship, being strict lovers and reverers, as it seemed, of truth. Read More….

Wives of G. Julius Ceasar


The Wives of G. Julius Ceasar

Most everyone knows the history of the famous men of Rome, but do they even know the names of the women that were involved in their lives. The Great Ceasars of the Empire Era were not isolated from the normal pursuits of family and friends. Here is but a brief look in to their family and the why’s.


A History: But when there broke out the revolution in which Marius placed himself at the head of the popular party, and the revolution was overcome by Sulla, the old aristocracy, which had conquered with Sulla, did not forgive the patrician family of the Julii for having connected itself with that bitter foe, who had made so much mischief.  Consequently, during the period of the reaction, all its members were looked upon askance, and were suspected and persecuted, among them young Caesar, who was in no way responsible for the deeds of his uncle, since he was only a lad during the war between Sulla and Marius. Read More….

Hypocrisy of the Drug War


Hypocrisy of the Drug War

The Drug War, we hear so much about this every evening as we sit and relax for a long arduous day. A constant reminder of the ill of our own making in the society that we strive to improve, enrich and transform. I cannot go into the reasons for which this plague came upon us, for that began in the far reaches of our history as a species, who…how…when will never be answered. But we can address the issues of how this malady is approached and dealt with.

The governing bodies, of which we elect, in the hopes of safe guarding our well-being, seem to be on a collision course. The Federal government in the late 1960’s declared a war in which the full weight of its agencies would within their power and might tackle this growing and dangerous problem in our country. Seemly for decades it had progressed with sometimes glowing achievements diminished the rapid expansion it’s growth. Then with a creeping subtleness it began to expand into a huge enterprize, dwarfing anything previous. Why is this? MONEY. The root of all evil or so I have heard. But I doubt this could be the only reason, it would seem that societal acceptance also played a perhaps even greater part. Read More….