Before We Get this Show on the Road…………

Good morning, my sweets! Thank you for all your well wishes. I believe we might all be back on the road to recovery now (keep your cat’s whiskers crossed, lol). Even when I am sick, I can’t rest. I hate laying in the bed and doing nothing. To me, it is a waste of time. I am so glad they invented laptops. I added a few new items to the store yesterday. It took me all day but I got it done. I was bored! You ever watched TV during the day, then you know what I mean. I am not into soap operas, Jeopardy or the Andy Griffith’s show. Yeah, to fill a spot in the afternoon schedule, the local station put the old Andy Griffith show on as a filler. So out of sheer desperation, I rolled over and got out my laptop hid under the bed. Between the catnaps, juice and Tylenol, I managed to get the following on the site……


First, is Yule Greeting Cards. Funny, I complain about Christmas decorations being out before Halloween and look at me! I just figured the way the mail runs, it doesn’t hurt to order early. You order early, you have them when you need them.


Yule Greeting Cards


Collection No. 1: Consists of beautiful Yuletide Magic Cards are from the British artist Anne Stokes. Her work is well-known in the gaming industry and licensed for use on book covers, jewelry, clothing, and more.

These extraordinary Yuletide Magic Cards are always bestsellers during the Holiday season! Each card is 4¾” x 6¾” (121 x 171mm) and sold in packs of 6, as well as a multipack of 8 cards. Inside reads: “Yuletide Greetings” in six languages.

Collection No. 2:  Are reproduced from original paintings by Briar, one of England’s leading mythology artists, the visionary and evocative themes portrayed in these stunning cards are some of the best Yule Cards we have seen on the Pagan market. Their color, beauty, and artistic merit attract a broad range of people who just wish to send unusual and original Christmas cards.

Cards are individually cellophane wrapped. Small Yule Card size: 4¾ ” x 6¾” (121mm x 171mm) and reads “Merry Yule” in five languages; Large Yule Card size: 6¾ ” x 4¾ “(135mm x 197mm) & reads “Yuletide Greetings” in five languages. (Should add Collection No. 2 is not on the store yet, took a catnap. I will be adding it later on today)










Rune Charms

Runes were used by the ancient Nordic people as a magical language. Their uses ranged from writing messages and making charms or talismans to predicting the future and magical work.

In Anglo-Saxon English and Old Norse, the word Rune meant secret law, mystery and magical signs.  Rune Masters, who could be male or female, were considered to be the most important people in the community next to the village chief. Identified by their deep blue cloaks and leather charm pouches which they wore at their belts, the Rune Masters would normally carry a bronze-tipped wooden staff carved with runic inscriptions to show their power and status.

Our Rune Charms have been inspired by the shape of natural stone and rock, and are produced in solid, lead-free pewter.  All charms are supplied with a leaflet explaining it’s meaning and how to empower it and black hanging thong.  The runes are approximately ½” wide x 1¼” long.

(A Charm for every occasion, protection, money, prosperity, love and many more)



Last but not least….

Elegant Jewelry


This jewelry is something you have to see to believe. Better yet, buy a piece and hold it in your hands to see its true beauty. This jewelry is sterling silver and is very reasonably priced. There are also new bracelets that comes from this same collection. Gemstones were picked to associate with our magickal correspondences, amethyst, garnet, topaz and many more.