7500 years old ancient goddess relic discovered in Israel

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During an excavation in Eilat, Israel, archaeologists found an extremely ancient idol. It is believed to represent an important Semitic goddess.

In Eilat, situated in the south of Israel, archaeologists have discovered an idol dating back several thousand years. Carved from a tree trunk, this artefact is believed to be an object designed in honour of Asherah, the goddess who was the wife of the creator god Yahweh, as reported by Arkeonews.

Asherah, a symbol of fertility

According to Geo, before turning to monotheism, the Hebrew people were polytheistic, meaning that they worshipped a multitude of gods. In ancient times, they idolised Asherah, a goddess who is said to have been the mother of 70 other divine entities. She was given various names and functions. Asherah is also known as Ashratum or Baalat and is sometimes associated with the supreme god El or Baal. Her name is also mentioned in the Bible. A symbol of fertility, it is represented as a female figure, a tree or a pole. In Eilat, archaeologists have (re)discovered a 30 cm relic carved from a trunk.

An ancient archaeological site

The Red Sea is definitely rich in artefacts. Just after the Blemmyes Tomb found in Egypt, this relic is another great archaeological find. The site where the relic was found has been excavated by scientists since 1978. According to Arkeonewsit contained 11 simple tombs and 20 burial mounds. The site adds that:

The presence of the juniper trunk clearly shows that the site was reserved for the worship of goddesses, and it is probably the oldest Asherah idol found in the region (it has been carbon-dated to 4540 BC).

This article is translated from Gentside FR.

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