Whispering Woods Faery Lore Course: Lesson Sixteen – Faery Godmothers

Whispering Woods Faery Lore Course

Lesson Sixteen

Faery Godmothers


In general, Faery Godmothers appear three days after a child’s birth to determine its fate. They can bless the child or curse it. On occasion they will favor a child by giving it a birthmark.

Generally Faery Godmothers are dressed in all white.

In French literary fairy tales, fairy godmothers acted as actual godmothers did amongst their social circles, exerting their benefits for their godchildren, but expecting respect in return.

In preparation for the arrival of a Faery Godmother, the area of birth is made tidy and clean. And then various offerings are laid out on a table for them. These offerings include honey, bread, coins and other gifts. There should be a light in the room and the door should be left ajar. It is thought that these faeries generally live in caves.

Often Faery Godmothers will appear in threes and emulate the three Greek Fates who spun, measured and cut the thread of life.

Parzae – These are a type of Northern European Faery Godmothers. They are also known as Fates.

Orisnici (Establishing) – This Faery Godmother is found in Southern Slavonia. They determine what the sex of the child is going to be. Once the child is born a supper is offered to the Orisnici as a libation.

Rodjenice (To Give Birth) – These Croatian Faery Godmothers are said to live in caves. They are described as being very beautiful with pale faces. They wear all white adorned with silver or gold jewelry. They are often seen carrying candles in their hands. As Fates, they determine the sex of a child soon to be born. After the birth of the child, folks leave a libation at the entrance to their caves.

Witte Wieven (White Ladies) – These Dutch Faery Godmothers are said to be found near swamps and mounds. They are said to dress in all white and that as Fates they can predict the future.

Sudicky – These Bohemian Faery Godmothers decide the fate of newborn children. When the child is born the Sudicky induces the mother into a deep slumber. Then usually three Sudicky will appear and determine the child’s fate. One will spin the threads of life, one will measure and the third will cut the thread. It is thought that one can bribe the Sudicky for a favorable fate, by laying out a table for them laden with butter, cheese, bread, butter, salt and beer.

Befind (White Lady) – This is the name for the Irish Faery Godmothers. Three Befinds will preside over a newborns birth and then together will determine its fate. They will often bestow faery gifts upon the newborn child.

Rozanice (Mother) – These Slavonic Faery Godmothers determine the fate of a newborn child. Their name is derived from “roditi” meaning “to give birth”. She is often offered a libation of cheese, bread and honey. They are described as being tall and very pale to the point of being translucent, though they have sparkling eyes. It is said that when one encounters these faeries that they are unable to move.

Trois Maries – These are the Swiss Faery Godmothers or Fates, who determine the fates of newborn children.

Doyla – This Russian Faery Godmother is said to live behind ones stove. She generally appears as an old woman. If one is blessed with a good Doyla, then prosperity will follow one through life. But if a person gets a bad Doyla, they will never prosper. A Doyla, bad or good, stays with one for life.

Udelnicy (Dispensers) – These are the Faery Godmothers of Northern Russia who determine the fate of newborn children. As with most such faeries they are said to be beautiful, though pale of face. They are clad in white robes and adorned with silver or gold jewelry.

Ursitory – These are the Gypsy Faery Godmothers found in Romany folklore. Three Ursitory will appear three days after a child is born in order to determine its fate.

Wives of Rica – This is the name for the Albanian Faery Godmothers or Fates.

Arsile – This French Faery Godmother or Fate is known as one of the three “Bonnes Dames” (Beautiful Ladies). As with most Fates, she presides over the birth of a newborn and then decides its destiny.



1. In general, Faery Godmothers are thought to live in ______.

2. Faery Godmothers usually dress in the color ______.

3. Faery Godmothers are also known as ____.

4. When the child is born the Sudicky induces the mother into a _____ ______.

5. A Doyla, ___ or _____, stays with one for life.

6. Rodjenice is often seen carrying ______ in their hands.

7. ______ is the name for the Irish Faery Godmothers.



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