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There is No Time Like the Present- 11

Coven Life®

Written By Priestess Hypatia

For Coven Life


15. Shine

It takes a great deal of energy to produce light. It is always there no matter how dark it feels. For light is energy that can neither be destroyed nor made, it just is….

“You did not come to serve.
You came to create and to SHINE.”
― Abraham Hicks

Since humanity has walked this earth, sun worship has been a major aspect of many spiritual paths. The sun brings light, life, energy, it brings our solar system into being, and it is the crux of our creation. So, it was only natural that the bright light worshiped in the sky was a metaphor of the light in the hearts and minds of humanity, one that represents the God head within.

I believe when we shine, just like the sun, we have the ability to create a gravitational force to…

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There is No Time Like the Present- 10

Coven Life®

  1. Confront

Something that most of us spend a great deal of time avoiding.


Because when we do, things that have been repressed come to the surface. They come out of the illusionary state and into reality, they emerge from the shadows, they rear their head in all shapes and sizes. They poke and prod us in our dreams and in our waking life. They become relentless if we don’t confront them, face them head on and even embrace them. Confronting our shadows can be debilitating where emotions of shame, anger, rage, humiliation and so forth surface.

However, without confronting such perceived thought processes that play like a real of an old movie in our head over and over again, it is difficult to move forward, to move away, to grow, to create, to thrive and at times to even live and breathe.

One of the biggest confrontations I have…

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There is No Time Like The Present-9

Coven Life®

  1. Balance


And so we come to the Universal Equilibrium……

There is nothing in existence that was, is and will be that does not require Balance for its continuation. “It is the key to everything”.

So here I am, like many across the globe challenged in balancing the new normal. Our world has changed, it is evolving in a new way. Is it better? Who knows? What I do know, as part of the web of life, if we, I, you, want to continue on this earth, balance needs to be restored and the best place to start is with yourself! Respect this delicate balance that Nature has used to nurture humanity for so long.

Start on the inside and work your way out.

Having a balanced life can assist in making a better and more functional you. Master this space first before you start with the rest of the world…

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Tools of Ancient Priesthood

Coven Life®

Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia


Pictures from the National Hellenic Museum Athens, taken 2019.

Above is a wonderful display of ancient Greek ritual objects used by the priests and priestesses of the ancient Hellenic, Minoan and Egyptian world.

Nothing more connects me to my magickal ancestors than when I visit the museums of Europe, this one is in Athens. 2000BC Couldrens, drinking cups, ritual containers no wonder I am drawn to the craft.

Magick was part of their everyday life. Temples were overflowing with devotees and ritual of daily devotion.  Magick has become part of my daily life too, the only difference is my temple has become the Great Earth Mother or Gaia as the Ancient Greeks knew Her.

When I visit these great temples, to me they are a place of devotion, to most a place of amusements and to others a place of mysteries long…

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There is no Time Like the Present- 8

Coven Life®

Written By Priestess Hypatia

For Coven Life


  1. Detach

In the previous series- ‘There is no Time like the Present- Part 7’, I mentioned the power of ‘Release’, such a liberating word. However it is through ‘Detachment’, or non- attachment as it is used in Buddhism, that allows us true liberation from what Buddhists call Samsara or what is known as Karma.

What a wake up call we are receiving now!

A time to reflect, gain clarity, see fairness and evaluate ones responsibilities for themselves, their family, their community and their environment. It is important to recognize such patterns that are destructive as these are what keep us in Samsara. Its starts in your own head and ripples outward. It spills into the family, the community and into the rest of the world. Yes we are all responsible, we are a collective.

Detaching, stepping back from situations that are not…

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Travel Altars

Coven Life®

Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia

On 03/05 2020

Travel Altars can be so much fun to put together.  The smaller the more challenging. This is where creativity meets imagination.

I have created a couple for various travel trips. The one here is what I take with me when I travel interstate. I use this on my actualy journey.

Here are a couple of tips I have found useful in starting one up.

A small container to put your alrar tools into. I have chosen a small tin that housed incense i picked up from my travels.

In the tin I have included my essentials to set up my sacred space.

It includes:

A miniture wand from primrose stalk with planetary and elemental symbols to represent air

A feather to represent air

A tiny jar of frankincense resin

A tiny bottle of sacred oil

A calcite crystal to represent…

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There is no Time like the Present- 7

Coven Life®

Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia



In the previous series I mentioned about remembering the Flow . Today I will be remembering one of my most liberating words- RELEASE………

We are now entering a phase in humanity where if we do not release what has not been working for us as a collective we will not be able to survive.

This not only includes the way we think about the environment, but also the way we organize our health systems, our economy, manage our land, resources and respect our surroundings in general. Science has dubbed this era as the 6th mass extinction. This basically means that we have been over the last couple of decades in a ‘biological annihilation’, yes, we are speeding up extinction of not only us but all other species that include animal, insect and plant on this earth.

So for today I…

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There is no Time Like the Present- 6

Coven Life®

Written for Coven Life

By priestess Hypatia


  1. Flow-

Today we will be remembering the word that allows all energy to exist, as without this there is nothing, literally……….

I have been excited even thinking about writing what this word means to me at this time. To me the flow exists beyond time, in the dark and light of the universe, in different dimensions, in alternate universes, it is the ingredient that brings to life from the smallest of atoms to the largest of black holes.

Now some call this universal energy, cosmic flow, others call it God, Goddess, prana, some call it time, spirit, life and some name it the Big Bang. Call it whatever it is you want, it is the one thing that gives meaning and existence to all that is. The flow exists as the ‘rhythmic pulse’ one that creates the magick that we can see…

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There is no Time Like the Present- 5

Coven Life®

Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia


Now in the previous series of  ‘There is no Time Like the Present’  I mentioned how we need to Nurture the most important person in our lives and that is ourselves. In such times make sure that you save some of your energy to nurture your gifts, your love for the Divine, your loved ones that matter the most in your life and of course nurture a better version of you.

Today I will be briefly remembering the word that empowers us to move forward. It enlightens our inquisitive mind, it makes us a better version of ourselves and it allows self reflection in times of solitude.

  1. Seek-

When I think back of the times that I have taken self-exploration, seeking, journeying, going on a quest, call it what you may, it has been in a space where I have…

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There is no Time Like the Present- 4

Coven Life®

Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia


Now in the previous series of ‘There is no Time Like the Present’ I mentioned how true Control comes from finding balance within and as a result the balance will overflow into our outer world. The next word I will be remembering is one of my favorite, almost a pivotal part of you could say the fulcrum of any healing situation, and that is:

  1. Nurture-

It is in this space that we allow, acknowledge and accept abundance, encouraging creativity and at the same time empowering our being to blossom into the best part of us. Yes at this time and space it is important that we engage in nurturing methods. There really is no time better than this. A time where the world is on the edge, people walking around trying so hard to protect their loved ones that they actually forget…

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There Is No Time Like The Present-3

Coven Life®

Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia


Now in the previous series of ‘There is no Time Like the Present’ I mentioned how healing was so important in this day and age and especially in this climate. Take your time with these words, I have found ways to add them in my ceremonies, in my journeying and in my mediation practices. Help these words come alive by remembering. Feel free to click on the above link for more of an insight on this series.

Today I will briefly be remembering the word that helps us release and realize our restrictive behaviors and that is:

  1. Control– There is no time like the present environment to practice doing this. In this time and climate the situation of life is really out of our control. It has sent many people in a spin and in a space of uncertainty.

True control…

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