Good Sunday Morning To All Our Brothers & Sisters of The Craft!

Father Yule

The Crown

He is the Oak King, mighty and strong,
His reign will last all summer long,
At the midsummer solstice he’ll fight for the
With the Holly King, dressed in his fine
autumn gown.
The Green Man will watch and then tell the
trees, The Holly King’s coming, begin to drop
To make a grand carpet for him to walk on,
For the Oak King is tired, his powers have

The Holly King now, wears the grand crown
with pride,
The plants and the animals hurry to hide,
Away from the cold and harsh winter wind,
They know the Holly King soon will bring.

The Holly King’s powers in strength they
will grow,
He’ll command strong winds to bring ice
and snow,
At the midwinter solstice his powers will peak,
But the animals and the plants will stay fast

Refreshed and reborn the Oak King will
The Holly King’s crown soon he will take,
The birds will return and joyously sing,
The plants and the animals will welcome
the spring.

Happy again the Green Man will be,
His kingdom released from the cold misery,
Until midsummer solstice again comes
And the Holly King once more, will take
back his crown.

-Pagan Ways
Alan Faraway