Whispering Woods coven Faery Lore course: Final Exam

Whispering Woods coven Faery Lore course

Final Exam


1. “Red cap” may well be a symbol for the ____ ______ mushroom.

2. Ohdows are small North American faeries who live __________.

3. “Coiste-Bodhar” is a large black coach with a _______ on it.

4. Deduska is a Russian house faery that is often ________.

5. The meaning of the word “Barguest” stems from the description, _____ _____.

6. The king of Alaka, the magickal kingdom of the Himalayan faeries, is _______.

7. A horseshoe hung upright so that its ______doesn’t pour out, serves as a charm against faeries.

8. Jenny Greenteeth is a well known water faery living in the River ______ in Lancashire.

9. It is thought that Murraue can be either female or male and is generally someone who is born on a _____.

10. The Scottish word “eldritch” means _______.

11. A Catez has the head of a man but the body of a _____.

12. A Mine Monk is a _______ mine faery.

13. The children from a union of Nixen are called _________.

14. In general, Faery Godmothers appear _______ days after a child’s birth to determine its fate.

15. ________ is the faery horse of the knight known as Lanval.

16. Within the Christian faith it is thought that faeries are actually ________ ______.

17. Aerico is Albanian Dryads which can be found in old and barren _______ ______.

18. The Welsh counterpart of the Cyhyraeth, is the _________.

19. Hinzelmann is a unique German house faery that lived in ________ castle.

20. On the island of Baltrum the male mare is called ________.

21. It is thought that a horseshoe nailed to the bottom of the churn prevents butter from being meddled with by _______.

22. Gorska Makva is a Hag Faery from _______.

23. Peak District miners follow a ball of flame called a _____ _____.

24. Njuzu is a Zimbabwe water faery who appears as a ______ with a human head.

25. In Scotland the owl is known as ________.

26. It is said that wearing an ankle of Blue Bells at ______ will attract the attention of faeries to you.

27. After twelve years the _____ transforms from a dragon into a hag called a Kulshedra.

28. The Cauchemar is the ______ version of a nightmare faery

29. Ekimmu is an ancient ________ banshee

30. A ______ appears when a mushroom is fried in tar, salt, and sulphur and then is beaten with a rod.

31. Uldra is the _______ faeries that live underground.

32. The Rodjenice are ________ Faery Godmothers.

33. To keep a human child from being stolen by faeries it is customary to hang a pair of iron ______ above the crib.

34. Elves have _______ blood to distinguish them from humans.

35. The Schwarzbraunen Madelein is now known as St. __________.

36. The Teine Sith is the Scots Gaelic version of the ____ – _ – __ – ___.

37. When Gyre-Carlin rides the storms, she is known as ______.

38. On the Cabbyl Ushty, the _______ are turned backwards.

39. Neck is a Scandinavian water faery who is often seen playing a _______.

40. ___ ____ – ______ enters and escapes through a keyhole in the bedroom.

41. During the Battle of Culloden (1746 CE) the _________ was seen shrieking over the heads of the Scottish and English armies that were engaged in combat.

42. When a child is born the _______ induces the mother into a deep slumber.

43. Musail is the Russian King of the ______ faeries.

44. Landalfar, the Icelandic elves are considered to be _________ elves.

45. To invite the fairy folk to visit your home, hang a spray of _______ on your door.

46. Glaisein is strange ______ house faeries.

47. Barstukken is a German or Prussian Dryad that lives in the ______ of trees.

48. In Indonesia, the will-o-the-wisp is known as _________.

49. _____ – ______ are Iranian vampire faeries which in appearance are half man and half goat.

50. According to Gypsy lore, clumps of Nettle mark the entrances to the subterranean tunnels of the _____.

51. The ____ ______ is a Scottish sea cow.

52. Weles are _______ faeries who guard animals.

53. The only two words ever uttered by the ________ are, Mi phrein and Tu phrein

54. Lars Familiaris are the oldest known form of _______ house faeries.

55. The Doyla is said to live behind ones ______.

56. the Hmin range freely through the forest, and are said to _______ ____ those unfortunate humans they encounter, thus causing them to come down with malaria.

57. The little flecks on Foxglove are said to be the faeries __________.

58. It is said that cutting down an Elder will antagonize the ______ residing within.

59. The Cyoerraeth carry ______-______ when an impending shipwreck is about to take place.

60. Gyre-Carlin is the Queen of the fairies in the Fyfe area of ________.

61. It is said that if one sprinkles their clothes with ________ or carries it in their pocket, that no faery will approach them.

62. Wives of Rica, is the name for the Albanian _____ ________.

63. The Old Hag is the nightmare faery found in __________.

64. Boruta is a Polish Dryad that prefers to inhabit ___ trees.

65. Billy Wittwisp is a Will-o-the-wisp found in ____ ________.

66. Muireartach is the mother to the king of the mythical underwater realm of _______.

67. The Kikimora are reputed to be tiny women with ________ feet.

68. Haus-Schmiedlein are said to announce the impending death of a miner by knocking ______ times.

69. The ________ is considered to be the deadliest banshee in Malaysian folklore.

70. Gimle in Norse mythology is the home of the _____ _____.

71. Vihans are Gallic faeries who stand guard over ________ ______.

72. Befind means _____ _____.

73. Queen Summer rules the Native American faeries known as the _____ __ _____.

74. The ______ ______ were used to haul the “Afranc” from its lair in the River Conway.

75. Lunantishee guards the ________ bushes


The End

Whispering Woods Faery Lore course



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  1. I would like to know also if the Faerie Lore course can be printed instead of reading it from the PC. I want to study it closer. Thank You. How do I read the whole course?


    1. I enclosed the link to The Whispering Woods where the courses are located. If I were you, I would go there and copy them. Crick offers them for print out and it would be one steady stream of the course. If you print them from here, which you can if you want, you would have to start and stop with each new post. So yes, you can print them from here or from his site. Again the link to Crick’s site is on the bottom of each lesson.
      Lady A
      Should add Crick has the course in PDF format. You can save it to your computer and then download it and print it out that way.


    1. Yes, you can print them out. Anything published here is free to be printed out for our members use.


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