Spell to Bring Love

Spell to Bring Love

Note: This spell is not intended to be used on someone. 

It is a general spell to be sent out to the universe, so you can find your mate. It will not make someone love you. 

Preparation:  Create an oil consisting of one eighth cup of unscented oil, mixed with enough
rose geranium and lavender to create a pleasant scent. Blend these in a clear glass jar.  Empower the oil to the cause of finding love, and then rub well into a pink candle. 

The Spell: To empower the oil, focus on the jar, and think of the feelings of love. Contentment, commitment, joy, etc. Allow this love energy to flow into the oil.

At a quiet moment, when you know you will be around long enough for the candle to burn fully, say the following prayer and light the candle. 

Oh Lady who loves us,
oh Lord who loves us well,
Please bring my true love to me,
the one of whom my dreams do tell.
Bright Lady of the heavens,
Strong Lord of the earth,
Please aid me in finding this love.
Let this harm none, let none be coerced, 

So Mote It Be.