Your Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for Aug. 19 – 21

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Romantic R&R

August 19 – 21

Turn off your phone and make this a sweet, slow, sensual weekend with plenty of time to laze around and linger with the one you love. If you’re currently single, a key to making a heart connection is to be as comfortable in your own skin as possible. The Moon is traveling through laid-back and low-key Taurus now, an earth sign that’s never in a hurry. Being at ease with yourself might seem boring, but this sign’s energy works best when we’re operating at a more relaxed pace and by accepting ourselves just as we are. Trying hard to impress others can sometimes be a good way to attract attention, but it’s not worth the effort this weekend.

A bit of self-indulgence isn’t a bad thing because it’s proof that you know how to make yourself happy. Others can’t help but admire your easygoing approach, which is likely to make you more desirable, but coming across as needy is a definite no-no. Simple events and experiences like enjoying a picnic in the park, listening to favorite music in the backyard or Sun worshipping at the beach are just a few ways to enrich ourselves with the bounty of the Bull.

Loving Venus’ powerful connection with imaginative Neptune on Sunday adds a bit of romantic magic and creativity to the weekend. This cosmic alignment offers the chance to take a temporary great escape, a getaway from reason and responsibility that allows two hearts to become one. It is tricky to tell fact from fiction as you may be transported by fantasies that taste delicious now, but which can fade in the bright light of logic. If pleasure is your goal, this dreamy setting could give you all the ingredients you need. But if you’re looking to build an enduring partnership, temper your indulgence with some common sense so you don’t wake up next week with any regrets.