Good Monday Morning, I Think?

It is Monday, isn’t it? What a week, brother! I now remember one things about kids, if they get sick, you are sure to get sick too. I took the youngest one to the doctor Friday. There is a horrible virus going around this area. Guess what? He had it and to top things off, it is highly contagious. We have all ended up with it. It is rough to say the least. You have a headache and your head feels like it is going to explode. I can stand to be sick any place but my head. I hate a headache. Then you ache all over, your stomach craps till it doubles you over and then we won’t even talk about the fights over the toilet. Thank the Goddess for two bathrooms. But at the time, I really wish we had had an outhouse.


The boys are finally over the virus. The doctor told us if you get over it and come into contact with someone else who has it, you can get it again. So as each of us get better, we are isolating the well ones from the sick ones. I am starting to feel better but not 100% yet. The other ladies I told to stay away, we had the plague. Well, not really, but it sure seemed like it at the time. There isn’t anything you can do for the virus except rest, take Tylenol for the fever and headache and drink (lots of water that is).


We are taking another day off. The boys are going to Lysol the place while I stay in my plastic bubble. Thank goodness they are good boys. You know I mentioned I had forgotten what having kids around was like, now I am starting to remember. I know with my own kids, they had the chicken poxes. Guess who else had the chicken poxes? Me! That was embarrassing, 30 years old and get the chicken poxes. Oh, well, it was a bonding experience.


Anyway, I believe with one more day of chicken noodle soup, Tylenol and rest, I will be well. We will be back tomorrow even if I have to cut leg holes in the plastic bubble and carry it to the office. You know if would be nice to get back to our old regular schedule. Hopefully, we will eventually, keyword, “hopefully!” I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday and as contagious as this virus is, you might want to read this post from a distance, ha, ha, ha. Sorry, no lol, feel to lousy to laugh out loud.


We will see you tomorrow. Till then….

Love ya,

Lady A

5 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning, I Think?

  1. Sending strength your way dear Lady, and speedy recovery to ye and the lads. Speaking of Chicken Pox, you may wish to think on getting the vac shot for Shingles (more sever form of C pox that tends to strike us a bit later down the road?). You certainly don’t need to do that dance my Lady. 😦
    Holdrost the blue )O(


  2. Ugh I know how that is….3 kids in 3 different schools they all get sick different times and in constantly getting hammered with sickness lol it sucks . Glad you are feeling better!


  3. I’m glad to hear you are all on the mend. Living with walking grem carriers i.e. kid, is no fun. But on the other hand the extra love in the home is priceless. Blessed be dear sister and boys.
    Love to all,
    Lady B


  4. I know how you feel; my husband and I haven’t been well either, and the sad part is this Thursday is our 5th Wedding Anniversary.., I do hope we’ll be feeling better by then. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.


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