Pagan and Magickal Terms and Definitions

Today’s Words Are:

Astral Plane


Astral Projection


Realm believed to be beyond space and time; considered by some as an alternative dimension running alongside the physical realm we currently inhabit where beings (including ourselves) can travel and interact in spirit or astrally; sometimes visited to perform magick that can affect change on the physical plane.


Also called astral traveling; the art of “leaving one’s body” while in a trance state to visit other locations or realms astrally, or “in spirit.” Traveling into the astral plane, generally understood as a parallel world unseen in our world of form. Studies have shown an individual successfully astral projecting can be seen and heard by a non-projecting individual on this plane, giving credit to this ability.


The multi dimensional plane within the astral realm where one can travel using their astral body.

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