Meanings for Common Dreams

Meanings for Common Dreams

Common Dream Interpretations


Flying Dreams

The meaning of flying dreams has been the topic of much speculation and makes for interesting water cooler conversations. Flying dreams actually often have to do with career aspirations. Flying can symbolize ambition and attaining higher status.

Types of Flying Dreams and What They Could Mean

  • Soaring High: Flying upwards indicates success or achievement. Look below you to see what is underneath you to discover what area of your life is going well. Are you flying over your home (family happiness) or over the building where you work (business successes).
  • Flying in/on a Vehicle: Were you floating away in a hot air balloon, grabbing onto a kite string, sitting inside an airplane, or being carried in the arms of Superman? Any of these flying dreams indicate that your efforts are being supported by someone else. You are not alone in your endeavors.
  • Losing Altitude: A need for re-evaluation of your goals. Ask yourself if you are headed in the right direction.
  • Failure to get Lift-Off: A strong gravity pull could be signifying a need for grounding.

Falling Dreams

Falling dreams are often manifestations of our fears and anxieties.

Types of Falling Dreams and What They Could Mean

  • Falling from the Skies:: Flying downwards from the heavens may symbolize a “fall from grace.” Has an authority figure expressed disappointment in you? Have you embarrassed yourself by recent behaviors?
  • Being Pushed: Loss of empowerment. Getting fired or looked over in a promotion you were hoping for. Or, being bullied or forced into an uncomfortable situation.
  • Stumbling as you Walk: Feeling as if you have lost your way in your life path. Overly anxious about finding your life purpose.
  • Jumping without a Parachute: Being or feeling unsupported by others.
  • Being Jerked Awake: Have you ever been awoken from a falling dream? Or felt a jerking sensation in your body that jolts you awake? One theory for this happening is that your spiritual body has returned from its astral flight and that “jolt” is the dreamer experiencing re-entry into the physical realm.

Nakedness in Dreams

Being naked in a dream could indicate feelings of emotional vulnerability or fears of exposure. A clue to the meaning of nudity in your dream is any emotion attached to it. Did you feel excited, embarrassed, surprised, carefree, or some other emotion?

Types of Nudity Dreams and What They Could Mean

  • Nudity in a Public Place: Feelings of embarrassment or guilt.
  • Naked in the Classroom: Feeling vulnerable among your peers.
  • Being Naked Among Friends or Family: Desire to be seen or accepted as your authentic self.
  • Loss or Disappearance of Clothing: Hidden truths or secrets revealed.
  • Carefree Nudity in a Lucid Dream: Expression of freedom, open-mindedness, or unrestrained self-acceptance.

Pregnancy Dreams

Dreaming of being pregnant could be prophetic, but these types of dreams typically mean you are growing spiritually, OR something creative is incubating within your being. Having a baby in your dream can represent rebirth or something new is entering your life. Because you are the one pregnant in the dream or the person birthing the new life, you will be the creator or the originator of a new idea.

Types of Pregnancy Dreams and What They Could Mean

  • Conceiving a Child: Seeding a new idea, being open to start afresh, or setting new goals.
  • Being Pregnant: Growing or incubating a new idea, anticipation of a change, or laying the groundwork for a new project.
  • Giving Birth: Birthing a new idea, undertaking a new direction, or entering a new life stage
  • Experiencing Labor Pains: Growing pains or painful life lessons.
  • Experiencing False Labor: Misunderstandings or wrong timing.
  • Having a Miscarriage: Unfulfilled hopes or wishes or missed opportunities.
  • Aborting a Pregnancy: Squelching an idea or giving up on your dreams.


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