Daily Cosmic Calendar for September 9

If you are feeling the need to alter your diet or add nutritional foods to your weekly meal planning, it is probably due to this morning’s monthly Moon-Ceres union in Gemini (2:07AM PDT). Nurture dear ones in your familial circle who are down on their luck or who need your healing touch.  A void lunar uncertainty zone clocks in at 4:00AM PDT when the Moon trines Saturn. This limbo-like time-period lasts until 9:50AM PDT when the lunar orb returns to its natural abode of watery Cancer. Be more fashion-conscious and consider shopping for values as Mercury forms an inspirational, 72-degree link to Juno (5:31AM PDT). Some of these favorable vibrations will still be available once the Moon has changed signs.  Anticipate some psychic turbulence around the time when Mars forms a dicey, 135-degree link with Chiron (2:32PM PDT). Throwing your weight around or conducting arm-twisting maneuvers are bush league.  Home, family and nostalgic themes are prominent with the Moon in the fourth sign of the zodiac. Learn more about advances on the cutting edge of alternative medicine as the Moon trines Chiron (11:20PM PDT). Research into UFOs, ETs, pyramid power, reincarnation, mysticism, alchemy and oracles can also bear fruit.