To All Our Brothers & Sisters of the Southern Hemisphere, Wishing You A Very Beautiful Monday & Blessed Week Ahead!

Midsummer Eve

Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice Comes in December
Magnifies the Sun at Noon
Mighty Sol with Pride most High
Brightens Long Days of the Sky

Zenith Point is Reached Today
Feel the Warmth, Soak up the Rays
Passionate Nights are Hot and Dry
Listen to the Couples Sigh

Waxing Year Falls out of Sight
Waning Year Arrives so Bright
Bless the Death-in-Life Aspect
Show our Goddess Great Respect

Tensions Rise between the Kings
One must End and One Begins
Fallen Oak King Burns and Dies
Holly King Prevails and Thrives

Ritual Fires Burn Slow and Sure
Render Embers Black and Pure
Gather Ashes for a Charm
Protect the Wearer from All Harm

Twin Fires Burn with Space Between
Allowing Balance to Intervene
Ashes Falling from the Flames
Protects the Gods and All Not Named

Sacred Wood of Fir and Oak
Kindles Fires with Magic Smoke
Hold the Torch of Bundled Reeds
Gather Mugwort and Fern Seeds

Herbs are Tossed into the Blaze
Seeking Voodoo through the Haze
Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Rue
Parsley, Sage and Mistletoe, too

Flaming Wheel Rolls Down the Hill
Symbol of the Sun’s Great Skill
Cauldron Filled with Water Sounds
Swirling Liquid does Rebound

Ride the Broomstick through the Fields
Bless the Earth and All it Yields
Walking Naked To and Fro
Conceive within the Vegetable Rows

Abundant Flowers in Full Bloom
Fragrant Roses Fill the Room
Greet the Maidens Dark and Fair
Fashion Heather in their Hair

Summer Solstice, Lord of White
Ushers in the Wheel of Light
Blazing Sun is at its Peak
Hail the Balance it does Seek

by Kachina
Victory of Light