The Witches Magick for Feb. 10th – Purification Ritual for Scrying Tools

Purification Ritual for Scrying Tools

When you first make or purchase your tool, a ritual purification should be done:

(This is for most scrying tools, except the candle.)

Make a tea by simmering some Mugwort in water. Strain and cool.

Set up an altar and draw a circle of protection.

Carefully wash the scrying instrument in the mugwort water, saying:

“I wash you clean of all influences of your former life. Be now an instrument of the sight. Help me to see what is needed that I may aid myself as well as others. So mote it be.”

Dry the tool. Pass it through the candle flame and the incense, saying: “Charge this tool with energy and inspiration, that it may be a source of knowledge.”

Place the tool on the center of a black cloth which will be used for a covering. Place your hands over the tool and say: “Bless and consecrate this tool for the purposes of higher Magick. May it always be used for good and never for evil. May it serve me well, as long as my heart is pure and my aims are righteous. In the names of ___God_____ and ____Goddess____ I do consecrate you.”

Wrap the tool in the black cloth. Keep it covered until it is to be used.

Relax. When the time is right, take up the circle.

The tool is now a ritual tool and should be treated as such. Take care of it and do not let it open to the profane. Usually the tool is wrapped in the cloth or covered to keep the light and other influences out.

The proceeding ritual may be reinforced when you feel it is necessary. It may also be used when there has been a disturbing reading to clean up any residue that may remain.

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Let’s Talk Witch – Winter Purification Rituals

Witchy Comments & Graphics
Let’s Talk Witch – Winter Purification Rituals

During the winter, stagnant energy and negativity can build up in our homes. Fire is a natural purifier and is excellent to use during the winter to cleanse our living space. Here are three rituals for you to try.

This ritual uses winter spices to help clear the home of negativity. Combine a pinch each of allspice, ginger, and clove. Sprinkle these spices onto the fire. Using a small pine branch, trace the shape of the pentagram in the air over the hearth. At first, hold the pine branch above the flames and visualize any negativity being sucked up the chimney. Then lay the pine branch directly into the flames, if it pops and cracks a lot, then you did have some negative energy hanging around. If you perform this ritual in your cauldron or other dish, when the ashes cool, sprinkle them away from your home.

To create a calm atmosphere in the home and to purify yourself of any negative thoughts, this spell combines snow (or ice), rose water, and fire. First, in a bowl combine some fresh snow, or a few ice cubes, and a teaspoon of rose water. Place the bowl in front of the fire and let the snow or ice melt. When melted, stir the mixture with your hand and anoint your forehead and each wrist. The scent of the rose water should calm you— let go of any bad thoughts. Take this mixture around your home and sprinkle it in front of doors and windows. Return to your hearth and bless the fireplace and chimney. Pour any extra mixture outside.

As a good general cleansing technique, after you have built a fire or when the wood is glowing brightly, sprinkle a handful of regular table salt onto the fire. This serves to bless and purify any space, as a bonus the salt also helps to slow any creosote build-up in the chimney. Use this once a day in my wood stove.


Excerpt from:
Article: Winter Fire Magic
Author: James Kambos
Source: Llewellyn’s 2014 Magical Almanac: Practical Magic for Everyday Living

The Witches Magick for December 19th – PURIFICATION OF SELF SPELL


The purification of self is a way to remove the accumulation of all negative things that happened during the day and to prepare for the work to come. Before ritual work, you have
to change your frame of mind from the everyday mundane
world. Here are a couple of ways to do this.

You may use incense in the common stick form or in what is called a smudge stick. This is a small bundle of incense. The incense is lit and is passed around the body, but not too close to the hair (fire hazard). As you pass the incense around your body, concentrate on the smoke passing through you. Invision all the negativity and the excess baggage of the day leaving you as the smoke rises around you. When you feel cleansed, put out the incense. You will need a container to put out the smudge stick. A terra cotta saucer filled with sand is ideal.

Ritual Baths:
A ritual bath is a great way to shed the day and concentrate on the ritual to come.
–White candles, for Spirituality and Higher Self, Salt, Herb or Herbs for Purification, Candle Snuffer.
Run a bath of very warm water. As the water is running light the white candles. Use as many as you wish. Three is an appropriate number as it represents the three aspects of the Goddess. As you light a candle think or recite aloud: “I light this candle in truth and peace”.
Repeat with each candle.
While the water is running, add a small amount of salt into the water, then add the herb or herbs of your choice. Step into the water and slowly sink down into the tub. Relax and feel the water covering your body. Let the day and all negativity be drawn into the water. Concentrate on letting go and moving to the positive. Wash slowly. Turn the bath into its own ritual. Think or say aloud :
” All negativity is flowing out of me into the water. I am pure for the work to come.”
Dry yourself slowly, deliberately. As you snuff out the candles, think or say aloud: “I leave this bath in truth and peace.” You are now ready for the ritual to come.

Wash Your Spirit Clean

Wash Your Spirit Clean

Author: Ginger Strivelli

Purification, like everything in the dogma of Paganism, varies from Witch to Witch. Some magicians will not touch a ritual tool or prop until it has been ritually cleansed, and then will not let anyone else touch the item. Tarot Cards come to mind: Many people will only use a brand new “untouched” deck; this always perplexes me as it is no doubt that someone touched them in manufacturing them. Others do little to no cleansing of anything, using things as found, and trusting in the Gods, or karma or whatever “good” forces to protect them from any negativity that the item might have picked up somewhere along its way into their hands. As always there is no “right” answer on the question of whether purification is necessary or just a bunch of pomp and circumstance that is ultimately not needed.

I have learned myself and taught my students to trust their own intuition on the matter of cleansing and purification. If something, someone, or they themselves “feel” contaminated to them then I suggest they ritually purify; if no negativity is sensed and they do not wish to perform a cleansing rite then I suggest none is required.

Often people or items need purifying after some negativity arises as alas, it often does in life, even if one did originally purify before. So the question of if purification or cleansing is needed is an on-going debate for the Priest/ess rather than a one-time event. Even the most well cleansed and protected item (or person) can become re-infected with all manner of physical, emotional, psychic, and magical pollution. So purification can and should be repeated as needed.

But once one has decided if, when, why, and how often to purify…then one must consider how to do so. There are many ways of course. Various traditions and various paths have set rituals to do cleansing rites. Various people have personal rituals to purify or cleanse. As always there is no right way, only the way that is right for each person. Personally I find ancient rites and spells powerful because of their history and traditional use. One of my favorite purification rites for a person is based upon an ancient Cherokee ritual of “washing your spirit clean.” This is done by a simple prayer rite, often repeated in various sacred sites…the ocean, the mountains (during the rain or in a waterfall’s mist), the river, a sacred well or spring, an ancestral burial ground (during a rain storm). This is accompanied by a literal washing in the water of the site. A prayer is recited at each time and place, asking for the negativity to be cleansed from the body, mind, and spirit. A simple prayer stating your appreciation for the lesson, but that you are ready to wash your spirit clean of the negativity is required. One could compose their own appropriate incantation of course, or you could use a more traditional prayer in Tsalagi (the Cherokee language) such as the one I’ve compiled below:

Ga-li-i li-ga go…Thankful for the lesson
Hi nv-ga-la Ja da-nv-do…I wash my spirit clean.

Another favorite personal spell from my Book of Shadows is called “Crying with the Gods” and is used to cleanse the heart and soul of damage. It can only be performed during a rainstorm, so it is not an ideal prescription as it is not an immediate “cure.” Though of course rarely is magic either a “cure” or “immediate.” The spell is very simple but very powerful. You go out to sit in the rain without a raincoat or umbrella or such as you want to be soaked completely by the rain. Allow yourself to cry “with the Gods” for all your pain and sadness…expressing it all fully with utter abandonment of any false show of control and acceptance.

Personal purification can also be performed with meditation, drumming, chanting, dancing, even dreaming or divination. I prefer ritual baths and washing for their literal magic, but any number of other methods can be employed as well. These rites need not be mandated at any certain times…but instead performed as the person feels it is warranted. Overuse of such rites tends to decrease their power making the rite more routine and less magic. So I suggest such serious cleansing rites be saved for serious needs. For simple daily or pre-magic work purification I suggest something such as a salt circle being sprinkled around one or a blessing incantation, such as the ancient crossing self-blessing rite that was adopted by the Hebrews and then the Catholics. The ancient incantation – whose translation is a matter of debate – goes:

“Ateh malkuth ve-ge-burah ve-ge-dulah le-olam”
(As one crosses themselves touching forehead, then heart, then each shoulder, then back to the heart.)

Another ancient powerful incantation of blessing, purification, and charging is the Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram, which means “the 1000 names of Vishnu.” The 107-line poem recites the 1000 names of the Hindu Preserver God, Vishnu, and the reciting of this chant is a rite to cleanse the body, mind and soul. This sort of listing of the names of the divine can be therapeutic, and can be done with other Gods as well. The text of this chant is too long and detailed to include here of course and likely hard for any non- Hindu to recite. Nonetheless a shortened version of just the “first 13 names of Vishnu” is a workable variation that is worth learning and using by anyone due to its awesome history and mystical power. It is as follows:

Muktaanaam pararnaa gatih

For purifying objects, one can also use ritual washings. I use rainwater or water from my sacred spring collected without it being touched by human hands. This is kept in a special bottle upon my household altar and all magical items are cleaned only with this, then dried in the light of the Sun God, or Moon Goddess. However, purification of objects can be accomplished in other ways. Smudging is a common purification rite where the person or item is “washed” with the smoke of a sacred herb, most often sage or tobacco. People often also use wind, sunlight, moonlight, river water, or other elements to purify items. You can bury an item in the ground for a prescribed number of days to purify it by earth or suspend it a rushing river or in a tree or such to be cleaned by the wind. Also an item can simply be placed in the sunlight or moonlight (or both) for a prescribed amount of time. All of these techniques work well, particularly if the magician believes in the rite, as always magic works “only and always if you believe it will.”

It is important to remember that negativity is present in all things and people at all times. One cannot be completely free from it; however one can try to keep the worst of it washed from them. It is important that one try to keep themselves and their ritual items and such from becoming toxic with the pollution of the outside world. This is best done by purifying themselves and their magical tools whenever they feel it is needed.


Voice of our Ancestors by Dhyani Ywahoo
Myths of the Cherokee by James Mooney
Wash your Spirit Clean – Song recorded by Walela
A Book of Pagan Rituals – Edited by Herman Slater
1000 Names of Visnu – Chant recorded by Shree Maa

Purification Ritual for New Magical Tools

Purification Ritual for New Magical Tools

by Jame Kambos

Whenever you buy a new tool for magical workings it is important that the tool is purified. This is a simple purification ritual that I use to cleanse my new magical tools:


caldron or any heat-proof dish

dandelion leaf



Ignite the herbs and let them smolder awhile. As the smoke curls about you pass your tool through the smoke and say:

“Smoke rise, Let me be wise. This (name of tool) is cleansed.  

I will use it only for good.”

The item is now ready to use!

The WOTC’s Spell of the Day for Feb. 7th: Purification Ritual for New Magical Tools




Purification Ritual for New Magical Tools

Whenever you buy a new tool for magical workings it is important that the tool is purified. This is a simple purification ritual that I use to cleanse my new magical tools:


caldron or any heat-proof dish  

dandelion leaf  



Ignite the herbs and let them smolder awhile. As the smoke   curls about you pass your tool through the smoke and say:

“Smoke rise,  

Let me be wise.  

This (name of tool) is cleansed.  

I will use it only for good.”

The item is now ready to use!

by Jame Kambos

Magickal Herbal Use: Lesson 2 – Basic Herbs

Lesson Two: Basic Herbs

by Leillan

Most people will have at least the basic kitchen herbs in their cabinet. Remember the term “herb” does not exclude flowers and trees. You may be surprised to know how many different flowers and woods fall into the magickal category.

Roses are traditionally aligned with water. They can be used for psychic powers, love divination, luck, protection, and healing. Use a single rose in a vase on the altar for powerful help in love divinations. A cup of rosewater tea at bed time can help you dream prophetic dreams.

Even a Daisy has power where lust and love is concerned, and is said to bring love when worn. A simple divination that’s been done for years can be done with a daisy. Remember the “He loves me, He loves me not?”  That is love divination in its most basic form.

Carnations can offer protection, healing and strength. Place carnations on the altar during healing rituals, and use the petals in amulets and incense.

Oak is good to use for money, protection, potency, fertility, and luck. It is said that carrying any piece of oak will draw good luck. Take 2 twigs from an oak tree and tie them together in an equal armed cross; hang them in your house to guard against evil. Make a small equal armed cross and carry it with you in your wallet or purse for protection during the day.

So much for the garden, on to the kitchen.

Have you ever felt the need for just a little extra strength?  Take out the Bay Leaf. Bay lends strength to you or your purpose. Use bay in workings involving purification and protection. Bay is also used for wisdom blends. Burn bay in incense for help in solving a problem, or use  it in a ritual bath when you’ll be facing a situation where you’ll really need your wits about you.

Basil has been called “the Witches Herb” for centuries. Basil has been used for exorcism, protection,  in “flying ointments”, and love potions. “Where Basil grows, no evil goes!” and “Where Basil is, no evil lives,”  goes the old adages. Basil, given as a gift, will bring good luck to a new home. Sprinkled around the house, it wards off evil.

Sage helps to promote wisdom. It can also be used for wishes and protection. Carrying sage is said to bring you wisdom. Some traditions say it is bad luck to plant sage in your own garden; instead, you should have someone else do it for you. If you take a sage leaf and write your fondest wish upon it, then place it under your pillow for three nights, it is said you’ll dream of what you wish, and your dream will come true. I use sage in incense to help with learning.

Anise is good for protection and purification. I use it sometimes in candles or incense for meditation and protection.

Last but not least, is Salt. Sea salt is best. Salt cleanses and purifies. It can be used in cleansing rituals, and banishings. Use salted water to purify new tools. If you have a fire place, throw pine needles into into the first fire of the season. After they begin burning, throw some salt into the flames. This will help protect your house, dispel evil, and bring happiness to the home.

More Common Herbs

Chamomile gives relaxation, calmness, love, and purification. This is an excellent herb to include in a ritual bath sachet. It brings peace and protection to the user. It is a love herb but what is so different about it is the fact that it can help get rid of evil. (That’s a little different for an herb that is used in love and relaxation).

Use Pennyroyal for strength, protection and peace. Known as the “Herb of Peace,” pennyroyal given to two fighting partners will cause them to stop fighting. Used in ritual, pennyroyal adds strength to you and your working.

Use Wood Betony for protection, purification, and love. Betony is added to purification mixtures and incenses. It is traditional to burn betony in a bonfire on Midsummer and then jump through the smoke to purify the body of ills and evil. Betony is also said to help people be more attractive to the opposite sex.

Use Catnip for Love, Happiness, and (of course) cat magick. Given to your cat, it will create a psychic bond between the two of you. However, it can be intoxicating to the cat. Catnip and rose petals are used in love sachets.

Damiana is burned for visions, and is also used in lust spells.

Ferns are good for protection, luck, riches, and banishings. Dried fern is thrown upon hot coals to banish evil and protect the home. Wearing Fern is said to draw the riches to the wearer. You can also use it in natural incense for a little extra power. Fern is like a little push; it kind of hides in the blend until the right moment, and then comes out to add that last little kick, just when you need it most.

Honeysuckle is used to increase psychic powers and provide protection. A honeysuckle bush growing near your house will bring good luck.