Hypocrisy of the Drug War


Hypocrisy of the Drug War

The Drug War, we hear so much about this every evening as we sit and relax for a long arduous day. A constant reminder of the ill of our own making in the society that we strive to improve, enrich and transform. I cannot go into the reasons for which this plague came upon us, for that began in the far reaches of our history as a species, who…how…when will never be answered. But we can address the issues of how this malady is approached and dealt with.

The governing bodies, of which we elect, in the hopes of safe guarding our well-being, seem to be on a collision course. The Federal government in the late 1960’s declared a war in which the full weight of its agencies would within their power and might tackle this growing and dangerous problem in our country. Seemly for decades it had progressed with sometimes glowing achievements diminished the rapid expansion it’s growth. Then with a creeping subtleness it began to expand into a huge enterprize, dwarfing anything previous. Why is this? MONEY. The root of all evil or so I have heard. But I doubt this could be the only reason, it would seem that societal acceptance also played a perhaps even greater part. Read More….