By Jennifer Angel

ARIES Pet Scope:
With the influence of the new Moon, your Aries pet is likely to be to be friends with everyone this month, even those people and pets on the walk that he or she has previously snubbed. But make sure they look great, because they can be a little vain during February.

TAURUS Pet Scope:
Your normal predictable Taurus pet can surprise you this month, so don’t assume anything. With Mars, the planet of action, moving to their sign mid-month you will need to watch them carefully and take note of any uncharacteristic behavior.

GEMINI Pet Scope:
Your Gemini pet can be in their mind sorting out what mischief they can get up to. Anything really just to get your attention. And they can be very inventive about it, particularly as Mercury, their ruler, will enter their area of getting down to business mid-month.

CANCER Pet Scope:
Your Cancer pet is a lover but with so much activity occurring in their relationship zone, they can seem a little needy at times and at other times aloof. Really, they are in control, not you, just in case you hadn’t figured that out, as yet.

LEO Pet Scope:
The new Moon opposite Leo, in the area of relationships, signifies the beginning of a new attitude, but the energy of the full Moon can make your little lion self conscious. Give them plenty of reassurance that they are loved, and make sure you come home when you say you will.

VIRGO Pet Scope:
Busy, busy, busy, a Virgo pet always seems to have something to do; they’re on a mission, even if it is hiding their treats in a safe place for later. But the full Moon in their sign this month can have them feeling a little out of sorts, so be careful of accidents.

LIBRA Pet Scope:
Home comforts are always important to Libra, but more so this month with the influence of Venus, so make sure you keep your pet’s bed and safe place cozy and comfy for them. And with the energy of the full Moon, they will easily sense any disharmony, which can unsettle them.

SCORPIO Pet Scope:
With Mars energy, your pet will be busy this month just doing what they need to do to make sure their daily routine is accomplished. They are also likely to be talkative, so listen and watch carefully as they attempt to communicate with you.

Your usually confident Sagittarian pet may need extra reassurance this month to let them know how fabulous and adorable they are, and of course, that they really are still your best friend. Don’t hold back, they deserve it.

An abundance of planets and activity in and around your Capricorn pet’s sign can be unnerving, so keep a close eye on them and pay attention to anything that is out of character. Don’t make assumptions; even a Capricorn can surprise you at times.

New Moon energy can have your Aquarian pet jumping for joy. However, they may also seem a little emotional in the way of needing extra attention, or they can seem deep in pet-thought as they snooze the day away, so be mindful to give them some space.

PISCES Pet Scope:
Sometimes your Pisces pet is happy to just be alone and get lost in pet dreamland, but this month, it’s more likely that they will want to mix and mingle, both with humans and other pets. Make time to spend with your best friend and they will appreciate it.