Daily Feng Shui Tip for Sept. 21 – ‘International Day of Peace’

John Lennon once sang about today’s ‘International Day of Peace’ energies when he said ‘all we are saying is give peace a chance.’ In honor of that sentiment, today I’d like to show you how to do exactly that by sharing some essential ways of bringing sweet peace into your own life. The master teachers of old consider peace to be a cherished state of grace that brings rejuvenation to the soul. They instructed that we must be ever vigilant to practice peace because it is truly a choice as well as a state of mind. The following blend of essential oils, when inhaled or diffused around your space, will bring you to a powerful state of peace. Once you find peace those energies will ripple out to your immediate environment. First, though, you must become at peace before those energies can circulate into the world. In order to reach that peaceful state, mix a quarter cup of jojoba oil and five drops each of essential oil of chamomile, carnation, frankincense, neroli and melissa. Wear this blend as a personal perfume or pour into an atomizer bottle and spray it around your living space. Peace!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com