Animal Spirit Guides Associated with the Element Water

Water Element

CRAB: protection; at home in oneself, wherever one is. Being aware of all
that is around one (not only what is straight ahead). Expanding perceptions. Able to shift direction quickly. Dancing. At home in the water element (emotions). Working with the ebb and flow of emotions. Staying grounded with emotions. Grounding self in emotional environments. Protection in emotional storms. Feeling at home in one’s body. Protection of home space and one’s body.

DRAGONFLY: emotional clarity and spiritual perspective. Traveling between the dimensions. Seeing through the mists of illusions, to the spiritual. Open up to spiritual energies. Balancing emotions with thought (moving between air and water). Seeing through emotional ‘fog’. Changing habits that need addressing. Transformation. Letting go, relaxing, calming down and resting after busy or emotionally-charged times.

DOLPHIN: knowing the value of play. Inquisitiveness. Joyfulness. Not taking things too seriously. Enjoyment of movement. Delight in the company of others. Laughter and humour. Sociability. Compassion for others. Empathic communication. Telepathic communication. Working with breath and sound. Being able to call what you want to you.

DUCK: ease with emotions in self and in others. At home in the water
element (emotions). Heightened awareness of emotions, and emotional
sensitivity. Seeing clearly through emotions. Gentle release of emotions.
Honouring emotions. Being gentle with self. Empathic. Affectionate. Community oriented. Sociable. Fertility and abundance. Nourishing self adequately.


FROG: new beginnings; metamorphosis. Ability to transform self. Evolution,growth and regeneration. Refreshing and renewing. Easy transition through stages. Being able to let go of the old and move on. Ease with change. Courage to accept change. Leaping swiftly from one level of consciousness to another; from this world to the Otherworlds. Sensitivity to others.

NARWHAL: clarity of purpose and direction. Moving through feelings without being lost in them. Cutting through distractions, addictions or compulsions. Always moving forward. Purposeful movement. Empathy with others feelings. Telepathic communication. Awareness of where others are. Ability to be sensitive to others without losing one’s own focus and direction. Moving forward harmoniously as a group.

OCTOPUS: ability to recover deep memories. Prising open and absorbing
locked in emotions, memories and knowledge. Utterly at home in the water element. Moving easily and comfortably through deep feelings. Peacefulness. Ability to reach goals. Tenacity. Gentle persistence. Fluidity. Lack of rigidity. Flexibility. Intelligence. Emotional intelligence. Evading danger when needed (by movement, camouflage or smoke screen). Association with Water Dragon.

OTTER: laughter; playfulness; curiosity. Interest in everything. Taking joy in
what is around one. Enthusiasm for life and exploring. Approaching life a joyful game. Playing with others. Accessing one’s inner, playful child. Nurturing and joyful parenting. Delight in company. Lightening up. Letting go of worries. Knowing how to turn work into play. Going with the flow. Gliding through emotional ups and downs with ease.

SALMON: courage to face the past; determination. Gaining Spiritual wisdom by returning to our beginnings – history, childhood, heritage and lineage. Recapitulation – recovering one’s past to become free and reborn. Finishing unfinished business. Absolute, unwavering determination to face whatever needs to be faced; to overcome whatever needs to be overcome to achieve the goal. Death of the old self. Freedom from the past. New cycles and beginnings.

SEA EAGLE: retrieving lost soul parts and memories. Overseeing soul retrievals. Piercing insight through emotions. Ability to penetrate emotions and grasp what is needed. Ability to rise out of emotions. Emotional perspective. Soaring spirit. Freedom of spirit. Able to move with ease between all the worlds. Psychic awareness. Spiritual awareness.

SEA HORSE: flexibility; freedom from rigid gender roles. Embracing one’s
inner feminine side if male, and one’s inner masculine if female. Teamwork, communication and cooperation between the sexes. Sharing r responsibility. Respect between the sexes. Willingness to be flexible and compromise. Lack of ego. Being content with where one is, and secure with who one is. Monogamy and commitment. Good parenting. Patience. Gentleness. Being aware of what is around one. Intelligence. Balance between effort and letting life flow. Moving through live with ease and grace. Enjoyment of one’s body. Positive body image. Releasing worries. Working with the flow. Enjoying life. Ease in exploring one’s emotional life and inner world. Comfortableness with one’s emotional ebbs and flows. At home with feelings. relationships. Honouring commitment to partner. Enduring love. Owning one’s projections. Relationship as a path of personal development. Relationship as a mirror. Harmony. Balance. Self-reflection. Self-awareness. Understanding and processing emotions. Tranquility. Moving gently and gracefully through life. Purity of spirit. Integrity. Slow but steady. Tirelessness when pursuing goals. Fidelity.

TURTLE: slowing down; sense of calm and safety. Taking one’s time.
Calmness. Being unperturbed. Knowing it will be alright. Navigating through emotional waters. Safety and protection when facing stormy situations and environments. Focusing on the present. Slowing down. Carrying with one a deep inner peace and sense of safety. Wisdom of age and experience. Older, wiser, calmer head. Ease with solitude.

WHALE: expanded consciousness; communication over distance.
Transcending limitations of perception. Expanded consciousness – planetary, interspecies, and inter-dimensional. Awareness of the vastness of existence. Experiencing all existence as being alive. Communication with other beings and entities. Expansion of perception of space and time. Meditative awareness.


WATER DRAGON: guardian of memories and feelings. Protection from
overwhelming feelings. Awareness of emotions. Remembering and facing deepest feelings. Seeing through the denial or suppression of feelings. Resolving unfinished emotions and sexual issues. Freedom from compulsions and addictions. Releasing guilt. Embracing sexual energy. Emotional depth. Releasing toxins from fat and fluids.



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