16 Pagan Christmas Traditions that People Mistakenly Credit to Christianity

Christmas is a midwinter festival celebrated on December 25th that is dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ. Those who mark it celebrate in a variety of ways. Some attend services at church- the traditional services that initially gave the festival its name: “Christ’s mass.” Even those who do not believe in Christ enjoy the attendant festivities, celebrated with family and friends as well as putting up decorations, lighting candles, holding parties, eating and drinking and giving and receiving gifts.

Many of these Christmas traditions seem puzzling when compared to the central message of the Christian Christmas. For they either appear entirely irrelevant to it or else forced to fit. The reason for this is that many Christmas practices are much older than Christ’s Mass itself, dating back to much older religious traditions and gods. Some of these traditions can be easily traced back to their origins, while the exact roots of others have become lost in time. Here are just sixteen of the pagan traditions of Christmas.

16. The Twelve Days of Christmas Originates from the Numerous Pagan Festivals Once celebrated around midwinter.

15. Christmas Feasting and overindulgence was a Hangover from Pagan Midwinter Celebrations.

14. The Original Christmas Carols were not Christian hymns; they were pagan seasonal songs to drive away Evil.

13. Decking the Halls with Greenery was a Sign of Life during the Dead of Winter.

12. Christmas Trees were an extension of this tradition of life amidst the death of winter.

11. Christmas wreaths are another form of Christmas greenery that celebrates the wheel of life.

10. Holly was the symbol of the Pagan ‘King of Winter’- not the Blood of Christ.

9. Ivy was the partnership plant of Holly. However, it was the symbol of death, not life.

8. Mistletoe was an ancient symbol of peace, reconciliation- and love.

7. The Yule Log was lit to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun- and to keep fires burning while people partied.

6. Candles were lit to imitate the sun and Ward off Evil

5. The Giving of Gifts at Christmas has nothing to do with the Three Wise Men

4. The Lord of Misrule was a Popular Figure in the Middle Ages. However, he was a blatant hangover from Saturnalia.

3. Father Christmas or Santa Claus Started Life as a Pagan God

2. New Year Celebrations were so Pagan that the Council of Tours banned them.

1. Christmas Day was the date of the Rebirth of the Sun before it was the Birthday of the Son of God.

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