The Witches Magick for Wednesday, February 13th – Four Quarters Moon Spell Series

Four Quarters Moon Spell Series

This relatively simple spell is repeated throughout the lunar cycle, with variations appropriate to each phase.

While each of the four spells can certainly stand alone, there is a powerful advantage to working all of them for an entire lunar cycle, to establish an energetic pattern that aligns you with the Moon’s rhythms.

You can tailor each working to your own practice by choosing your own combination of ingredients—feel free to substitute any of the suggested items below with other Moon-associated crystals, herbs, and flowers—and by stating your goals in your own words.

Each working might be focused on one aspect of the same overall goal, or the intentions for each spell may be unrelated to each other—it’s all up to you.

You will need:
3 small pieces of moonstone, smoky quartz, and/or quartz crystal
1 teaspoon dried hibiscus, anise seed, lilac, and/or Irish moss
1 white tea light or spell candle
1 work candle (optional)

Light the work candle, if using.

Arrange the crystals in a triangle shape around the spell candle, and then use the herbs and/or flowers to create a circle encompassing the triangle.

Spend a few moments visualizing the Moon as it looks in its current phase. (You might want to place images of the Moon on your altar or work space for help.)

Now, visualize the outcome of manifesting your goal. When you feel ready, state your goal out loud, as if it has already come to be.

Light the spell candle, and seal the spell by saying the appropriate words below (or words of your own choosing):

1st quarter (New Moon):
“For my intention I plant these seeds,
Knowing the Goddess will meet my needs.”

2nd quarter (Waxing Half):
“Day by day and night by night,
My plans are growing with the light.”

3rd quarter (Full Moon):
“Abundant thanks for abundance blessed,
and I know still more will manifest.”

4th quarter (Waning Half):
“I now release this ________ unwanted
My mind is clear and my heart undaunted.”

Leave the candle to burn out on its own. Spell candles burn between 1 – 3 hours, while tea lights tend to last longer.


–Wicca Moon Magic: A Wiccan’s Guide and Grimoire for Working Magic with Lunar Energies
Lisa Chamberlain