Pagan and Magickal Terms and Definitions

Today’s Word is



A magickally charged broom generally used to sweep away negative energies. Sometimes used for home protection by placing above a door or window. Also used in fertility rituals for its association as a phallic symbol. In Handfastings, the besom serves as a sort of designator between one phase of life and another; couples will step or leap from their lives as individuals into their new lives as married couples.


A broom made of twigs tied around a stick. Used in cleansing rituals and to invite beneficial energies to a space.

Witch’s Broom Consecration

The most common use of brooms is to sweep away negative energies, thereby cleansing and purifying the space.

Learn how to consecrate your broom before you hang it over the door on inside a room for protection against negative energies, and find a printable page in PDF to add to your Witch’s Grimoire.

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