Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed & Beautiful Saturday!


Wheel of the Year

Imbolc marks the start of the year,
A time for all things new,
Winters hand now has passed,
And the skies are turning blue.

Ostara sees that daylight,
Triumphs over night,
A fertile time for all that live,
Reborn to the light.

Then we herald Beltane,
With promises of fun,
All upon the Earth rejoice,
At the flowers in the sun.
Litha is the Midsummer,
When a mighty battle starts,
The Holly King will take the crown,
And the Oak King will depart.

Lammas now or Lughnasadh,
For the harvest we give thanks,
Irish pagans, a holiday,
Now the corn is safely banked.

Mabon, the autumn equinox,
We give our thanks and praise,
For all the fruits and food we have,
To last through the winter phase.

Samhain, when the souls pass through,
On their way to the Summerland,
Remember well the departed ones,
And wave with upturned hand.

Finally we come to Yule,
Deep in winters grasp,
The snow may lay upon the ground,
But the icy hand will pass.

That’s the pagan wheel my friends,
I believe this to be true,
May your year be all you wish,
And the spirits watch over you.

–Pagan Ways
Alan Faraway