Daily Cosmic Calendar for May 25th

Your abilities as a problem-solver and strategist skyrocket – courtesy of a supportive, 60-degree alliance between Mercury and Pallas (12:17AM PDT). When these two mentally-oriented celestial bodies form a positive liaison, all kinds of intellectual and intuitive breakthroughs are possible. As mentioned in yesterday’s calendar entry, we are in a rather quiescent time-period relative to cosmic alignments as major sky patterns are temporarily on the back burner. Nevertheless, today can still be tricky to maneuver through easily since the Moon goes void at 7:35AM PDT during an upbeat Moon-Jupiter 60-degree rapport. The void lunar uncertainty cycle remains in effect until 3:12PM PDT when the Moon enters fiery, warmhearted Leo. In the midst of the void Moon conundrum, Mercury squares off with dreamy Neptune (2:38PM PDT). It is wise to avoid key signings, legal matters and making long-term commitments a few hours before and after this 90-degree clash. You may be able to tweak this planetary link-up into something more favorable by experimenting in the realms of photography, film and video work, painting, music and dance. Inspirations are hitting some extraordinary high notes this evening as a Sun-Mercury parallel (9:52PM PDT) closely coincides with a supportive, 60-degree rapport between the Moon and Mercury (10:32PM PDT).


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