A Thought for Today

Even on a cloudy day the Sun can be shining in your heart!

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  1. Not sure what is going on .. but lately I get about 6 of these .. Thought you might want to know ..

    Regards ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Two things define you . Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything. Author unknown

    Every Adventure starts with a first step- Cheshire Cat

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      1. Oh dear hope you get it figured out .. Sorry, but wasn’t sure if you knew or not !

        My granddaughter had preeclampsia with her baby and they did a C section on her 12/13. Both are in good spirits.

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      2. Oh man … That stinks .. Blessing be for sure .. I had it also with both of my daughters and after the 2nd child; the Doc had a long hard talk with us about no more kids as it not good for either of us in the long run.

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      3. This was already planned to be their last. I had it in my 1st and 3rd pregnancy both boys. My 2nd and 4th with girls I was fine. With my 5th a boy I had no problems from conception to delivery. All natural births.


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