Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for May 17th

Earlier this month in the calendar, I reminded you that solar and planetary alignments don’t just disappear in one day. Therefore, several of yesterday’s key aspects are still sending thunderbolts into human territory as well as the kingdoms of nature. For example, Wednesday’s Jupiter-Saturn, Sun-Pluto, Mars-Pluto, Ceres-Neptune, and Mars-Chiron cosmic associations remain white-hot influences in all of our lives, but they are operating more in the background or in the subconscious universe. In the meantime, we now have several other celestial-body interactions – notably Mercury making an inspirational, 72-degree link to Neptune (12:28AM PDT), Mercury uniting with Ceres (1:04AM PDT), Pallas trine to Juno (11:03AM PDT), the Moon beginning a void lunar uncertainty cycle in Aries at 2:45PM PDT that lasts until 3:04AM PDT tomorrow, Jupiter making a caustic, 135-degree tie to underworld-ruling Pluto (4:23PM PDT), and Pallas entering Aries (9:19PM PDT). We have less interplanetary fisticuffs than yesterday, but like Wednesday the King of the Gods – Jupiter – appears to be in another foul mood. First Jupiter was throwing a haymaker at Saturn (yesterday) and now the largest planet in the solar system is casting aspersions in the direction of distant Pluto. Over the next year, Jupiter will wreak some of his playful havoc on earthlings nine more times as he satisfies the urge to reveal his stature as ringleader of the gods and goddesses who used to rule Ancient Roman society. Whether he deserves our prayers, deference, and rituals of incense burning now is a questionable matter. Overall, there is a similar feeling today as it existed yesterday that you are better off being ultra-careful on the investment and career horizons. Playing with cosmic fire can backfire with nasty consequences. The addition of a fairly long void-of-course Moon is the reminder to be seen, but not heard.