Good Wednesday Morning To All of Our Dear Brothers & Sisters Both North & South!


How is everyone doing this morning? Short work week for some, others not so much. At this time of the year, by the time you get through celebrating one holiday, here comes the next. Can you believe it is going to be 2019 in a few days? I can’t. It seems this year has flew by. But as a wise old woman once told me, “the older you get, the quicker time flies” and I believe she was right. Oops, forgot to throw in, “I am not that old either, lol!”

I was thinking about the New Year to come and what I really wanted to do this next year. I haven’t talked to anyone around here yet about what I want to do because they would probably try to talk me out of it. But what I really, really want to do is start an animal shelter and sanctuary. There happens to be no such facility out in the sticks and we need one. Right now, they just take the animals out in the woods and shoot them. Cruel I know, but that is what happens. I love animals and some where along the line they make me complete. I know most people make other people complete. Maybe I am an oddball, but animals complete me. I love them and have a special connection with them. So my goal is to put my gift to good work and do something I enjoy and love doing, saving animals. I just have to find a suitable building and a place people can find us and I will be all set to open up. Well, it won’t be that easy. But it is something I want to do before I leave this life. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I ain’t going any place anytime soon if I can help it, lol! But that has been a dream of mine for a while and I plan on seeing if I can make it come true.

But I didn’t want to talk to you about my dream for the New Year, I wanted to tell you what would be going on today. I will be posting the horoscopes over on The Commentary Gazette. That includes the horoscopes for the people down under also, your horoscopes will be there. I have to say since we started doing the Northern and Southern Hemisphere journal each day, we have picked up a few hundred more followers. So that seems like a good venture for us. It is work but if we can give our members what they want, why not? Anyway back to the point, I am posting the horoscopes over there because we are starting our Ogham Staves section here. We have had several individuals who are interested in them and asked us why we don’t have them here. Well, as of today, we will. I don’t know how many we can get on here in one day but we are going to try our best to get as many as possible. The point of posting in the Gazette is to keep from spamming your inbox with unwanted posted. I know, people should know by now, you sign up for this site’s email, you are going to get a ton of info a day. Sorry about that, I told you we started out as a resource center for Pagan sites. I guess old habits just die hard, huh?

The horoscopes and stuff will be over at the Gazette and when we are finished over there, we will start the Ogham posts here. I hate you have to hop around but really posting like this is good for both sites. We have members from the Gazette that come over here to check me out and our members go over there to check out his site. Some stay, some just visit. Whether they visit or stay, is absolutely fine with me. At least they are curious and when they come to visit us and look around, I am hoping they are reading what witches and witchcraft are really about. Hey you got to do what you got to do.

A quick story and then I will get to work, it is in regards to doing what you have to do. I was on Facebook (some place I really don’t care for) a few months ago. I was just curious and was looking for the Jesse Watters’ show. Remember he was the one who had that supposedly “witch” on there. I wanted to see what people had to say about that “witch.” I found the page and I also went to reading some of the comments people had made about this “witch.’ It automatically pissed me off. They had took this person as a true representation of witches. They were saying we were baby killers, there wasn’t any good witches, we were Godless, and so on and so on. Well I guess you know me by now, I jumped in with both feet. I started defending witches, not the witch he had on his show,but witches in general. I guess it probably took a few weeks and a few hundred people to jump me. I had one attack right after another thrown at me. And I had a come back for every insult and nasty thing they had to say. I admit I was fuming, I hadn’t fought a battle like that in a very long time. But I guess when it was all said and done, I must have won the battle because they finally shut up and left me alone. Or else they decided there was no winning with me. Anyway, I was the only witch on there with about 200 to 300 people attacking me. I got to the point I was wondering when they were going to drag out the stake and straw, gee! But after that little free for all, I learned one thing, we have a lots more work to do. These people showed me that. I know there are still ignorant people out there, who know nothing about us. So if I find someone who is willing to let me guest post on their site, I am going to jump on it. At least some people will be curious and follow me back to this site. Maybe they will stick around long enough to find out what we are really like, maybe not. Its a chance but a chance worth taking. Ignorance is still out there and we still have work to do. I will take every opportunity I can to get people back to this site and then perhaps they will want to read and learn about us. We have got to do something besides sit idly by and hope they will find us. We have to get out there and make them find us. Those old stereotypes and myths aren’t dead yet. I wonder if they ever will be. We have been made the villains for so long, can we ever truly dispose of them? I guess time will only tell.

Now you know one of the main reason I guest post on the Gazette. Besides he is a nice guy and I want to see his blog succeed just as ours has. It never hurts to help anyone out. So got a minute come on over an view your horoscopes plus a few other goodies I put on there every day. Then hop back over here for the Ogham posts. Got to get to work now….

Have a very beautiful and blessed day,

Love ya,

Lady A

2 thoughts on “Good Wednesday Morning To All of Our Dear Brothers & Sisters Both North & South!

  1. I hope your dream of an animal shelter/sanctuary comes true. There are never enough places to shelter/foster animals until good homes can be found.


    1. Thank you. I hope it does too. I have told the farmers around here if they find a stray dog or cat to call me. But they don’t, they take the dogs and shoot them. Then the kittens, it is horrible for them, they put them in a gunny sack and throw them in the lake to drown. Can you imagine people being so cruel. We managed to get one of those sacks of kittens out of the water before they drowned. There was 5 of them and only 3 survived. It broke my heart. I turned the old boy into the sheriff and I don’t believe they did a thing to him. But there has to be a place for these poor unwanted animals. Something this area desperately needs. I don’t know if I was to open one if these fools out here would change their mindset or not. Thank you again for your comment.
      Have a very blessed day,
      Lady A


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