Consulting The Runes

Consulting The Runes


The runes can be consulted in many ways, principally, however, by casting them. It is said, as we
have already briefly mentioned, that they can also be used for protection, in matters of health and
finance, and we will discuss these suggestions briefly before moving on to the most common usage of
runes. The lettering used for such matters will be discussed as we progress through the alphabetical


Viking legend suggests that runes were buried around items needing protection from wandering tribes
likely to rape and pillage, as well as being used for the protection of women and children whilst the
Vikings were away.


I have heard of people leaving runes to care for their property whilst going on holiday – with some
success. Some have hewn runic symbols above their front door for protection, whilst others have even
used runic symbolism to protect their car from theft. In Viking times, runic symbols were often carved
on the stern of longboats to offer protection. These were known to the Vikings as Brun runes.


Vikings used runes for healing and this tradition continues today. Those who study runes often carry
them on visits to hospital or to the doctor, or in exam situations, just as students of crystals carry
gemstones. Healing runes were known as Lim runes, and the symbols were carved into the southfacing
bark or leaves of appropriate healing trees.


Below is a list of runes, together with the help they reputedly offer to various parts of the body. I have
not personally tried runes for healing, but can see no reason why they should not be tried out by those
wishing to do so. However, irrespective of whether you are using runes, crystals, herbs or whatever,
please do not abandon medication prescribed to you by your doctor. All these forms of healing should
be viewed as complementary rather than alternatives to orthodox medication. Seek proper medical
help and use things like runes as a ‘top-up’.


I suggest that you try meditating with the rune connected to the particular complaint. You might also
try using the symbol of the rune in an item of jewelery which you carry with you permanently, to
reinforce any healing.

Fehu – Chest and respiratory problems
Uruz – Muscles and anything connected with bodily strength
Thurisaz – Heart
Ansuz – Mouth, teeth, throat, stutters
Raido – Legs and gluteal muscles
Kaunaz – Cysts, ulcers, abscesses and boils and any fever associated
Gebo – Toxic poisoning
Wunjo – Breathing problems
Hagalaz – Wounds, grazes, cuts
Nauthiz – The arms
Isa – Any loss of feeling or sensation
Jera – Bowel or digestive disorders
Eihwaz – Eye problems
Perth – Anything associated with childbirth or sexual organs
Algiz – Mental or anxiety problems, head or brain, headaches
Sowelu – Burns or skin problems
Teiwaz – Rheumatics and arthritis, especially of hands
Berkana – Fertility problems
Ehwaz – Anything associated with the back
Mannaz – Sprains, pulled tendons, etc., especially of feet or ankles
Laguz – Kidneys
Inguz – Problems associated with male genitalia
Othila – Genetic problems, anything inherited
Dagaz – Fear, distress, nervous problems, mental illness


Unlike the ancients, modern man has much need of money. Its acquisition seems to be a powerful
force which drives many men to greed and avarice, as well as to ill health. However, it is said that you
can obtain financial help through using the runes, provided that the need is genuine and necessary and
not just adding to already bulging coffers!


If intending to use runes for financial matters, make sure you think long and hard about the need
behind the desire, and not just of the desire itself, and also be prepared to receive the money in ways
other than those envisaged. Remember – the money must be needed for necessities and must be an
essential, not just an added bonus. The acquisition of money can come through using the runic letters
to form a word, or by the use of the numbers 3 and 8, both of which were felt by the Vikings to have
strong powers, or multiples thereof.


Runes And Meditation
Those who wish to meditate with runes may find they are particularly enlightening when used either
individually, or in words formed for particular purposes, such as healing.


Meditation can be a particularly healing process. It can help you to focus your mind on something
outside your daily life, and it can help to calm and compose you. I feel it is important to take time out
as often as possible to get back in touch with yourself, and meditation can be an ideal vehicle, for this.


You may also wish to meditate further on the meaning of the runes. One way of doing this is to sit
with the rune, away from telephones, children, TV and other distractions, and begin to meditate by
concentrating on slow breathing. Closing your eyes, try to keep the symbol of the rune in your mind’s
eye and see what comes to you.

There are many ways of meditating, and it is important that you find the best way for you personally.
Experienced meditators will find no problem using runes in their meditation. Others might need
several attempts before feeling comfortable with this.