Healing A Friend Or Relative

Healing A Friend Or Relative

This spell is for healing a friend or a family member, and it is best done when the moon is full, but you can do it when you feel it necessary.

You Will Need:

Purple Paper

White Yarn or String

A Pair of Scissors

Fresh Violets (whole, with stems)

A Black Pen

A Purple Candle

A Small vase or holder (for the flowers)

The spell:

Light the candle and fill the small vase with water, place the freshly cut violets in the vase and say a chant, focusing on the well being of the person and the healing of their ailment.

Cut a heart shape out of the purple paper and write the name of the person one side, and a short but heartfelt “get well” message on the other side, then poke a small hole in the top right side of the heart and tread the white yarn or string through it, tie it and attach it to the vase.

Give the little vase of violets to the target person (the one who is unwell) and await their recovery.


Daily Feng Shui News for Feb. 14th – ‘Valentine’s Day’

On Valentine’s Day you can give yourself roses in order to attract a true and lasting love. Take two pink, long-stemmed roses and remove the thorns. Place them in a white vase and position this on your bedside table. After three days, replace the roses with two new pink roses. After another three days, replace the roses again for a total of six roses in nine days. Feng Shui says that this powerful cure will attract the perfect partner into your life. If you already have one of those, then putting two pink roses in a vase in your ‘Romance/Relationship’ (far back right-hand corner) will enhance your existing relationship. Happy Valentine’s Day.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

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Daily Feng Shui Tip for June 12 – ‘Red Rose Day’

On today’s ‘Red Rose Day’ we’ll employ two red roses to help attract a loving mate and everlasting love. First, be sure to remove the thorns from the stems of the roses. Then place two long-stemmed red roses in any white earthenware vase. Position this vase on your bedside table on the side of the bed that you sleep on. When you awake in the morning and before you fall off to slumber at night express gratitude that this Feng Shui cure will now make your romantic intentions grow to fruition. After three days, replace the two original roses with two fresh ones. Do this one more time for a total of three times, or nine days. At the end of the ninth day collect all the petals from all the roses and put them into a bath. Soak in all the love for at least twenty minutes. Dispose of the petals outside of the house while getting ready to receive a brand new love! Welcome home true love and give thanks to the two red roses!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com