Bath For The General Blahs & Depression: The Uncrossing Bath

The Uncrossing Bath

If you’ve got more to worry about than a mild case of the blah’s, this is an excellent bath to use as it tends to increase focus and personal productivity.

Materials needed:

1   T. lavender flowers, dried

1   T. rose petals, dried

1   T. salt

1   bay leaf

Juice of 1 lemon

Place the dry ingredients in the filter cup of an automatic drip coffeemaker, add a full pot of water, and allow to brew. Mix in the lemon juice, and add the contents to a tub of warm water.

Bath #2 for Clearing Away All Psychic Nastiness: The Vinegar Bath

General Instructions for all Baths

Once the bath is ready, sit in the tub, and completely immerse yourself seven times, allowing the mixture to flow into all body openings. (Swish it around in your mouth as well, but do not swallow it.) Stay in the tub for seven minutes, then get out, allowing the moisture on your body and hair to dry naturally.

The Vinegar Bath

Long known for its healing and curative properties, vinegar also has the capacity to slice through psychic grime, making it perfect for this bath.

Materials needed:

1   c. apple cider vinegar

1   T. salt

Add the ingredients to a warm tub of water, then stir clockwise with your index finger until well mixed.

Daily Aromatherapy Tip – Dispersing Bath Oils

Daily Aromatherapy Tip – Dispersing Bath Oils

For those of you with oily skin or if you just dislike those oily thick bath oils read on.

To get an essential oil to disperse rather than just float on top of the bath water

you need an emulsifier. An egg yolk is an excellent emulsifier or try sulfated castor oil, also known as Turkey Red Oil, which is water soluble.Use about 1 teaspoon of this to each bath adding your essential oils to the bath.
Swish to mix. Enjoy!


Protection Bath

Protection Bath

The Wodaabe are the nomadic people of Niger, living amidst settled neighbors. Their herbal knowledge is renowned throughout the region. The Wodaabe recommendation for fighting the influence of sorcery is derived from what they call the tanni tree or Balanites aegyptic. Millennia ago, the Ancient Egyptians favored oil produced from this tree for perfumery. The Wodaabe recommend bathing the body with water containing crushed tanni bark.
1. Add the crushed bark to a cauldron or pot of simmering water.
2. Allow this to simmer for at least one hour, and then allow it to cool until a comfortable temperature is reached.
3. Add to a bath filled with warm water or, for maximum strength, dip a clean cloth into the cooked decoction and bathe the body using downwards, outwards movements.

Choosing Your Fire Dish

Choosing Your Fire Dish

I have seen beautiful copper fire dishes on metal legs for sale in garden centers which are not expensive and need no adaptation.

Alternatively, you can use any large fireproof metal dish either with metal legs or raised off the ground on heat-resistant bricks to avoid scorching. This can be very large cast iron wok or the bottom half of a domed iron barbecue, again the kind with legs.

A chimenea is also a good alternative and these are widely obtainable, as is the less exotic incinerator base.

Blood/Harvest Moon Dream Bath

Blood/Harvest Moon Dream Bath

Take this bath to magickally cleanse and purify your body.
You will need three tablespoons of sea salt, three tablespoons of baking soda, three drops of lavender oil, and three drops of rosemary oil.
Fill the bathtub with warm water. As you add the sea salt to the bath, say:
“With this salt from the sea
I banish all negativity.”
Add the baking soda and say:
“This soda cleanses all energy
That has in any way attached to my body.”
Add the three drops of lavender oil and three drops of rosemary oil while saying:
“Sweet oils of the giving Goddess
Fill this bath with your divine goodness.”
Take your hand and mix the salt, soda, and oil into the bath water. Lie back in the tub and sense the healing effects of the salt and soda as it neutralizes any acid on your skin while cleansing your body of any built up energy. Let the effect of the oil recharge your being and refresh you with a feeling that is divine.

Maitresse Ezili’s Dream Bath

Maitresse Ezili’s Dream Bath

Maitresse Ezili Freda Dahomey is the beautiful Iwa of luxury, dreams and love. This bath blends all three of her domains.
1. Fill a tub with warm water.
2. Add three drops of rose attar, three drops of neroli, and three drops of jasmine absolute.
3. Add fresh white roses, basil leaves and gardenia blossoms to the bath.
4. Pour yourself a glass of champagne: if desired, relax and luxuriate in the tub.