Your Karmic Number for December 10 & December 11

Your Karmic Number for December 10 is 8

Wealth, or even a few extra dollars, can be manifested soon after getting an 8. Thinking about money 24/7 means that you are not open to the signs that are helping you know where to look. You have a poverty consciousness because it was instilled in you at an early age. You are still holding on to those messages that you are poor in at least one way. If you need money to pay bills then ask the Universe for a project that will do exactly that. Also, work through your foot and root chakra issues. Those old messages about money are closing you off to whatever wealth is truly yours.

Should you hold on or move on?

Your Daily Karmic Number for December 11 is Two

The number 2 vibrates positively for you today. This is a time to embrace group projects and ask others for help. There’s a hidden opportunity waiting for you in working this way, versus trying to go it alone in self-sufficiency. The benefit may not be enormous, but it is significant enough to cause a shift a key area of your life. Pay close attention to those who reach out to help you voluntarily. They hold the key to your advancement. You can also ask those who aren’t outwardly offering their assistance – maybe they just assume you’re good on your own.