Alrighty, we are getting ready to get this show on the road…….

It took a little longer than I expected, but we have it altogether now, I hope. We have combined all the Almanacs, Lunar & Solar information, Magickal information for each day and a topic of interest for both Hemispheres. Those sections are divided Northern Hemisphere then Southern Hemisphere, I am hoping it will be easy to follow. We will continue to provide special topic of interest each day. Today’s topic is meditation and the various techniques used to meditate. We have found out that since we have combined the two hemispheres that we are going to have to do two journals, one for the information I have already mentioned and another for divination.

Remember this is our first try at this. If you have any suggestions or comments at all please let me know. Also if you see something we have left out and you would like added, let me know. If you have a suggestion for a better way of doing it, let me know. In other words, just let me know, lol! Truthfully, I am a nervous wreck right now because I don’t know how this is going to go. I guess we will see in just a minute.

Bare with us. I swear we will get better at this, eventually!

Love ya, my sweets,

Lady A

Oh yeah, I had a male witch write me and ask me why I don’t put more poetry and information about male witch on. I got the feeling that the guys are sort of feeling left out. So today, we also have a poem for the guys and we will continue to put a special emphasis on the men in our group. Hey guys, we love you and we don’t want you to feel left out at all. That has never been my intentions, it just seems that there is more poetry and information geared toward women than men. I guess that is one barrier we haven’t busted through yet. that a witch can be a witch no matter what their gender. Guess we will have to work on that!