The moons energies affect us on a more emotional level that is hidden to us
unless we carefully pay attention.

The first sliver of the waxing crescent moon represents the Northeast. She is
the newborn moon and reflects all possibilities. That first sight of the new
moon brings a sense of hope for the future.

As the moon moves toward the waxing first quarter, inspiration of the East comes
easily. This comes more often in the form of intuitions or dreams.

When waxing gibbous moon beings to assert herself in the sky, we are in the
Southeast. We may begin to become more aware of how we are feeling. We must be
careful to avoid confusing our feelings with who we are.

The full moon represents the South in all its power and full emotion. We tend to
feel wakeful and full of energy. We can use this energy to get out and enjoy
friends and activities.

As the moon moves into her waning gibbous phase in the Southwest, we calm a
little from the high energy of the full moon. Our emotions may begin to come to
balance as we see what we can create and accept what cannot be.

The waning last quarter moon of the West can at times be jarring. The moon seems
to be deserting us as she becomes smaller and smaller in the sky. Often emotions
must be released in order to be able to move on.

Gradually the waning crescent of the Northwest becomes smaller and smaller. We
are able to let go a little easier and are in a highly intuitive, receptive
state. Deep understandings may come to us at this time.

At last we cannot see the moon at all. We are in the dark of the moon, the
North. This is a deeply inner time that restores us in readiness for the first
glimmering of the visible new moon as we continue around and around.

*Information taken from the old WOTC.
Author is currently unknown to me*




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