Three Sisters Candle Magick (Seed Moon)

Three Sisters Candle Magick

(Seed Magick)

Use this candle spell to divine your future.

You will need a blue candle, a gold candle and a white candle. A branch of pyromancy, lychnomancy uses candle flames to divine the future. The three sisters in Greek mythology had an all-seeing eye that they continually passed between them. This spell combines these concepts to give you a way of divining what’s going on in your life.

At midnight, draw a magick circle and call in the Elements. Light the candles and arrange them in a triangle. Call in the three sisters into your circle by saying:

I summon the three sisters

With their all-seeing eye

Come flicker in the flame

Come show me my future tonight!

First you need to establish a rapport with the candle flames like you would three sisters. Observe the movement of each of the flames as to whether it wavers, spirals, or burns brighter or faster than the other two. Ask a few basic questions that you know the answers to, and see how the flames respond. See how the movement seems to run among the three of them as if they’re passing the all-seeing eye back and forth between them. After you have a rapport with the candle flames, then begin asking the questions you want to know about the future, and watch the flames of the three sisters do their magick. Write down your questions and answers in your journal.

When you are done, thank the three sisters, bid farewell to the Elements, and pull up the circle.