Final Thought of the Day

This is one the guys or gals, either one can reblog on their site. It would be a great way to start tearing down that old stereotypes that only women are witches. More under the graphic……

I didn’t want to run the graphic too much but I am really glad this man called this to my attention. I think what makes me really angry is when people refer to male witches as warlocks. I start fuming. Then they have the gall to tell me I am wrong. I am wrong because they saw it on TV and that makes it right. HA! I don’t know when people will stop believing what they see on TV. I can’t begin to imagine them thinking it is all true. Then you can tell them what a warlock is and they still insist that male witch is a warlock. I believe some of them need to get their head out of their rumps. I mean if an actual witch don’t know what a male witch is called, who does?

I have to say, dear sir, you opened my eyes and I guarantee you we will focus more on the male witches than what we have been doing. Thank you very much for calling that matter to my attention.

Y’all have a great rest of your weekend,

Love ya,

Lady A

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