Whispering Woods Coven Faery Lore course: Lesson One – Faery Associations

Whispering Woods Coven Faery Lore course

Lesson One

Faery Associations


“Remember when doing outside rituals to leave a libation for the wee folk. Milk and bread or cookies is fine.”

The Irish were known to have made knives of flint to protect against mischievous faeries. Small holes were drilled into the handle and the knife was hung by the door to keep out unwanted or undesirable faeries. By the same token arrow heads made out of flint were referred to as Elf -shot, Elf -arrow, or Faery-shot. It is thought that elves would hurl these arrow heads at mortals who then carried them off to their realm. In the victims place was left a changeling (Sithbheire) that was left to sicken and die.

It is from this that we get the term “Elf-stroke” or just “Stroke for short. These Elf-bolts are known as “Saighead sith”. And it is considered to be lucky if one finds one. Once found it should never be allowed to touch the ground. And they should be buried with its owner upon their passing.

Iron protects against all types of Faeries. It is thought that a horseshoe nailed to the bottom of the churn prevents butter from being meddled with by faeries. Another custom is when a child is thought to be a changeling (Sithbheire), it is placed upon an iron shovel over the fire, the changeling would go shrieking up the chimney, and the real human child would be restored.

To keep a human child from being stolen by faeries it is customary to hang a pair of iron scissors above the crib.

A horseshoe hung upright so that its magick doesn’t pour out, serves as a charm against faeries.

It is said that if you find a grove of Oak, Ash, and Mistletoe, that you will encounter faeries. This particular triad of growth is considered to be very sacred to faeries. Especially to the Dryads, whom it is thought, instructed the Druids in the use of sacred tree magick.

It is said that cats are a mortal enemy of all small faeries. Cats are said to have the ability to readily see faeries.

Cramps are said to be punishment for annoying faeries and unexplained bruises are said to be caused by pinching faeries.

One of the most well known places to find the Fae Folk is within a natural mushroom ring at sunset or full moonlight. There are a variety of mushrooms that may form these enchanted rings. However one would do well to be cautious upon entering these rings as the association of time differs greatly with that of the mundane human realm.

It is said that a one can simply look through a stone with an opening, or a hole. This is called a Faery stone, holey stone or “men-an-tol, an-cloc cosanta” (drilled stones). They are usually found near running water or by the sea. It is thought that they present a doorway into the realm of fae. And that it gives one physic sight when peering through this stone.

Faeries are said to have “white” blood. And when one spots splotches of a white material on the ground it is from opposing troops of faeries who had fought the night before.

The term “Fair folk” came about to appease the faeries because it was thought unlucky to speak ill of them, for if they felt criticized in any manner, they would take revenge.

It is said that when one is walking along and then feels a cold blast of air that you have crossed over an area associated with faeries. This is called the “Gaoth Shee” (Fairy Wind). By the same token if you were walking along a familiar stretch of land and become temporarily confused or lost, you have encountered what is known as “the stray sod”. This is also an area associated with faery activity.

Within the Christian faith it is thought that faeries are actually fallen angels who followed Satan out of their heaven. In some Christian beliefs it is thought that faeries are the spirits of un-baptized children who have been stolen by faeries.

It is said that owls are actually faeries that have shape-shifted.

Within the Celtic beliefs it is thought that faeries are descended from the mystic race known as the Tuatha De Danann.

When one sees a host of faeries trooping by (Especially at Samhain) if one throws the dust from a footprint at them, it will compel them to release any human captives that they may have with them.

The best day of the week for faeries is Wednesday; the worst day of the week is Thursday.

It is said that if one sprinkles their clothes with oatmeal or carries it in their pocket, that no faery will approach them.

To prevent faeries from entering one’s home through a chimney, hang a besom over the hearth.

To keep faeries out of one’s bedroom, you but need to spread some flax around the floor.

At Beltain, when the faeries are quite active, adorn your children with daisy garlands to keep them from being kidnapped by faeries.



1. A Gaoth shee is a _____ _____.

2. Faeries have ______ blood.

3. What three trees are sacred to faeries? _______, _________ and _________.

4. ___ protects against all faeries.

5. Hang a horseshoe upright to keep its ______ from pouring out.

6. The Celtic word for changeling is _________.

7. The best day of the week for faeries is ________.



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