10 Fast Tarot Spreads for Love

10 Fast Tarot Spreads for Love


Are you trying to find the answer to a perplexing love situation? Are you concerned your partner doesn’t feel the same as you about your relationship? Do you simply need to get clear in your mind about your feelings toward a certain person? Lunar Café to the rescue with 10 fast tarot spreads for love.

These quick spreads can be adapted to your own situation, so don’t be afraid to mix up the questions and positions if it feels right to do so.

1 You/Them Tarot Spread

The You/them spread can be used for any relationship, not just a romantic one.

This is a five card reading, two cards on the left, two on the right and one in the middle. The left cards represent your perspective and your feelings. The two on the right are their perspective and feelings. The card in the middle is the way forward or general advice.

2 Future Love

What do you need to know about your future love? Try this four-card spread to find out what’s around the corner in your love-life. Lay the cards out vertically, with the first card nearest you. It should be like a road going into the future.

  • What love energy currently surrounds me?
  • How do I bring new love into my life?
  • What will attract me to this person?
  • What will be the future for this relationship?

3 Love Challenges

A simple three-card spread to help you deal with a challenge in your current relationship. Lay the cards out horizontally, from left to right.

  • What is the cause of this challenge?
  • What can I do about it?
  • Where are we headed?

4 Find the Perfect Lover

Use this spread to discover how your subconscious can guide you to the right person. Five cards laid out in a diagonal, bottom to top, left to right.

  • What do I need to know about myself in respect to love?
  • What challenges might I need to face?
  • What qualities do I need in my perfect partner?
  • What will my new lover teach me?
  • In what circumstances will we meet?

5 Get Out of This Relationship Spread

Maybe you are entangled in a relationship that is not good for you? This fast tarot spread will point you in the right direction. Three cards, first two at the base of a triangle, the third forms the point.

  • What’s wrong here?
  • Why is this relationship bad for me?
  • How do I move forward?

6 Are We Meant to Be Together?

This four-card reading is for when you don’t know where you are headed in your relationship. It will help you uncover your soul connection. Four cards laid in a square, one and two on the left; three and four on the right.

  • What is the basis of this relationship?
  • Did we have a past life connection?
  • What is our life lesson together
  • What is our future together?

7 Why Do We Hurt Each Other?

Sometimes we seem locked into a pattern of pain. Use this spread to identify why, and how to change the dynamic of the relationship. Remember that you can’t alter another person’s behavior; you can only change yourself. Making such changes often leads to the other person adjusting too.

Four cards: one and two at the top; three and four underneath to form a square.

  • What do I need to understand about my lover?
  • Why do we keep doing this?
  • What should I change about my attitude?
  • What can I change about my behavior?

8 New Relationship Spread

It’s good to know and understand the positive aspects of any new relationship. Use this spread to discover the strengths and possible challenges up ahead.

A five-card spread. First three cards laid down on the left, then the next two to the right of them, then the last one on the right again to form a right-pointing arrow head.

  • What gifts do I bring to this relationship?
  • What qualities does my lover bring?
  • What is our common ground?
  • What challenges will we face?
  • How will the relationship progress?

9 Love or Friendship?

Often it’s hard to know where we stand in a relationship. Is there a real attraction? Is this potential love or is it friendship? This fast tarot spread might help you gain clarification.

Three cards, left to right.

  • What is the current basis of our attraction?
  • What do I need to know?
  • Will it remain the same or can it evolve into love?

10 Marriage Tarot Spread

This spread is for when only marriage will do. You aren’t looking for a casual fling, you are looking for marriage. You wonder if your current partner would make a good marriage partner. Also, it’s good to know if there are any external factors or people, who can influence the situation.

Six cards in two columns of three. One-two-three on the left; four-five-six on the right.

  • How my partner feels about me.
  • How my partner feels about marriage.
  • What outside influences affect us?
  • How other people could interfere.
  • Will my partner be faithful?
  • Will my partner love, respect, and cherish me?

Bonus Fast Tarot Spread For Summer Love

Here is one extra spread for summer. It’s not about finding romantic love or your next partner; it’s all about you. It’s about finding the love and creativity within your own being. Take the opportunity to let the tarot sing your praises. Why are you holding yourself back? How can you make improvements that benefit you, and the world?

Five cards, laid out in any way you like. Just remember the positions you have allocated. Take a photo of the cards to refer back to later. If they don’t make perfect sense now, they may do after a little time has passed.

  • What qualities should I value in myself?
  • What is holding me back from fulfilling my potential?
  • In what way should I take care of myself better?
  • How does love express itself through me?
  • What can I offer the world?