Your Love Horoscopes for the Week or December 17th

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week or December 17th

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room

With Mercury moving swiftly forward again to conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius this week, you can be sure that all communication channels are well and truly open. But this also means take care with what you say, and what you don’t say.

In fact, those who think they know all the answers will probably discover they don’t, while others will see the truth behind any tricks or wiles. Whichever you are, keep your wits about you, but enjoy love’s games.



You radiate charisma, and will, of course, attract fun-loving types, or those who want to find the truth about themselves through you. These are the people who can relax in your casual aura, or lose themselves in your enigma. And if attached, it may be a little too easy to be led astray by a seductive temptation this week. So enjoy the flirtations.



At long last, your true inner desires will produce the results you long for. Maybe it’s more romance within a routine relationship, or to leave a painful one where attachment rather than love keeps you together? True love is without conditions, hidden agendas or power play. Time to crusade for love and find it.




Realise that what you have, could be transformed into what you want without giving up on yourself. Indeed this week, mutual attraction is superb and just what you hoped for. But it’s more about making your own choices, and then the magic will begin to work, as if, strangely enough, by magic.



There’s a general feeling that you can start to paint a very clear picture of what you want from one relationship. And of course, there will be those who judge too hastily, or moan about this and that. But more than anything, you need colour in your life. Bright, vivacious and romantic. So make sure others know that too.



If love is currently like a blank canvas waiting to be filled, you can begin to make the right kind of brushstrokes, or rather moves, towards someone who could one day be your real life masterpiece. Take it one step at a time. Painting by numbers may be a doddle, but learning the art of seduction needs some practice.



Someone is slightly envious of you. They see your energy, hear your laughter. They wonder if they can ever keep up with you. And, of course, they’ll pretend it doesn’t matter and why should they be like that anyway? But you know the truth  – they truly want to be with you. Show them you have compassion in bucketfuls.



You begin to wonder that it’s all very well being someone’s lover or partner, but what about being your own self too? So make it clear what you want, and what you will and won’t put up with in any current twosome. Remind others that you are passionate and need a fun life, but you also want some space to call your own.



The cosmos is working for the good of your love life, but it can also bring up unresolved issues and concerns.  Time to honour and revitalise any existing relationship that’s flagging or static. But if you’re seriously going nowhere, then take a good hard look at whether there’s anything worth salvaging and what your true feelings are.



We often prefer to stay in the same situation, rather than change it, simply because reliability is safer. Leaving a relationship or discovering a new lover if single, can prove to be terrifying, because it is exactly that: unknown and therefore insecure. Right now, the planets are truly putting the pressure on you to sort out your feelings, and sort out the wrongs in your love life.



Somehow you want to get to some new place in your life. Maybe rekindle desire, share more, share less, have more freedom? Or is it to give up your independence and settle down? This week, these sort of questions and maybe a few answers will flash through your mind. Make sure that you recognise what it is you were looking for when you find it. Then, the doorway to a beautiful future will be truly open.



Do you commit or do you maintain your freedom? And with the planets reminding you that duty, order, responsibility and security are also what you are about, think carefully what it is you want most in the world.  By the end of the week, you’re ready to plot your future, so don’t waste time on trivial dreams.



It’s all very frustrating because however much you wish for better things or to improve your love life, it just doesn’t seem to be happening. You’ve called on the cosmos, you’ve maybe placed a few crystals around your home, but why isn’t it working? Could it just be that you don’t believe in yourself enough? Rather than depending on other systems, why not simply believe in the one you can trust the most? You.



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