Full Moon Coven Gathering March 2, 2018 at 7:00 PM CT

All Witches and Pagans are welcome to join us.

Coven Life®

This Esbat ritual was written and will be lead by one of our novices, Two Feathers


Thursday, March 2, 2018

Socializing 7:00-7:14 PM CT

Circle Cast at 7:15 PM CT

Please do not enter chat room once circle is cast this will break the circle. Please do not leave unless asked to before circle is done. Thank you.


Coven Life Chat Room


Items you need : one green, one violet and one yellow candle/ if you  do not have candles with these colours, then use 3 white upright candles and tie green, violet and yellow ribbons at the candle base or on the candle holders, avoid causing fire, or you can just chose candle holders with violet, yellow and green colour/, candle holders for the candles, matches or lighter

One little bowl with seeds : you can mix linseeds, rice, corn seeds, sunflower seeds, wheat seeds in it…

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Just In Time for The Weekend – Buy One, Get One Free Sale.

Just In Time for The Weekend – Buy One, Get One Free Sale.


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Since Today Is Friday, I Decided to Give You A Little Taste of My Path

black rose witch
Since it is Friday and the Ruler of Friday is Venus, the Goddess of Love. You could say Friday is the Day of Love, well that’s the way I look at it anyway. I wanted to leave you with a prayer to one of my Divine Beings. It comes from the Hoodoo Tradition but if you are seeking love, it is very effect. Use with caution:


Nina Roja, my sexy and seductive Queen,
Mistress of passion and knower of all pleasures.
Nina Roja, please come forth from the underworld
Bringing with you the fires that consume the heart
With lust and love and desire.
Holy Death, I ask for your aid and protection
Acquiring the love of (your intended’s name goes here)
Make them rise with my name upon their lips
And sleep with my image behind their eyes.
Make my absences cause a fever in them
That only my return will remedy.
Nina Roja, within you is the power to
Attract and draw (name of intended) to me
And give to them a thirst that only I can quench
Please aid me and protect me now,
So Mote it Be.


The Witches Magick for Friday, February 23 & The Waxing Moon – Charm for Courage

witch and her cat

The Witches Magick for Friday, February 23 & The Waxing Moon – Charm for Courage

Ace of Swords from your favorite tarot deck
1 purple candle

Make a copy of the card by either scanning and printing, or taking it to a copy machine. Cut off the excess paper, then place the image in front of the candle and light the wick. See yourself holding the sword in your hand, and going into battle calmly and unafraid. Hold the image in your hands and empower it by saying something like:


Lord and Lady, Moon and Sun
Elements and Ancient Ones
Lend Your powers to this charm
So they mix— both cool and warm—
To bring the courage that I seek
Bring it forth in words I speak
Bring it forth in every action
Until it meets Your satisfaction
And every doubt slips far from me
As I will, so mote it be


Leave the image in front of the candle until the wick burns out, then carry the image with you.



Everyday Moon Magic: Spells & Rituals for Abundant Living (Everyday Series)
Dorothy Morrison


Friday Is Ruled By Venus

purple witch

Friday Is Ruled By Venus


Friday belongs to Venus, both the planet and its namesake Roman goddess of love. This day is sacred to many other gods and goddesses of love such as Eros, Venus, Aphrodite, and the Norse goddess that gave the day its name, Freya. This day of the week is for magical topics such as love, birth, fertility, and romance. Colors for today include pink and aqua.

Some suggestions for Friday enchantments would include:

Carrying a rose quartz with you today to send out some gentle and loving vibes to those crabby co-workers

Working a loving Tarot spell to charm a friend’s pregnancy with good health and safety

Working a little flower magic to enchant a single pink rose for friendship and inner beauty, and setting it on your desk. Or try empowering a red rose for passion and placing it in your bedroom

Burning rose-scented candles to encourage the same effect. Call on Eros to “bring a passion for life” to your days.

Sharing a romantic snack with your partner. Feed each other ripe, red strawberries. Those strawberries are love-inducing food, and are sacred to many love goddesses, including today’s patroness, Freya.



Fantasy witch




Magickal Intentions: Love, Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship and Partnerships, Strangers, Heart

Color: aqua, blue, light blue, brown, green, pale green, magenta, peach, pink, rose, white, all pastels

Number: 5, 6

Metal: copper

Charm: green or white garments, scepter

Stone: alexandrite, amethyst, coral, diamond, emerald, jade, jet, black moonstone, peridot, smoky quartz, tiger’s-eye, pink tourmaline

Animal: camel, dove, elephant, goat, horse, pigeon, sparrow

Plant: apple, birch, cherry, clematis, clove, coriander, heather, hemlock, hibiscus, ivy, lotus, moss, myrtle, oats, pepperwort, peppermint, pinecone, quince, raspberry, rose, pink rose, red rose, rose hips, saffron, sage, savin, stephanotis, strawberry, thyme, vanilla, verbena, violet, water lily, yarrow, and all flowers

Incense: ambergris, camphor, mace, musk, myrrh, rose, saffron, sage, sandalwood, sweetgrass, vanilla, violet, all floral scents

Goddess: Aphrodite, Asherah, Baalith, Brigid, Erzulie, Freya (Passionate Queen), Frigg, Gefion, Harbor (Beautiful One), Hestia, Inanna, Ishtar (Lady of Passion and Desire), Lakshmi, Lilith, Mokosh, Nehalennia, Nerthus, Ostara, Pombagira, Sarasvati, Shakti, Shekinah, Sirtur, Al Uzza, Venus (Queen of Pleasure), Vesta

God: Allah, Bacchus, Bes, Cupid, the Dagda, Dionysus, El, Eros (God of Love), Freyr, Frit Ailek, Shukra

Evocation: Agrat Bat Mahalat, Anael, Hagiel, Mokosba, Rasbid, Sachiel, Uriel, Velas

Courtesy of Moonlight Musings


Friday’s Witchery

☠ Bruja En Cuento De Hadas ☠

Friday’s Witchery


Love magick is a perennial popular topic. However, there is more to this topic than meets the eye. There are many enchanting layers here for us to explore on this day of the week. What about creating a loving home, or producing a loving and nurturing family? What about keeping your intimate relationships vital and on track? How about promoting happy, healthy, and enduring friendships? See, there is more to be considered than just the “You shall be mine…” type of fictional love spell.

Don’t forget that many of the deities associated with Fridays are also parents. So, yes, while this is the day to work on romance, sex, and love spells, there is additional magick to be considered here, which makes Fridays a more well-rounded and bigger opportunity for witchery than many folks ever truly realize. The truest, strongest magick always comes from the heart.



Book of Witchery – Spells, Charms & Correspondences For Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan