New Moon Spell – Saving Money Spell

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Saving Money Spell


We could all probably do with a bit of extra cash now and then in a savings account for emergencies. Money spells will always work better if we have a real need for the money to cover our basic living costs or specific essential needs rather than just wanting loads of cash to go on a frivolous spending spree!

What you need:

Three gold or silver coins

A green envelope or piece of green paper

Gold or silver thread

Moon water (or rain water works well too)

Hold the coins in your hand and visualise yourself with the money that you need to live on, or purchasing an essential item that you need or have to replace.

When you are ready, put the coins in the envelope or wrap them in the piece of paper and then tie the silver or gold thread around it seven times, visualising your goal as you do so.

Send up your wish and thanks in advance to the Divine and then knot the thread three times. Next, you will need to bury the coin package in the earth, somewhere in your garden (or in a pot on your windowsill) where it will catch the moonlight. Sprinkle the Earth where you have buried it with the water.



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