The Blank Rune And Further Use

The Blank Rune And Further Use

We have now covered all the symbols on the runes, and have looked in detail at their meanings. It is
now necessary to consider the rune which has no symbol, but which has a strong meaning, and that
rune is the blank rune or wyrd. We will then progress to learn which runes to use to create new names,
and which runes should go before and after the name to symbolise the aspirations of the holder. We
shall also take a look at the runic Kabbala, before discussing ways of casting the runes.

This rune has no connections with any planet, zodiac sign, bird, plant or animal. It is the rune of
karma or fate, and concerns things which cannot be predestined, but which also cannot be avoided. As
it has no symbol, it has no place within the runic alphabetical system, and is only used when casting
the runes.

The word wyrd is actually Anglo-Saxon, not Nordic, and relates to the Viking word Orlog, meaning
destiny, doom or fate. This rune is another with a strong ‘Odin connection’. The Vikings looked to
Odin as their primary god, the one to whom they entrusted their lives, yet who often showed a path
which instilled fear and trepidation.

For those unfamiliar with the word karma, this Indian word basically means destiny. I strongly believe
that we are all subject to destiny or fate. When we start in this life, we are given a book on which the
outline of the story is written. It is up to us to fill in the missing pages, so we retain free will and

The outline of the story is what is meant by destiny or karma. Often this concept is linked to past
lives, and what should or should not have been done. It is also linked to the way we have behaved in
these past lives, and putting right the wrongs we have done in order to progress and to learn.

Some people will call karma the law of cause and effect. This, however, can lead to the incorrect
assumption that karma is punishment for past misdemeanours. Karma is more realistically the
opportunity to make amends for things we may have done wrong before, either within this lifetime or
in a previous one. Not everything can be controlled by us. There are some things which happen and
leave us with no choice one way or the other. Such things are said to be ruled by fate, all of which is
indicated by this rune. That doesn’t mean to say we forget about our ability to make choices, as this is
still an important part of the meaning of this rune.

It is said that the only way to break the karmic chain is by the Law of Grace, which basically means
learning forgiveness. Every action creates karma, but by using karmic progression you can ease
matters and learn. Karma can be explained as the inability to live up to something you know you
should do or could have done.

Drawing this rune suggests to some degree that we must place our trust in those things which we may
not understand totally, whilst admitting our fears, but not remaining fearful. Karma will determine
your destiny only if you let it, and remember you only get out of a situation what you put into it.
There is only an opportunity to better oneself. Bad karma can only be created by ignorance, lack of
wisdom, and lack of love, as well as by fear and negativity.

The Wyrd Rune In A Casting

When this rune is drawn, the indications are that there is to be a major change, or that a stage has been
reached in the questioner’s life which is likely to prove a turning point. Sometimes this rune can
suggest a death. This is by no means a certainty, and it would not be advisable merely to give this
interpretation when casting the runes. It may mean the death of a situation, in much the same way as
the Death card in the Tarot.

Sometimes it is necessary for a situation to end for a new one to begin. We must have faith that what
comes will ultimately be for the good, or at the very least be an opportunity to learn. Maybe we
should look to the death of self-image or another part of our personality when this rune is drawn.
Things will definitely change, and we must consider changing with them if we are to survive intact.
Powerful forces are at large, and we must be subject to them.

To the Vikings, the blank rune was more than ever Odin’s rune, as he was the god who dictated man’s
fate. Should you be seeking an answer to one specific question and decide to draw one rune alone, the
blank rune suggests that now is not the time to ask the question and you should try again at another

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