Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of December 23

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of December 23

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


As the sun moves into Capricorn and with the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere upon us, we feel the changing energy in the air. Whether a cold winter’s day, a festive season, or the remnants of a full moon across a bleak landscape, this week nostalgic thoughts remind us of our true intentions.

Compassion is all around, but only if we let it into our world and give it out a little too. Then, this week you can enjoy the spirit of love, whether lit up by seasonal tinsel, or simply with a realisation that it’s time to ring the changes.



With the festive season in full swing, you’re attracting admiring glances and adoring words wherever you turn. Listen to your intuition or the workings of your sixth sense. Do you want to change your love life, improve it or stick with the tried and trusted? This week, although few decisions will be made, among the crackers and wrapping paper you will see how to create a very special, romantic future.




It’s a week when you realise that all the glamour and romance can go on and on, as long as you make an effort.  For without the light-heartedness of love, how would we ever begin to understand the magic of it? Without the excitement, how would we ever know who we really are? It is only through romance, that we can come to really know our true desires. This solstice you will know what those are.




There are times when seductive strangers aren’t enough. In fact, this festive week, it’s those friends who you’ve come to rely on over the years who will entertain you. However, there is someone from your past who may also lead you astray, more than you would like. Take care you don’t fall into their very well-prepared trap.




You’ve accepted your weaknesses and tried to be more tolerant of others. And this kind of self-awareness, begins to work in your favour. With the lingering effects of the full moon, all the frustrations of the past will soon be replaced with the big, wonderful, bold strokes of love’s canvas again. After all, if there isn’t a little drama to sort out, then you aren’t being true to your own needs and values.




You’re thinking about someone a lot. Perhaps they are far away, or just not available, yet? When we miss someone, there’s a lack in our life, we feel a gap, or it’s like we’ve lost a piece of ourselves somewhere. But whether you make a hit with someone new, or you miss someone to bits, you will very soon move on and put the past well and truly behind you.




Festive decorations and family feasts or not, you’re in need of adventure. You want to loosen up, experience new dimensions of life, or if single, meet a new admirer. But if attached, it doesn’t mean you’re about to dump your partner. In fact, do you remember that old promise you made about loving yourselves better and doing more things together? Well, now’s the chance to plan to do so.




We can thank Jupiter in Sagittarius for the fact that our libidos improve, love is more free-spirited and at last you sense a release from the burdens of the past. This festive season, feel the changing energy, let it move you, and then you can truly get set for better loving.




You feel like getting away from it all, frustrated by the world of possessions, people, and good old reality. With an impulsive desire to get out of that black hole of over-thinking, it’s a great festive week when your mind will be liberated from self-sabotage, negativity and worry for the future. Time to celebrate the new departure zone of self-love.




Thanks to Jupiter and Mercury in your sign, it’s hardly surprising you feel all romantic, and if attached, probably a teeny bit wishing you were single again. But over the festive break, don’t feel guilty for nostalgic thoughts, just let them be exactly that and they’ll soon evaporate into the winter’s air. And if single, getting closer to someone special becomes easier at last.




With the sun in your own sign, you begin to feel a sense of confidence in your long-term love plans. Although Saturn has made you feel realistic and at times uncertain of how to proceed, at last you can lighten up not only yourself, but also any festive party. You may need to make compromises and accept that love can be unpredictable because love is about people, so take a risk and join in the solstice spirit.




This is a week when nostalgia, compassion, and festive loving overthrows impulse and drama, and you see the truth of what love really means. Someone may awaken you to that gentle soul of yours within, so it’s time to nurture your secret dreams and realise that love is waiting out there for you, or maybe is already by your side?




Chatting to strangers makes us feel liberated. We have no agendas to get in the way of who or what we are, or have been. This week’s festive events will bring a new contact who will certainly give you this kind of buzz. Consider cooling your heels though, or at least until you’ve got to know their faults as well as their finer points.


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