Full Moon 19 February 2019 – Freedom!

Full Moon 19 February 2019 – Freedom!

The full moon on Tuesday February 19, 2019 is in the first degree of Virgo. The Full Moon February 2019 astrology is exciting, adventurous and sexy. It joins the courageous fixed star Regulus and is in good aspect to the liberating conjunction of Mars and Uranus.

The February 2019 full moon brings opportunities for change, romance and success. This is wonderful timing because it follows on from the good news, good luck February 4 new moon. It is such a rare thing to have consecutive moon phases with so much potential.

Full Moon Meaning

A full moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon. This highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life such as your work versus home, or what you need versus what you want. Inner tension and external pressures can lead to personal conflict and crises that drain your energy. Your home, family and intimate relationships comes into sharper focus following a full moon.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. Use you increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

A full moon has a relationship to the previous new moon. Your February 4 new moon goals can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. You can make emotional adjustments in response to those new goals. Full moon February 2019 lasts for two weeks up to the March 6 new moon.

Full Moon February 2019 Astrology

The February 19 full moon at 00°42′ Virgo Sign is conjunct the mighty fixed star Regulus in the Heart of the Lion, Leo Constellation. So this is a strong, sexy and daring full moon. The Moon also makes the bountiful trine aspect (120°) to a Mars Uranus conjunction. This exciting and revolutionary alignment compliments the bold nature of Regulus.

Regulus Full Moon

Fixed star Regulus at 00°05′ Virgo Sign gives courage, independence, ambition, success, power and fame. It is the star of royalty, generals, presidents, sex symbols, athletes and astrologers. Regulus makes people competitive, aggressive, generous and open-minded.

However, the success, brash self-confidence and frankness of Regulus breeds envy, hatred and powerful enemies. Not so long ago, to become the king you had to kill the king. Donald Trump has Ascendant and Mars conjunct Regulus. He will be on the front foot and especially combative during this eventful two-week moon phase.

According to Robson [1], Moon conjunct Regulus gives occult interests, powerful friends, gain by speculation and public prominence, with great power, honor and wealth. But such benefits seldom last and there is danger from enemies and false friends, violence, trouble and sickness. Regulus with the Moon also makes women high-spirited and independent.

Leo Constellation is associated with royal events, especially the ascension or death of kings and queens, the election or death of heads of state, assassinations, uprisings, massacres, currency, the stock exchange, the Vatican and the European Union.

The precession of the equinoxes explains why full moon February 2018 is in the Sign of Virgo but the Constellation of Leo. The planets and fixed stars influence your life, not 12 imaginary divisions on a piece of paper.

Full Moon Planets

The full moon February 2019 astrology chart below shows Mars conjunct Uranus connected to the full moon by the harmonious blue trine aspect. There is another significant planetary alignment shown below. Mercury conjunct Neptune is sextile Venus conjunct Saturn. But the most important influence on the full moon is the Mars Uranus conjunction.

Mars conjunct Uranus gives a strong urge to break free of limiting conditions. On its own, this is an erratic, unpredictable and volatile conjunction. However, the harmonious aspects to the Sun and Moon lower the risk of reckless behavior and upsetting events. This means you can let your hair down and take a few risks. Let this full moon spice up your life with change, excitement and adventure.

Trust your instincts and follow your passionate desires. You can fully express your kinky side under this sexually provocative influence. Open mindedness and experimentation could be sexually liberating, reinvigorate an exiting relationship, or bring a passionate new romance. A lowering of inhibition will bring greater personal freedom and unexpected opportunities.

This is a good full moon to get new projects off the ground with a burst of daring energy. Although your fighting spirit and adrenaline will eventually fade, you can get new projects to a state where that initiative is no longer required.

Mercury conjunct Neptune on its own can bring confusion, fear, deception and scandal. But the sextile to Venus Saturn brings sensitivity, romance, sensuality, karmic attraction and creative imagination.

Venus conjunct Saturn on its own can bring sadness, loneliness and lack of affection. But the sextile to Mercury Neptune brings companionship, true love, reassurance, loyalty and commitment.

Together, the alignment of these four planets brings compassion, healing, selflessness, clairvoyance and spirituality. This is a good full moon for dreaming, psychic awareness and learning occult subjects like astrology and Tarot.

Full Moon Summary

Both Regulus and the Mars Uranus conjunction have the potential to bring irritation, rebellion and violence. But their high-spirited, lusty and outgoing natures complement each other to bring positive change, adventure and excitement.

In a similar way, the negative influences of Mercury conjunct Neptune and Venus conjunction Saturn are alleviated by the sextile aspects that link them.

This means the incredible amount of energy created by Regulus, the full moon and the three planetary conjunctions, combine in a complementary way that is more harmonious, safe and user-friendly than each on its own.

So full moon February 2018 brings exciting opportunities that will make you feel more alive and free. Many separate things which have confused, scared or depressed you will seem to come together and make sense. It should restore your faith that God, or the Universe, does have a plan for you.

Full Moon February 2019 Times and Dates
  • Los Angeles – 19 February, 7:53 am
  • New York – 19 February, 10:53 am
  • London – 19 February, 3:53 pm
  • Delhi – 19 February, 9:23 pm
  • Sydney – 20 February, 2:53 am
  1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.235.

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