The White Goddess Meditation (Seed Moon)

The White Goddess Meditation

(Seed Moon)

People have a hard time forgiving their own mistakes, as well as other people’s mistakes and abuses. This meditation is a way for you to forgive yourself and other people, thus helping you to leave it in the past and start experiencing and enjoying every aspect of your life.

After getting comfortable and taking a few deep breaths, begin focusing on the problem that troubles you and that you want to forgive. For about five minutes, go over in your mind every aspect of the hurt and pain from the initial incident to everything you have felt, thought and done since that time.

Now, imagine the image of the White Goddess as She comes to stand before you. She reaches out Her and touches your spirit. You sense all that pain and hurt being released, floating off lighter than air, like bubbles steadily moving upward until they pop. The White Goddess smiles and you sense a white light that fills every cell of your being with an ecstatic, but calming joy that makes you want to laugh and smile. Take a deep breath and hold it for a moment, then release it. Smile as wide as you can and let the love of the White Goddess fill you with wonder.

As the White Goddess bids you good-bye, She tells you that you can always call on Her whenever you need to forgive something or need divine love. Take a few deep breaths and come back to your body, to the present time and place.



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