The Baneful Herb, Belladonna


Also known as deadly nightshade, Belladonna is a source of the poisonous drug atropine. In minute quantities, atropine, in the form of a sulfate, is used to dilate the pupils of the eye, to relieve pain, to diminish secretions, and to relieve spasms. In greater quantities, it was used to kill. Belladonna was believed to have been used in flying potions.

How to use the oils

How to use the oils

Think of the Whole Person


This is the most effective method of using the oils, combining their properties
with the therapeutic power of touch. The skin absorbs the oil over a large
surface area and because there are many small blood vessels, (capillaries),
close to the surface of the skin, the oils, diluted to 5% in a carrier oil, are
carried into the blood stream and then to the relevant parts of the body quickly and effectively.

The oils should not be used undiluted, but should be diluted with an odorless
carrier oil, (see section on carrier/base oils), such as grapeseed, sweet almond
or peach kernel. A dilution of 3% essential oil to carrier oil is a recommended
starting point. (Less if using on sensitive skin such as babies). This is
approximately one drop essential oil to two milliliters of carrier oil. (6 drops
in two teaspoonfuls). But in all cases less can be definitely more!


Using oils in baths is a simple, effective and pleasant way to relax and receive
the therapeutic effects. – Water itself has therapeutic value which enhances the powers of the oils. To use, add 6 to 10 drops of essential oil, (or a blend), to the surface of the water which has already been run, add no other substances, e.g. foam or bath oil, then immerse yourself for about 20 minutes. The heat of the water aids absorption through the skin, whilst you inhale the vapor. (Again reduce the amount of oils used in baths for babies).

Take care with plastic baths as some oils may cause staining.


Add 5 to 10 drops of essential oil to 100ml of warm water then soak a piece of
clean cotton in the water, wring out the excess and place the cloth on the
affected part.


Add 5 to 10 drops of essential oil into a bowl of steaming water, then place a
towel over your head and the bowl and inhale the vapor for a few minutes.


All essential oils are antiseptic and evaporate easily, so they make very good
air-fresheners. Different oils create different atmospheres, so experiment! For example, relaxing Sandalwood or Clary Sage are good for parties; or Peppermint clears your mind when you need to work. There are many vaporizers on the market, from the simple bowl of water on the radiator with a few drops of oil on the surface, to vaporizer light bulb rings and specially made vaporizer bowls which sit above candle holders. There is even the “Aromastone”TM which is an effective electric vaporizer dispensing fragrance from a low heat source, thereby making the water and the oils last longer than usual.

The best way of dispersing essential oils is to use a diffuser or the
Aromastream TM, as most other forms of vaporizer drive off the most volatile
“high notes” first, leaving the slowly evaporating “base notes” to linger.

I personally believe that vaporizing rings on light bulbs should be used
cautiously, though I have not heard off anyone having a fire through using one.


Make your own distinctive “Natural” perfume by blending different oils. (Many commercial perfumes use synthetic concoctions for their scent.) Try
experimenting with different combinations, which can be mixed with a carrier oil or non-fragrant alcohol.

Attention Spell

Attention Spell

You will need:

Essential oil of Ylang Ylang

Orange Pillar Candle

Photo of Intended (or a slip of parchment with their name on it)




Take a big orange candle that has been dressed with the Ylang Ylang oil and set it in a dish of glue on your altar. A picture of the person or slip of paper with their name on it should be set in the glue under the candle. Cast a circle and perform the spell by reciting the following:

“By the four posts of my bed

I turn your head,

I turn your head,

By my lions and by my thighs

I draw your eyes,

I draw your eyes,

With Ylang Ylang and a bowl of glue

I make you think of me as I think of you.

I cause you to look at me

I cause you to look at me

I make you enchanted by what you see.”

Keep the candle burning on the altar until the glue sets completely. While the spell is underway and the candle burns, visually make a trail from that person to yourself. Do this on a map if the person lives far away, and put several drops of the oil on your doorstep. Wear the oil as perfume until the spell works. If the spell did not include the last three line you might attract the person’s attention without attracting them to you. You can also use a Compelling or similar oil to further draw the person to you physically.

Beneficial Dream Oil

Beneficial Dream Oil

Lavender ¾

Ylang Ylang ¼

Musk, a few drops

This oil may assist you in dreaming answers to your problems. For this, anoint yourself with oil before retiring for the night and in addition the seven drops of oil in the vessel, add a teaspoon of white sugar and white carnation flower blossom to the bowl. Then before going to sleep, pray to your guides for assistance with your problem. Once you’ve finished your prayers, don’t dwell on it – let it go and go to sleep.



To make an oil that will help attract the attention of others, mix together:

 twenty drops of synthetic musk

two drops of jasmine

one drop of ylang ylang

In a small bottle and leave where the full moonlight can strike it for three nights. Be sure to bring it inside before the Sun can find it.

Meanwhile, leave a rose petal, a small piece of crystal quartz, and 1/8teaspoon of powdered cinnamon in a place where the Sun can see them, making sure to move them before moonlight can strike them.

On the forth day, mix together the two sets of ingredients and leave in a dark
place. Wear when you wish to draw love and admiration to yourself.

It will also enable your employers to see what they love about your work for them.




When: on a Tuesday night
Where: in your bathroom
Items needed:
– brand-new bath oil or body wash which ever scent you like: lavender, jasmine, musk, or ylang ylang
– a chopped-up carrot(to represent earthiness and tastiness)
– three small orange candles
Draw a super-hot bath–double the amount of bath stuff you usually use.
Let steam fog up the mirror. With your fingertip write “(your name) is the BOMB!” in the mirror.
Chop the carrot into 3 pieces and float it in the bathwater. Light the candles-don’t get in yet it’s too hot.
chant: “In this water so from the heat bathe me in water head to feet” (repeat three times)
When the bath as cooled a bit, hop in relax and breathe in the scented bath stuff, for at least 20 min.
Blow out the candles and bury the carrot outside afterwards, and continue using the scent in the
shower or bath every night.

Alchemy Prosperity Spell (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Gather together a sheet of green paper, a pen, a pinch of salt, a match, a thermometer with mercury, and a rubber band.

At midnight, draw a magick circle and call in the elemental powers. On the sheet of paper, draw an equilateral (equal-sided) triangle. Write the word Mercury above the top point of the triangle. Write the word Sulfur next to the right point of the triangle, and write the word Salt next to the left point. Put the salt, match (unlit) and thermometer on top of the triangle. Fold the paper in half, and then roll it up ( salt, match, and thermometer included) into a scroll. Secure the rolled scroll with the rubber band. Hold the scroll in your power hand and say three times:

“At this midnight, moonlight hour

By the alchemy of salt, sulfur, and mercury

Please bring me prosperity, blessed be!”

Brainstorm for at least thirty minutes as to how you can draw more prosperity into your life. Allow the magician within to come out and wave her or his wand to financial success. In your journal, write how you can blend magick with directed thought and action to manifest your goals. Remember to give yourself plenty of time than you think. Things that seem improbable or impossible just take a little bit long yet. When you are finished, bid farewell to the Elements and pull up the circle. Put the scroll on your altar for a moon cycle to draw prosperity to you.

Maitresse Ezili’s Dream Bath

Maitresse Ezili’s Dream Bath

Maitresse Ezili Freda Dahomey is the beautiful Iwa of luxury, dreams and love. This bath blends all three of her domains.
1. Fill a tub with warm water.
2. Add three drops of rose attar, three drops of neroli, and three drops of jasmine absolute.
3. Add fresh white roses, basil leaves and gardenia blossoms to the bath.
4. Pour yourself a glass of champagne: if desired, relax and luxuriate in the tub.


Charged Waters

Charged waters are charged with magickal powers and intentions.

Not all charged waters are really waters. Some are actually alcohol-based formulas, recalling that the roots of perfumery and liqueurs lie entangled in magick potions, brews, and philters. (Philters are drinks;  although some potions are consumed, many formulas are for external use only.) “Water” must be understood in the context of perfume designations, such as eau de Cologne (‘water of Cologne’) or of alcoholic beverages like aquavit or whiskey (whose name derives from the Gaelic for “water of life”).

The alcohol typically recommended as a base is vodka, not because it may be consumed but because of its minimal scent. Avoid what is commonly called “rubbing alcohol”: the typically strong, unpleasant aroma will interfere with that of the formula.