WOTC (c) Six Ways the Evil Eye Is Cast


Six Ways the Evil Eye Is Cast

1. Gifting cursed or hexed nazar beads or luck charms.

2. Spitting over the palm or between fingers in the direction of an enemy or directly upon their shadow, evoking a dark cloud over them.

3. A prolonged glance or moment of forced eye contact in which a look of deep hate or harmful intent is expressed.

4. Windows of one’s car or home being vandalized.

5. Judgments, faults, or failures whispered beneath the breath while the victim is present (this affects the unconscious mind).

6. Crossing out the eyes of an enemy from all images or photos encountered.

Esthamarelda McNevin
Llewellyn’s 2016 Witches’ Companion: An Almanac for Contemporary Living (Llewellyns Witches Companion)