Feng Shui Tip of the Day for Oct. 22nd

According to the early Roman calendar, the name of the month of October translates to ‘eight,’ as October was the eighth month of the year. Embedded inside Eastern cultures and philosophies there is a symbol called the ‘Mystic Knot’ that is also closely associated with the number eight. This symbol, by pattern and design, resembles a series of interlocking eights all woven together into a seemingly eternal and never-ending pattern. This powerful Mystic Knot symbol can be used to activate or trigger energies that will manifest long lasting success, prosperity and riches, or even an everlasting and undying love. If you’re looking to increase your income, then place an image or picture of the Mystic Knot inside your ‘Wealth’ area. If, however, you’re looking to enhance an existing relationship, or even find your perfect partner, then place this loving symbol in the ‘Romance/Relationship’ area. Either way, you’re sure to see this symbol untangle any current complications that you might be experiencing with love or money while putting yourself behind the — what else? — eight ball!