Today’s Feng Shui Tip For Thursday, October 20

Today celebrates ‘Miss American Rose Day,’ a day dedicated to a pageant that honors high achievements and community service for girls and women of all ages. On this day we are asked to treat all of the women in our lives like beautiful American roses and to perform some sort of community service project. So what if you want to use American roses to start your own Miss American Rose Day celebration? Take two pink, long-stemmed roses and remove the thorns from the stems. Put them in a single white ceramic or clear glass or crystal vase, and then place that vase on your bedside table or nightstand. Each night before heading off to sleep, visualize what life with your perfect partner will look like. After three days, replace the original two roses with two new fresh pink ones. Leave this second set in the vase for three consecutive days while visualizing at night. After the second three days, again replace the two roses and leave this last duo in the vase for three more consecutive days. When you’ve completed this cure you should have had a pair of pink roses by your bedside for nine successive days straight. Before long sweet smelling florals won’t be the only thing right next to you in bed!

By Ellen Whitehurst for