The Purposes Of White Magick

The Purposes Of White Magick

There are three distinct and yet related types of magick, all of which can be used informally, in spells,
or formally, in ceremonial rituals.

Personal Magick
As I have already said, it is quite permissible to use magick to empower your personal needs, though
this does not bring lottery wins or the object of your romantic fantasies delivered gift-wrapped to your
door. Magick has traditionally encompassed material needs, and spirituality is very difficult to achieve
at a time when there is a crisis of physical need or emotional shortfall in your life. For example, in
days when having sufficient food and heating was an ongoing concern, abundance for the coming
winter months was a prime focus of Mabon, the harvest festival at the autumn equinox. Many kitchen
witches would carry out private spells using the equinox energies, to empower talismans and cast
spells to ensure their own family would survive the inhospitable months of winter.

In the modern world, concerns are different, but no less urgent, and for many of us still centre on the
home, family and employment. We need money to fulfil obligations, help for a child who is studying
for exams or perhaps suffering bullying, a partner to share joys and sorrows, better health for
ourselves and our loved ones. There are subjects for spells for yourself, your partner or lover, your
children, close relatives and friends. They are usually the strongest in terms of emotion and so can be
very simply carried out at home, in the garden or on the balcony, often with everyday items.

Magick For Others
You may, however, wish to carry out rituals for people or groups with whom you are less intimately
involved, who are vulnerable or to whom you relate in a caring, social or a professional capacity.
These might include the people in your workplace, a sick neighbour, or a colleague you know is
unhappy or worried; or perhaps it could be an animal park or environmental project that is under
threat or needs help financially, legally or practically or even a local disaster.

As you send out loving or healing energies, so you will receive them in return, often in unexpected
ways or perhaps at some future time when you yourself are vulnerable. This is part of the cosmic
banking system and in practice there is considerable overlap between this and personal spells.

Magick To Increase Positivity
These are the least focused kind of spells. They are used to send out energies to whoever needs them,
for example of love, happiness, health or abundance. They may be for an endangered species, a wartorn
land, a country in need of water or the planet itself. If a large number of people do send positive
energies either to a large-scale project or into the cosmos, followed where possible by practical help
or support, then this can really make a difference. Again, by sending out healing you will receive in
return threefold healing in indirect but powerful ways.


 A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magic Spells
By Cassandra Eason